Reminders in Google Calendar

Reminders in Google Calendar

Calendars are great for keeping track of what’s next and to-dos are great for keeping track of
what’s important But we often manage them separately so it’s hard to see everything that’s going on With Reminders in Google Calendar, you’ve now got a single way to manage your day While events come and go Reminders stick with you over time So you can track your to-dos until they’re actually done It’s also easy to create new Reminders since Calendar adds things like phone numbers and addresses automatically And you can add Reminders from lots of different places including your email or with a quick note to self Ok Google… Remind me to buy birthday candles So you can stay on track from just about anywhere With Reminders your Calendar becomes a complete view of everything you need to do

98 thoughts on “Reminders in Google Calendar

  1. Are reminders/alarms from Google Keep and Google Now automatically added to Google Calendar as well? Otherwise it would be a bit annoying trying to remember where you put your reminder.

  2. Is this going to take the place of Google tasks? I live by Google tasks since I'm able to create different to do lists.

  3. I absolutely love this! I have been looking for this for a LONG, LONG time. Now, can we integrate Google Keep? Also, in our business we use text quite a bit. I would like to copy the text from a text and make it a reminder or an Event in Calendar. NOW That would be great. Anyway, this is great. Thank you!

  4. Good integration with reminders and calendar. Now make a calendar widget that shows entire month. Come on Google, no month view widget in 2015!!!???

  5. I'm still used to Apple Calendar… It's great but it always deletes all the previous event. Is there a way to keep the previous events from disappearing? Really I need help.

  6. I use Google Calendar daily to manage school, work, and everything else! It always helps me ensure that I don't double book myself. 🙂

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  8. What about What about Tasks? Are they going to be ditched? What about reminders in

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  10. 3 months have passed and there is still no opportunity to add reminders on the website. I manage my calendars on the pc and want to be notified by the app. Sad, that appointments dont stick until you remove them manually. That forces us to use "reminders"…

  11. How I can set up time of the Reminder? In my former Nokia I set time and then I was reminded by the sound. Withour reminding me that I have got the reminder I can not know… Thanks

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  13. Great, but reminders are not dragable on iOS. Being able to drag them makes it worth it, like the native iOS cal app. Please fix this feature 🙏🏻

  14. I use Reminders all the time, but if they are created using the Calendar app they don't have the snooze options! If they are created via Google Keep, Google Now, Inbox by Gmail they have snooze options but from the Calendar app they don't… Plaese fix that. Thanks

  15. Its an awesome app Google and first of all thanks for that. However though I am able to add reminders, goals, etc in my android app, still not able to see them on desktop / web calendar… Please help

  16. I can't set a reminder via dictation because it asks me when and there is no option to say All Daytime only doing it manually

  17. I don't understand the reminder feature. Don't you want to immediately put a data and hour when to do the task? Or is it just a quick way to make a list and worry later about when to do it?

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