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  1. The so-called law NEVER TOOK EFFECT, and yet – somehow, we have “the internet” still. Personally, I was worried that the law gave the government the ability to censor the internet, because, who exactly will define what is “legal” traffic (can not be restricted) and what is illegal (and must be restricted)? I hope we don’t end up with “anti-bully” laws (like the UK) causing all words of “bullying the government” (aka criticism) to be censored, for example. We don’t need net neutrality so much as we need anti-trust and genuine competition.

  2. I had no idea Pai was so wack. Bust'n' those moves ensure hip sardonic cyber street cred with millies – especially after rap'n' our favorite corporate shoppin' and media sites will still be full speed, boooy. So clearly NOT a telecom sycophant douche expecting to return to cu$h telecom lobbying ("con$ulting") when he leaves the FCC for $ervice$ rendered. You can NEVER keep a good former Verizon deregulation attorney down! Ajit truly LOVES the smell of swamp in the morning. MAGAG

  3. Honestly America seems like land of the free and more like the land of the rich and wealthy.

    No offense to any people who are not part of some big corporations

    FCC you can go f**k urself

  4. Great! American internet is dead! What's next? I'm so thankful to live outsife of this mess… Even if he screws NATO…

  5. So have you done anything that could be apparent to comedy, HaHa. Just poor showmanship when you don't have any material other than the president, Yes your important to Libs, but there's your answer . Libs are what I was as a wet behind the ears punk back in 1977. I've spent too many years in the military to think running down this country and the president is cool. Grow up get a real job and make something of yourself?

  6. Ever since pie killed the internet most video streaming websites have slowed, Youtube and Facebook are the only exceptions I have seen so far.

  7. Jehovas Witness HATE LGBTQ community! My best friend (who is gay) went to one of their "meetings" and what happened next? He returned home with a fucking bloody nose. I hate those cultist Jehovas witness fuckers. They even re-wrote the Bible to THEIR liking and they think that Jesus was not born on Christmas!

  8. A lot of that "red tape" helps prevent companies from dumping carcinogens and other industrial waste products into the public's drinking water and food supplies. More red tape ensures that people can no longer sell snake oil made from sewage water, mercury, rabbit livers, arsenic, and opium, to people suffering from diseases. Other "red tape" also prevents corporations from screwing consumers by jacking up prices on essential public utilities like clean water, electricity, phone lines, and of course… broadband internet access. Some red tape is a very, very good thing for American citizens. Admittedly, some regulations are misguided and should be done away with, for example putting Cannabis and cannabinoids into DEA Schedule I and ruining the lives of honest, hardworking citizens who enjoy using Cannabis or require it as medicine to treat serious illness by imprisoning them for 20+ years for simple possession.

    The majority of government laws and regulations are there for good reasons, and help protect citizens from truly horrific things. Net Neutrality-ensuring laws and regulations are a very good thing, and are why I am currently allowed to post this comment online for all to read, and upload it with decent connection speed. If Net Neutrality is abolished completely, I guarantee that websites and online services that are critical of internet service providers, such as Verizon and Comcast, will be heavily throttled and restricted by those ISP's. Additionally, if the corporate leadership of an ISP leans a certain way politically, they will certainly be restricting traffic and bandwidth to websites that discuss or promote an opposing political viewpoint. If none of what I said above scares you, which it should, then here's one more scenario where the removal of Net Neutrality regulations will hurt consumers online:

    If Verizon, Comcast, or another ISP has a shitty streaming media service they want to push on consumers then they will have the power to throttle your preferred streaming media site (like Netflix) and make sure your connection to your favorite site is so slow you'll have to watch videos in 160×90 pixel resolution at 12 FPS, and an hour long show will take you 6 hours to watch after getting through all the buffering and loading bars.

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  11. It's not just going to be expensive to use the internet, that's just annoying. but it will slow down the progress of evolving the biggest infrastructure of humanity right now, the internet. This is evil on the biggest level possible. How can you americans just watch this happen?

  12. Meh. We are doing fine here in Italy (I never thought I could have ever said something like this). For now, at least…

  13. Net neutrality sucks. Here is a video that explains it better and why you have little to worry about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeYStLm3zIk&t=7s

  14. I have no love for Colbert, find his obsession for Trump pathetic, and am NOT a liberal, but damn, that Net neutrality business is just baffling. The FCC fucks who have repealed Title II deserve jail time. The shark lobby joke was nice.

  15. Fake news coupled with isps censoring content is a good way for a tyrant to take over. Guns will be the next thing they take

  16. For those saying that the internet hasn't changed and the repeal did nothing as predicted…
    That's because the repeal hasn't come into full effect yet.

    You'll start seeing it affect you in a few days from now.

    "DATES: Effective date: April 23, 2018,
    except for amendatory instructions 2, 3,
    5, 6, and 8, which are delayed as


  17. Just shows how bad of a communicator Trump is… 1960 = 20k pages, YESTERDAY = 185k pages and then he could say today it was cut. Today there were 185k pages and today i cut it so that today we can have economic growth and today begins today!

  18. Did they actually hired a devoid of integrity slave boy to crap on the internet? Why do these greedy money whores alway get it their way? Smells like Rep corruption to me.

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