Reading the Girl Defined Blog & Screaming

Reading the Girl Defined Blog & Screaming

Hi friends, should I really be calling you that considering how much you love to watch me suffer? I think we can conclusively say that you love to watch me suffer after the response to my last video has been so good and I’m not just doing this because The response to my last girl defined video was good I got the idea to follow it up with the part two before I even posted that video because I am fascinated. I – Truly cannot look away from this trainwreck. I May have instagram stalked them That’s not what I’m doing in this video, but I am in fact going to show you the girl defined website I’ve looked at it a bit. I’ve typed gay into the search bar I’ve also gotten a lot of comments and a lot of messages on social media from Christians saying ‘hey, I am religious But I don’t believe the things that these girls do I think they’re ridiculous’ or ‘I’m gay and I’m a Christian’ – and I obviously don’t want anyone to think that I’m making fun of their religion because I’m not I am very specifically making fun of these girls and people who use Christianity the way that they do I really don’t think that there’s a conflict between Christianity and homosexuality. I think that there’s a conflict between homosexuality and the Society of 2,000 years ago that produced the Bible and there’s lots of shitty things in the Bible that Rational religious people don’t think should be adapted to the modern world, and I don’t want to scare anyone away Who is religious you can cringe along at these girls with us. This is what the girl defined website looks like. It’s (Gay struggling) Very aggressively heterosexual so they have books – they’ve written two books I believe ‘Maybe we’ve been looking at this thing called love all wrong’ – in this insightful encouraging and totally candid book Sisters Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird share radically better and refreshingly biblical refreshingly biblical I’m so confused. They keep saying their sisters are they actually biologically sisters? They don’t look alike. They have different names I’m confused as to ….what? Get the coloring book free. They have a coloring book I’m gonna cry This exists. if you’re a young woman looking for true romance, according to God’s Way, you can’t afford to miss this book These pictures are horrifying They look like they eat children (cringe inducing girl defined video playing) “most girls dream of finding true love someday” “If Hollywood has the answers to true love (thankfully goth mom interrupts )” I’m gonna vomit No, I’m gonna vomit. I’m gonna vomit. we – we need to stop her. I’m gonna vomit on camera. ” speaking Well, first of all it says on the top they have a Girl Defined conference on this third to fourth in San Antonio Honestly, I would go troll it if they had one in my city I would go Because I’m an extra bitch But not enough to fly to Texas because I’m a broke extra bitch and there are limits Kristen and Bethany would be honored to speak at your church event, retreat, conference or Bible study series or study biblical Womanhood , discovering true beauty ,the wise girl versus the foolish girl. Guys: Keep your heart in check Is that a way of saying don’t lust over girls naked shoulders? (the girls of the defined at it again) “As young girls , and we saw this happen to so many girls we knew when we were in high school So many of the decisions that you make relating to guys , when you’re this age, when you’re in highschool” (dissapointed gay) Oh it’s about liking guys not Directed to guys okay, never mind. Can’t relate – let’s check out that hot girl defined merch Oh yes! So it’s mostly just their books. Girl Defined: coloring book (flailing and clapping for emphasis) CoLouRing BoOk I can’t get over that they have a coloring book We love books here are a few of our all-time favorite reads These books have challenged and encouraged us to live a radically different life than the low standard of our culture It’s kind of surreal, but their beliefs are kind of radical now – ” Devine designnnn” An eight-week study on Biblical womanhood . I wake up in the morning and I think wow you know what I really don’t want to hear about today biblical womanhood ! That sounds terrible! You know those videos were people like blend an entire happy meal together into like this weird disgusting Brown sludge To me that sounds like something I want in my life more than – biblical womanhood (quiet “fuuu – ” , lil gay screm) Let’s go to their blog because this one’s a doozy “Enjoying romance in a godly relationship” “why sexting isn’t God’s best for single women? ” Okay, so their videos I’ve kind of – we’ve gone through… People , We know their YouTube channel, so I’m not gonna watch any of the videos BUT -they write blog articles as well too, and they are Hilarious. How do I do a dramatic reading? (Starts girl defined ASMR) Why sexting isn’t God’s best puu – (tongue twisting stuffs) Why sexting isn’t God’s best for single women. ‘I just don’t know what to do’ She said to me , with a discouraged look on her face ‘One of my friends is sending nude pictures to her boyfriend and I feel like I should say something to her I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I’m just not sure what to say’ This has been the only episode of girl defined ASMR. Ever. I’m not doing that again It says sexting isn’t God’s best plan for single woman, are married women allowed to sext? I Wonder. “4 lies society is teaching you about sexting” everybody is doing it ‘There’s no harm in sexting, sexting is healthy in dating relationships. Erotica is the foundation for a good romance’ Just the phrasing of all of this ; it’s like Incels where you just have to laugh at the way They phrase Just basic sentences cuz it just sounds like a fucking alien ‘Four reasons why sexting isn’t God’s best for single girls’ one sex was created for marriage (eldritch horror sounds) Good – we’re all married I want to know if it’s okay to sex when you’re married because Obviously, I need to know I need to know if I can sext my wife. (Gay realisation) Oh – wait Yep. Lust is a sin ,nudity rejects God’s design for modesty Purity is still a priority to God. (Gay cringe) Ahhhh View by topic : feminism, relationships, culture, guys, feminism, personal struggles, the