Republican Newspaper Freaks Out After AOC Gets A Haircut

Republican Newspaper Freaks Out After AOC Gets A Haircut

Well folks, two very brave journalists from
the Washington times have uncovered the scoop of the century that is absolutely going to
destroy the career, nay. The life of representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, they have somehow
done the digging, made the phone calls, and they have uncovered the biggest scandal we
have ever seen in American politics. And here it is. She got a haircut. I, I wish I was
exaggerating, but here is the headline that the Washington times used exclusive, all caps,
self declared socialists, AOC splurges on high dollar hairdo. Now this a little under
two page article was actually written by two people. It took two people to write this,
two men, Alex Sawyer and Jeff Murdoch. And they point out that last month AOC went to
a salon there in Washington, D C spent $80 on a haircut and then had to spend $180 for
low lights in her hair. And then of course she had to leave the tip. So they’re estimating
that this may have cost her a little over $300 for a haircut. And I mean if she’s a
self-described socialist, then obviously that somehow excludes her from being able to get
her hair done. Now I’m going to go ahead and make pretty bold assumption here. I don’t
think that Alex Sawyer or mr Jeff Murdoch have ever been in a relationship with a woman.
I’m going to go ahead and assume that because if they had, they would understand that. Guess
what folks? Women have to pay a hell of a lot of money to get their hair done. It’s
ridiculous. It’s insane, but that’s what happens. That’s why they don’t get it done all the
time. Unless you’re a real housewife of Beverly Hills. So yeah, going once or twice a year
to spend $300 on, on a hairdo. Sure. Really nothing wrong with that. That doesn’t compromise
your principles in any way yet. These two morons seem to think that, Oh, this is done.
She’s out. This is into her career and they actually ran this, tweeted it out multiple
times yesterday as if it’s some kind of massive scoop that’s going to rock the foundation
of Washington D C they also pointed out that there is apparently a government subsidized
hair salon, barber shop, really, uh, that some members of Congress use and she could
have saved roughly a hundred dollars had she gone there and they pointed out that Jeff
sessions used to go there and get his hair cut for $20 Jeff sessions could go to sports
clips and get his hair cut for $12. Why aren’t they doing an article about that? Jeff sessions
getting ripped off on haircuts, but folks, these, the links that these crazy people and
they’re crazy people will go to to try to smear this woman. Why? Because she wants to
make the country a little bit better because she thinks we need to take care of the environment
that we need to take care of the people and that we need to take on corporate power. So
this is how low they will sink, and this is how little ammunition they have against her
to act like her getting a haircut is somehow a career ending event.

100 thoughts on “Republican Newspaper Freaks Out After AOC Gets A Haircut

  1. Getting stylish is not cheap, and can mean expensive. 300 is about fair right, it wasn't just a hair cut but including treatment. 3000 is not. But it is not a crime whoever can afford it. She did it fairly as a beautiful woman who has the power for justice.

  2. AOC needs to come see me, I'll clip her up for 200. Republicans and Democrats probably spend more money on one outfit than her haircut, I guess when you have nothing else to talk about, lol at the guy in the background chuckling.

  3. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for the last 40 years and those prices are NOT high end. They’re average for a decent salon. AND , it was more than a haircut. It was a color method using foils and they cost that for her length hair. She probably had it blown dry n styled as well. Almost any professional woman such as herself would be criticized for not keeping these things up. This is absolute nonsense to be writing an article on this about her.
    But that’s all they’ve got so I’m not surprised in the least that this is what they’re criticizing her for.
    Call any mid scale salon n price these services for her length hair n you’ll see this is not outrageous or exorbitant for what she had done.
    Also, any cosmetologist reading this nonsense is laughing at it because they know how we spend our money on these things knowing we’ll be criticized if we don’t keep up our appearances.
    Men get a haircut, shave n throw some cologne on n look distinguished when they turn grey. Someone’s always got something to say about how we look or what we pay for it. If you want it done right then you go to a good salon. That’s what she did.
    FOH with this nonsense!

  4. Dang, Renazikkklans are nutzoids. Granted women are stuck with overcharges on haircuts, makeup, hair products, clothing, shoes, etc. I guess they want AOC to control those capitalist prices that cheat women.

  5. AOC Derangement Syndrome. I liked that time they exposed AOC for dancing in a video when she was in college. The right have lost their collective mind.

  6. After my son married, he was shocked when his wife had a hairdresser friend come in and cut and color her hair for $80. I never paid that, true… my unruly curls look pretty no matter how my hair was cut, so I did it myself about midnight. Men demand a ten but wanna pay for a three.

  7. Gee, I guess I'm an awful person because I get a haircut about every two months and also color my hair. What she paid for her hair may be the going rate in her area, she would be an idiot to try getting a decent cut at a barbershop. Everything related to men's needs costs less. That would be a story for these two idiots. Women get charged more for clothes, tailoring, dry cleaning etc. Maybe they should investigate why that happens.

