94 thoughts on “RACE FOR 2020: Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks at Presidential Candidate Forum in Miami, FL

  1. So… according to Pocahontas, spending 21 billion for illegal immigrants to trash our immigration system make us stronger. There are no feathers in her headband, they’re all in her head.

  2. Look at all the nice comments here…..I don't know why they say the right has so much hate………ALL I SEE HERE IS YOU GUYS GIVING 🤔

  3. No no Pocahontas no no, never never Pocahontas never never, can't be president Pocahontas can't be, wasting your time Pocahontas, wasting time

  4. No shame to the libtards. Get busted being criminals and liars so often yet with a straight face campaign to stay in office. How do you even look people in the eye

  5. I try to listen to her but I can't get past the fact that she's a liar. She had a dream growing up, not to be President but to be an Indian?

  6. She sounds so fake. At least trump is real and can feel he is a normal person. This lady seems like she wrote this speech on the way there

  7. How about honest. People who want to become American!! Anyone can be successful if they work hard!!! TRY IT!!! NO PAIN!!!! TERM LIMITS in 2020

  8. Elizabeth Warren is a fraud from the start. Her degrees are fraudulent because she falsely claimed to be a native american. Her fraud in college led to her financial wealth today. White Americans should be filing lawsuits against people like her along with native Americans. EW stole a space meant for a native American at Harvard U. That's big.

  9. Awww..my daddy. Warren the downtrodden victim. If she goes up against Trump she'll begin on the platform of being the victim. Orange man bad..he mean to me! A couple of hard knocks and she'll start crying. Same ol songs…pandering to illegals. .hoping desperately for votes. Yea..I'm sure she had a dream. .To pretend to be Indian to cheat…no small lie…and she went on about it for YEARS.

  10. Putin and Kim instruct Donnie diapers to stand down. The the orange quack gets his hotel in Moscow and the first golf course in North Korea. Vote out the bone spur cadet coward. The traitorous crook. A 🐖

  11. I feel sorry for this woman, she actually thinks she has a chance to beat Trump. Someone in her family should step in and tell her to stop embarrassing herself and her family.

  12. Her racism is too much. She actually appropriated the Native American Privileges in order to get into Harvard and Law School. She must think that is what people of color are good for, using them to get ahead in life. Of course she is a democrat, that goes right in line with their ideology!

  13. This Hispanic chicka that's supposed to be the moderator can't even speak English properly. How stupid is that.

  14. i love how the absolute worst they have on this woman is some racist crap about native americans. Suck it losers 🙂

  15. Elizabeth you're going to have to step up your game … you don't look Presidential, but like you just got off your shift at a fast food joint.

  16. Pocahontas drinketh too much firewater speaketh with forked tongue and will scalp you in a heartbeat! She will take your property and put you on the trail of tears!

  17. After over 40 yrs of immigration observation, all the worlds Peoples come and hold true our Nations principles and laws. They are citizens and fine citizens at that. When they are Illegal in the first place their alligence isnt with America but, the place they are citizens of. They wave their flag not Americas. They increase our Insurance rates. They run stop signs(borders and intersections)drive on the wrong side of the road,assalt people,steal our Identification,DL,green cards,social security ad infinitum. Look I got a spare set of boots and free time. If there's 60 million Illegals we just need 20 million volunteers and 3 days. End of immigration problem. Lets get er done! Vote for me.

  18. Dreamers is a nice way of saying " People who came here illegally and have been breaking the law for many years and want to get instantly rewarded for that by becoming citizens"! What about all of the people who worked hard to come here the right way the Legal way ? What kind of message does that send to them ? If a US Citizen breaks the Laws and goes to Jail they are seperated from there Family ! Why should a person who is not even a US Citizen have more Rights than someone who is ?

  19. She is a liar. Is that OK with you?!? Native Americans don't appreciate her capitalizing on their existence.

  20. Elizabeth Warren Reminds me of a frustrated librarian who would show up at your door if your books were two days late. Is she auditioning for the mother for the reruns of The Waltons? Goodnight.

  21. She is absolutely correct. Minimum wage legislation is a quality of life issue. We all want a better quality of life, especially those of us on the bottom rungs. This kind of legislation is NOT an economic issue, it is a quality of life issue. It is reflective of our values as a people.