future, gender, fashion Let’s go to gender because that’s a really easy topic that nobody ever gets mad about on the Internet Seduction: using feminine allure in the right way “standing in front of my bedroom mirror. I checked out my new jeans” “I thought to myself you look seriously hot. I had been working out a lot” “My skin was tan from being in the Sun and my new jeans were snug around my hips as I headed out the door to Meet my friends. I suddenly felt very powerful and alluring even seductive.” I am a riveted This is the straightest I’ve ever felt. ” The problem Isn’t that we’re beautiful seductive or have sexual desires” “It’s that we’re embracing these things in the wrong context” (Loud gay overdrive) don’t have sex unless you’re married! We know! We know already! What should we look at? Feminism -another super easy topic, that nobody gets mad about on the internet. Are you a lady wisdom or madam folly? “What if you lived your whole life thinking you were smart and empowered woman? Only to get to heaven and discover you were actually quite foolish , thoughts like these stop me in my tracks all the time We live in a day and age where examining our motives, character, actions and thoughts isn’t something we’re encouraged to do Instead we’re encouraged to be empowered in the things that make us feel good ,the things that make us feel confident and successful The things that make us happy ; the problem with this type of living is that it makes each person their own judge Each individual person gets to decide their own definition of wisdom and foolishness ” The lack of individuality too – oh my god war flashbacks. I – (Flailing) Maybe you didn’t come here from my last video maybe you don’t know , but the reason I have a huge problem with people like this is because I went to a very Catholic High School where the mentality was very very similar to this It was a really small all-girl school very cultish We were all dressed the same in our uniforms and we were all encouraged to think exactly the same way and tailed to like one Exact standard for every single person. I love diversity so much. So it just freaks me the hell out to hear You shouldn’t be empowered in the things that make you happy and make you original and make you feel good And you should all be held to the standards of God it – tt (gay struggling) Freaks me out, you know, so there’s proverbs about lady wisdom and madam Folly . Madam Folly is loud and foolish. You don’t have to wonder if she’s around She uses her feminine allure and the beautiful body to sexually entice men who aren’t her husband (Gay quiet laughter, loosing it just a smidge) Catch me sexually enticing men who aren’t my husband So, yeah, I’m not super down with condemning individuality and freedom and self-expression That’s what I got to say about that. Now as I did once before we’re going to go over here and type gay Into the search bar. I have read some of these and these articles are really funny Some of them are a bit old This one is from October 14th 2016 and it’s called cover girl ditching tradition and embracing the cover boy. It’s okay You can say James Charles. ” I was absolutely shocked when I saw the words cover girl with a dude’s face on the picture” “What is this?!” I wondered . I clicked on the link and my fears were confirmed for the first time in history Cover girl has proudly named the first ever male as its new face of cover girl .Cover girl is no longer a gender specific makeup company But a company that essentially says boy girl, we don’t care what gender you are. Let’s blur the lines Let’s blend up this gender thing and make up our own rules. (Back to sane Goth Mom) I don’t know It sounds pretty fun to me – ” Gender is a personal choice because there is no God” See i Have read this before – I am still (big screm) Gender is a personal choice because there is no God sadly from this day forward I will never view this company the same. They have proudly and publicly transitioned from cover girl to cover gender-neutral. This cover boy … move is the first step down a long flight of steep stairs After seeing the picture of the make up covered boy I decided to do a bit more research I quickly realized that there was a men in make up campaign that is pushing hardcore for a gender-neutral movement This is just another voice in the culture saying gender is a personal choice and each individual can beat whoever he or she was Bitch, that sounds great. What! “When the new covergirl male was asked about his experience as the cup- as the cover girl He said men and makeup is becoming more widely accepted but it’s going to take so much more Open-mindedness to have it become a common thing. As much as this makes me cringe It really just makes me super sad.” They just love the gender roles I feel like you can deduce that just from looking at their absolutely disgusting graphic design But they just really like gender roles. ‘Beauty and the Beast what else did we expect’ I was sitting outside working on a writing project when I got the news a Text message popped up in my phone from Zach that said (Breathy) “check out this article, babe” I click the link and it took me to an article titled Beauty and the Beast – to feature first exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie My first thought was “oh no, you’ve got to be kidding me” But then my next thought was”what else would I expect” I should be wearing a blonde wig (Runs to Blondify herself) As shocked as some Christians are over the homosexual promotion in this new movie it really shouldn’t shock us Honestly. Disney is not a Christian company.Disney does not use God’s Word as a moral compass. Disney does not uphold Christian values Disney does not fear God (One of many gay screams in this vid) Wha – Disney does not fear God? (Goth mom dying from ungodly Disney) Fuck okay Anyway, the girl defined girls are batshit crazy and if you thought they were batshit crazy after watching their YouTube videos , their blog posts read as even more batshit crazy And their books probably do too. If you like my- (Wacks mic, weird cat mlem face) If you enjoy my dumb face and my questionable content You can subscribe to my channel, follow me on the various social media, donate $1 to my patreon I appreciate it so so much and I’ll see you in another video very soon. Thank you ever so much for watching