  8. Republicans have something to say about her getting a haircut, but ironically and sadly they have nothing to say when Donald Trump committed adultery three separate women, or when Donald Trump stole money from sick dying children from his charity to pay the hush money payments, to buy portraits of himself and to use that money donated to his charity for his own political gain. Republicans do not want to talk about the crimes Donald Trump, William bar and Rudy Giuliani committed with Ukraine, or the crimes with Russia attacking our democracy and elections in 2016. They don’t want to talk about the money laundering, tax fraud, tax evasion Donald Trump has committed with his companies, which is the reason why he’s desperately trying everything not to have his taxes released. Republicans do not want to talk about William bar shutting down investigations on Donald Trump that had sufficient evidence and facts to continue the investigation, but William Barr without any reason shut down those investigations. They do not want to talk about Donald Trump‘s business dealings with Saudi’s prince and allowing the prince to kill an American journalist and Donald Trump did nothing about it because he does business with the Saudi‘s, they do not wanna talk about the hundreds of millions of dollars Ivanka Trump made due to her father being President. NOOO , these racist money hungry, treasonous Republicans never want to talk about that. Just listen to Fox News and there lies, false conspiracy theories and fake news that they spew out. Remember one thing Republicans God sees and hears everything

  9. My Gosh!!!!
    I’m British and my mum pays more than this for hair do twice a month lol.
    Oh my Gosh!!!
    She has to look good and my word…it keeps people employed and also brings a lot more in taxes anyway!!!
    What’s the problem.
    I actually had to wait a little before I wrote this…on just how PATHETIC they sound!!!

  10. Holy crap!!! Imagine if AOC had her nails done and bought a new dress at the same time. The republicans would have a melt down claiming she was destroying the economy. What a bunch of retards. Wait sorry that defames mentally challenged people. My bad. Hmmm how about saying Republicans are a waste of space and air.

  11. Well of course, as a “socialist”, she’s supposed to go to Supercuts. Anything else is somehow “hypocritical.” These guys (the article authors) need help; like straight jacket help.

  12. Say what? OMG get a life iam sure she paid out of pocket now it be an outrage if she used public funds that she uses to pay here staffers

  13. What will hurt AOC if she gets sloppy and does deals with Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz will be going to jail as soon as our Justice System damage from Barr & Trump are mended well enough to get Ted his FELON status for life. Ted Cruz was crucial delivering Trump to 4th Reich's doorsteps, taking America back to 1960.
    I love AOC, but she needs to be very very careful who she sidles with, and Ted Cruz is as bad of a choice one can make I'm sorry but you gotta go for their jugulars and end their hold on We The People at the mercy of their corporate theft of our votes.

  14. What about how much Agent Orange Dioxin Donnie tRump spends on his "what little hair he has" styling along with his orange tint? This beside what he is costing the Taxpayers, Americans, Our Allies, etc.!

  15. I dont quite understand what the scandal is. Who cares if she got a hair cut? Trump probably spends a few grand to get that mess done.

  16. Excuse me but I’ve paid that much before and I’m not rich. It’s expensive. Our makeup is expensive too. Everything cost too much!

  17. Politics like religion only have one true purpose, to divide people. The sooner you open up your eyes and realize this the happier you will be.

  18. In what way is a person getting a hair cut and paying for it against socialism? A hair cut isn't free in socialist countries anymore that they ate in capitalist ones. But government subsidised hair cuts do sound a lot like socialism. Especially if they're for the wealthy in power.

  19. Think about this one—- who would admit to being RUMPS hairdresser, they must secretly bring this person under the cover of darkness…………….

  20. Are either one of these guys married, have a girlfriend or dated ANY woman at ANYTIME? I can only imagine what the women they date look like – – or maybe they are dating each other? (losers, hanging out at hair salons, sniffing chemicals) I'll say this much is $300 expensive? A bad hair do will cost you more.

  21. Cortez has always been a big phony, she knows her followers are stupid and will clap and cheer for anything, meanwhile Cortez preaches socialism and goes out and spends nearly $300 for a friggin haircut, yeah shes concerned for the poor NOT !!!!

  22. WAKE UP MORONS !!! Cortez is like all the DUMMYCRATS they pretend to feel your pain to understand your problems lmao they dont give a rats pooper about you beyond you voting to keep them in power & money, can you people be that stupid not to see & understand this fact!!!

  23. Really? A haircut? Plus, while I can't really do the math on a woman's haircut (nor do I feel like it since I'm not involved with one), if this is what they do to discredit her as a democratic socialist and prigressive… They aren't trying hard enough.

  24. She likely has a complex about her less than average looks, she is trying to distract people with her over priced hair cut, she may want to look her best for a Police booking photo if she is indicted for campaign finance fraud.