  22. She sounds good but I just cann't trust DEMs. YOU CAN BLAME OBAMA AND HILLARY. The goverment has no business telling companies how to run their businesses. Dems run on the concept of envy.

  23. Warren is just another Hillary with two Identity. I wish I could trust her more. Wish Dem would not go dark on tulsi2020 I see her as a legit and ethical leader.

  24. This idiot thinks she is going to get in that white house, never going to happen. She is as nuts as Osama the black illegal Islamic dictator.

  25. Come on Sadie Hanson get an education
    Citizenship: 26CFR 1.1-1; An American citizen is one who is born in one of the 50 compact states. A United States Citizen is one who has a social security number. If you were NOT born in one of the 50 compact states you can never be an American citizen. An immigrant from France can be naturalized and become a United States Citizen but never an American citizen. For me I am an American citizen and a United States Citizen. Look at it this way a United States Citizen is a government citizen.

  26. Look closely, you can actually see the crazy in her eyes. We all know she will be nothing but a speed bump on the way to President Trump's re-election.
    Hey Liz, you can't lie to the American public and just expect everyone to forget what you did.

  27. why is this woman Elizabeth Warren a representative of United States of America protecting sex traffickers ? if these sex traffickers are smuggling into the country what are they smuggling out of America little boys and little girls is a loved one missing at the FBI cannot find the police cannot find have they been drugged to the border of Mexico and sold as a sex slave ? why is the Democratic party protecting sex traffickers ?

  28. Pocohauntis haunts speaks with forked tounge. Drunk don't need to be anything to do with presidetial power she can't even set a good example. Not presidential material. She may claim George Washington as her family next. Pocohauntis must pay for any crimes she commits.

  29. This woman is absolutely amazing! Her intellect and her compassion for what she stands and fights for are unparalleled! So many of you keep blaming her for "lying" about her heritage, but she said that she learned from her family. (And her DNA results showed that she had an Indian ancestor up to 8 generations ago) It seems to me this is the only "negative" thing people like to call her out on! What about Trump?
    – over 10'000 lies and false statements in his 2.5 yrs as president
    – 20 accusations of sexual assault or rape (minors included!)
    – Obstruction of justice (at least 10x, as stated in the Mueller report)
    – and COUNTLESS other points
    But if you look at Elizabeth Warrens' body of work, how she fought to protect the American middle class, American consumers, that have been cheated by the biggest and most corrupt institutions in this country, it is crystal clear to me that she will continue to fight for them! She has no greed that could turn her against the american middle class or working class, Trump does!
    You really have to take one step back, take an other angle, with less emotions and more objectivity and just look at the facts! Look at her policy proposals! Well thought out and well prepared. She does her work and she does it phenomenally well! With compassion, experience and grips! She wants the best for this country and has no agenda in anything else.
    I'm a guy from Switzerland and I care about the upcoming election because it affects the whole world! Be smart in 2020 dear Americans, look what is at stake!

  30. Forked tongue weary Warren starts out playing a victim, how rich. She is incompetent and dishonest. What has she done since being in office besides enriching her own coffers?

  31. Has she gone to LA, Chicago, Seattle, Oregon or any Democrat run city lately to talk to all the homeless and help clean up the feces in the streets? What is her plan to stop the spread to bubonic plague?

  32. ME: Liz, you going to cut the check for reparations?
    LIZ: Cut what check?

    Two years later…
    LIZ: Are you going to vote for me?
    ME: What vote? For you!? Hahaha

    Keep that SAME energy…

  33. Dear Ms. Warren, don't you know that TPS means temporary—not forever or always or without end, etc, etc.? What a dip she is, and she has no clue that her chances of winning the U.S. Presidency is only in her own little mind.

    welcomes illegal aliens from africa with ebola, or anywhere with every disease known or not

  35. I'm just a Sunday school teacher who wants to help people. Oh, and I want to be the most powerful person in the world. And I will say ANYTHING to get there.

  36. All these entitled old people commenting are clueless. What a bunch of morons. Scared of Warren, she will grab Donnie by his pu**y.

  37. I think it would be cool to have a Native American for president. Wait…..what's that?…..she is not Indian? What? She lied about being Indian to get special privledges. No thanks, Trump 2020

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