100 thoughts on “Reading the Girl Defined Blog & Screaming

  1. One is married hence the name change. Baird is their maiden names, Bethy is also married now too.

    They’re sisters. One just clearly got the better genes lmao.

  2. Beauty and the Beast is a story about BEASTIALITY. I’m sorry, but how is that more religious than homosexuality??

  3. Okay I can debunk that 4 reason society is saying to sext or whatever, School is saying not to. In my health class we literally had a lesson covering this stuff saying you shouldn’t sext people unless you’re sure, You’re SURE, the other person won’t share them. And also they were talking about relationships and explicitly said, I can’t remember exactly but it was like, you don’t have to have sex in a relationship and you shouldn’t have to be pressured into it because that’s bad

  4. these are the kinds of girls that used to bully everyone, that had perfectly trashy looks and sported that long, yellow blond hair in high school and now have two boys named Reileigh and Nethanieyl that now sell (their souls) to Thrive and Jesus

  5. "I wake up in the morning and I think, 'Wow, you know what I really don't want to hear about today? Biblical womanhood.'" LOLOLforever

  6. I'm not religious but my in laws are Mormon and they aren't sisters as in they have the same parents, but like female "elders" or whatever in the church

  7. I’m really religious, and I can still consider this to be funny, because there’s a difference between taking your religion seriously, and letting your religion completely control your life.

  8. 'disney does not fear god' is such a supremely powerful sentence and i'll never to be able to get over it

  9. My parents sent me to a boarding school called Teen challenge and it was HARDCORE Christian. We werent allowed to wear jeans with less than 95% cotton which was really weird and they said the fade on the jeans attract attention to our legs which was lustful. Anywahs they made us watch videos like girl defined 3 times a week and they also tried to tell my my bipolar was all in my head. Needless to say i dont trust Christians that much anymore

  10. I believe in many gods, and I also don't care who you fuck if you 1. Do it with consent 2. Protect yourself from infections. Why should I stop you? It's none of my business who you are into and it is none of others business.

  11. my mom walked in at 4:29 and asked me why i was listening to a girl whispering abt nude pictures and sexting.. i want to kms

  12. one thing i can say for sure about these girls is that they’re pushing parts of themselves and their personalities down so they can act like this and be the perfect christian women. i used to do the same thing when i was in church. i talked and acted exactly like this but in reality i was suffering constantly because none of it was me. it’s brainwashing they’re brainwashed goodbye

  13. Girl defined is joke no matter what religion you follow or if you follow none their stupidity is universal

  14. Even in the scope of Christianity, how does a man wearing makeup even signal some rejection of God? In my 13 years of Catholic school have I somehow missed the part of Genesis where God made CoverGirl on the 4th day and said no boys allowed?