  25. Look at most of these guys they don’t know shit about women. They’ve probably only had a few between the bunch of them. Fucking weirdos.

  26. Women do not have to pay those stupid prices for stupid people, My wife has strict orders to not pay over $25 dollars total incl tip saving money makes her look hot !!

  27. Yeah yeah typical of liberals to poo poo their hypocrisy

    If there is no bread then just let them eat cake.
    So this guy blames women for CHARGING other women huge prices…?

  28. This is as insane as when they were upset that Obama wore a tan suit. Get a life guys! I never thought about this before but how much does Trump spends on his fake hair? Maybe they should an article about that.?

  29. Republikkkans cant handle women. Specially strong willed women! And more specific Latinas! They got more balls than all of you old farts put together!

  30. She can make hate-filled accusations at her opponents. She can dish it out but she can't take it. Hard-working taxpayers can't afford to pay that for a hairdo. The article about her hair must have hit a nerve for her.

  31. Lol, wonder how much facelifts and fillers are costing taxpayers for photogenic old hag politicians to stay camera friendly these days…😌

  32. It's her friend's 💇salon, for all we know.
    Working class hero.🎶🎵 Is something to support. 🎹👷💁🙊🙀

  33. She complains about low wages, she demanded a pay raise over the thousands she already earned, and after getting that, she went on to lament about her student loan. And yet she spends hundreds on a haircut.
    Sure, it's a silly story to focus on. But you are a complete fucktard for missing the point.

  34. My God. If a conservative was caught spending 10x that amount on an illegal abortion for a hooker behind his wife's back it wouldn't bother them at all. But, a haircut!? 😱

  35. Crisis at Syria with invading Turks and ISIS terrorists risking to spread again. Plus china is risking going aggressive against Hong Kong.

    Eh. Haircut is more important.

  36. Yet another "pink" tax.. women get fukked with the cost of haircuts. Men by comparison pay less. Sure women get paid less on the dollar, but ad on the pink tax, plus the 'skin color' tax, and women are, by far, the most fukked minority in the system. Just asking for "equal" rights gets you branded as different from others, a "feminist". Mad world….

  37. To compare a normally priced salon service in any city in U.S. to the wasteful spending of Moron would require they actually think.

  38. by now everyone sane knows that the biggest threat to the well-being of the USA and the world is the continued existence of the Republican Party and right-wing media. Let these 2 dod0 birds die already.

  39. They have nothing to do with there time like police officers stopping you for a license plate light is out. They have nothing else to report nothing to report on her negatively about her that they can't find , they can't stand this congress woman wants to help american and our country our environment they cannot stand it someone making themselves feel and look good, and they look like crap, they need something to pick on, like Michelle Obama had her arms out wearing her dress or Barack Obama whore a tan suit. Whats next she breaking a Pinata on capital hill This goes to show you that they actually really hate there job, they hate to see a woman look after herself and get attention & they don't I bet, Get yourself a life and woman and get over yourselves GOP Newspaper, a bunch of grumpy old men.

  40. It’s none of their business. Italy is pretty much socialist as well as the rest of Europe, and their fashion, hair, makeup are top notch beautiful. But somehow being socialist to conservatives implies a woman can’t take of her own self, wear what she wants and does with she wants with style.

    Compared to Murdock’s news/weather anchors who look like cheap prostitutes, they both can shut up about their petty nonsense.

  41. I am pretty sure I heard someone laughing at about 2:57 when he said Jeff Sessions was getting ripped off for haircuts 🙂
    I have listened to that laugh like 3 times now and it keeps getting better and better.

  42. $80 for a cut in DC sounds very reasonable. I pay $70 for a cut in Seattle. Obviously those "journalist" have never endured a bad haircut.

  43. WOW …..These guys are the cream of Republican Journalism, this is just what the Party needs, I'm sure she's had her her done abroad. Now is the time to phone some world leader and pressure them into getting dirt from any hair salon in that country she may have used….she can't fool these guy's with a new hair style.

  44. So – a young woman in the public eye every day contributes $300 to the economy of her own city?

    NOT spending $300000 on gambling that a company will go bust, like some of her colleagues do.

    She could do what I do, and use some $30 clippers to shave off her hair … but I like her hair as it is – especially the tied back 'Spanish Lady' look (makes me melt! :))
    … I'm not sure she would rock the "female soldier from Aliens" look.
    [hmmmm … no – I think she would actually!]

    I don't think she needed to spend $300 to get similar results … but, she's not got much time on her hands to shop around … just picked a VERY reputable hairdresser.

  45. It seems as if Republicans will always be stuck somewhere in the '50s. For the love of God, move on or get the fuck out of the way. If $300 for a woman to get her hair done is over the top, you have some serious issues.

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