  15. Here's a nice tip on a lighter side of religion. The New Testament translated into ebonics. So white missionaries know the Shaft and Dolemite lingo all the kids in certain parts of cities talk.

  16. My video literally buffered when she said 'The way they say sunple sentences it sounds like a fucking…' Biblical 101

  17. OKAY these girls are from San Antonio, Texas and it explains SO much. I'm from Dallas and these girls are the epitome of all the kids in my AP classes. I was usually the only Hispanic person and DEFINITELY the only non-religious person. I've known hundreds of Kristens and Bethanys. Also I had that shirt in high school haha

  18. I wonder why nobody ever makes reaction videos about the believes of moslems? Oh right right…. making fun of a white persons religious believes is fine, making fun of a moslems believes is racist…. How could i possibly forget.

  19. Gender is a very vulnerable reality. Some of us experience both and is simply natural. Religion has proven to be harmful and unhealthy. We should love who we are and not allow others to judge how we should be as long as we are respectful. I believe nudity is very respectful to nature and is a very helpful way to express ourselves. I miss the nude beaches and all the great people who love to be open about who they are. Live free. Peace girl

  20. isn’t makeup just a mildly feminine activity??? like what does that have to do with gender or sexuality or god???

  21. I'd really love if somebody started making tshirts that say
    >> "gender is a personal choice because there is no god" – girl defined <<

  22. yeah these girls could have a better way of presenting this! True or false? People are more interested in pleasure nowadays than they are in God? Just look around. It's not being rude it's keeping it real. Read about what happened in the days of Noah. and I was there it was revealed that people's minds were consoling on evil meaning things that are against God basically look at the music like it was popular looking out people talk dress we live in a culture that is mostly rebellious to God it's cool to be against God nowadays it's a fact.

    Jesus Christ is out to hurt people's lives he's out to give people peace Joy love kindness self-control things that send can never give!

    I mean Jesus Christ think about Jesus Christ think about anybody on Earth that ever has done anything remotely close to a Jesus Christ has done

    know what it's like to be devilish satanic sexual crazy lustful and honesty there's no joy in it the enemy wants to start people off with a little kiss a little drink a little bump next to know that person's life is destroyed next know the living lifestyles that leads to a high rate of suicide.
    you saying are you preaching absolutely the lord loves to youth youth are so passionate and vibrant.

    the enemy hates you turn to Jesus Christ because they're so full of energy and zeal and when some youth get on fire for the Lord it's so beautiful to see their rejoicing in the Creator!

  23. God's word is God's word and what you think isn't going to that. you claim to be a rational person like you like to think right? tell me if somebody love somebody would they encourage them in a lifestyle that leads to a high rate of drugs drinking sexual partners STDs and suicide?

    God gives people peace love and their lives they don't turn to suicide as evidence by persecuted Christians around the world they turn to Jesus Christ.

    So you tell me how can I be a conflict? there's obviously a conflict because one lifestyle is not producing the joy and peace and kindness and fruitfulness that Jesus Christ does in people's lives.

    Hmm? Jesus Christ isn't going to be like oh you live however the hell you desire come right in coming to the VIP party you are welcome know that's not how it's going to go.

    the devil comes to kill steal and destroy and Rob people of God's beautiful love presents the only ones that seek to rebell against that and teach people rebelled against that are people whether knowingly or unknowingly are serving the devil who comes to kill steal destroy as evidenced by destructive lifestyles..

    Jesus Christ has loved Jesus Christ is live turn to Jesus Christ to go to the after-party of all after party's! ❤️➕??

  24. “He/she can be whoever he/she wants” . In what way is that a bad thing oh my god. Mind control, fr they really be in a cult

  25. We suffer with you, we don't watch you suffer.
    If anything, YOU make US suffer.
    Check and mate, atheist.

  26. I never get what makes people think they can decipher what god wants from us. Youre not god stop pretending to have them on speed dial.

  27. what did you mean when you said the website is "agressively heterosexual"? do you mean it's too straight because its pink? thats a little obnoxious, pink is just a color its not specifically for straight women lets not shame a color…

  28. Their blog having an aggressively heterosexual vibe made me sad because I’m 100% a pastel pink floral queer femme and that’s my aesthetic ?

  29. If you are Christian why should you fear god? That feels like the opposite of what you are supposed to do. I grew up being forced to be Christian and I don't understand it at all.

  30. I bet they're names are different because they took their husbands last name like good Christian girls! Ugh

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