Responding to Anonymous Tumblr Messages

Responding to Anonymous Tumblr Messages

So on my Tumbler message page, I ask
people not to send me anonymous messages nice I know there’s a way to make it so
people can send anonymous messages at all, but, for some reason I still have it
set up so you still can, you know, just in case you want to tell me one of my
comics was racist or something. The only reason I hate anonymous
messages is because the only way to respond to them is if you post the
response. And I don’t think enough people care to see that. Also, sometimes other
Tumblr user saying, “Hey I’m taking questions, so send them my way!” Then they post every single response, and
there’s just pages of questions that I personally don’t care to see. I mean I guess if you’re obsessed over
the person then maybe, like having pages of people asking “What’s your favorite
color?” “Blue!” So if someone sends me an anonymous
message then I don’t like to respond to them because, I don’t think enough people
following me would care, which now after making this video I’m probably going to
get a lot more anonymous messages so I guess if you’re like me and you don’t
care what my favorite color is then stop watching, It’s blue by the way… Ok so let’s do this, I’m not going to do
every single message because in the video would be too long and, I still
think people don’t care. So okay first question. “How old are you
and are you single?” I’m 19, I’m in college I know you didn’t
ask for that and, yeah! I’m single! Ladies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “Do you make these comics yourself?” Yeah man. “Show us your face please!” You see I’m thinking about doing a face reveal, so I want to do that in the
future, but I want my first time to be special. Also, I don’t know anything about cameras,
or lighting so…here’s a picture of me when I was 11. quick pun comic please cheese is great
for any meal sorry that was too cheesy. You know that
comment you just did about the cow in heaven. This is the common case anyone’s
wondering i’ll just read it hey remember me? Uh… no? June 23rd 2011 remember that hamburger you ate?What?
That was me! Look man, I’m sorry. No! Now you’re going to
know what it feels like to be eaten! and then he eats him manage his voice
acting my own comic. I feel sad. Ok so back to the message. My seminary
class seminary is a class that mormons go to legit had a two-hour discussion
about that like a serious discussion about whether
or not you would see the animals you ate on earth when you went into heaven Do you know how hard it is not to laugh?
There were kids actually concerned that what happened in your comic would happen
in real life. Well anonymous I don’t really have a
response for that. It’s just funny. Return to the book of mormon for answers,
it says behold verily verily I say unto you I given to you another commandment and
then I.. I just picked a random part. Hey! I really love your comics I’ve been
watching your videos and I really like those too! (I actually stayed up until 2am last
night watching them all. Oops.) And this is a bit of a weird question
but what do you look like now? (If you are not comfortable showing a picture that’s fine! I
was just wondering.) Ok. i’ll do a face reveal later if we’re
gonna do this it has to be its own video with a lot of buildup ok You disgust me. Oh. how dare you make
such great mini comics aww. Thank you. Not only did I
practically scroll to the bottom of your blog laughing the whole way down, I feel to
write my essay for class tomorrow because of it. Well, Whoever you are, I hope your essays
finished. Hi we offer fixed price per reblog to promote our items.
interested? No? have you ever thought about doing a
draw my life video? Yeah, maybe one day but like if I didn’t
draw my life right now it would end on a cliffhanger because my life isn’t quite
there yet. I mean I’m only 19 which is technically
still a teenager You are really big inspiration to me
thanks. Thank you. Hi. We have a fixed price per reblog
promote our items. interested? I SAID NOO! Is the shirt that Jake wears, the one
that’s blue with the purple stripe a real shirt? What this guy is talking
about is this character I made when I first started I’m working on a reacting
to my old art which i’m planning to come out after this one so I’ll talk about him a lot more there
but as for the shirt he wears I just made it Ok, so this is the last message and it’s
kind of the whole reason why I made this video I mean it was great to answer some
of the other anonymous messages but this one I thought would be good to do a
video dear theodd1sout, I’m trying to
start a comic series but there are some things that prove challenging such as
original character designs you’re coming to me about character
design? I’m trying to be serious but I’m probably the worst person you could ask
and deciding what happens in the comic I assume that you’ve been through
something similar and I was wondering if I could get some advice you’re one of the more down-to-earth
seeming artists. A. So you’re my first choice to ask Thank you. So if you could help me.. That’d be awesome. Thanks in advance. Well
that just warms my heart so here we go , Comic school by James. Really
the main thing you should focus on when starting a comic is making sure that
everything is clear to the reader can they tell their characters apart? When
they read your speech bubbles, are they reading them in the right order? Can the
reader tell what their emotions are? Also this is just a personal preference but
if a speech bubble has too many words I won’t read it with webcomics you don’t
need to be the best artists to succeed If you want to learn about character
design look at a bunch of other people’s art and try making your characters in
their design on paper also i won’t go into too much detail into this part
because it’s really complicated but for a comic to be funny it needs to have a twist at the end
meaning something the reader wasn’t expecting or needs to be relatable I would show you an example of an
unfunny comic, but I don’t like to bash other people’s comics and I don’t want
to create beef between me and other Creators but i will do that for Family
Circus I hate Family Circus big toes don’t my
flip flops because it separates them from their babies What? Ok Billy. You stupid idiot. All right get ready for the quickest
shirt what are on in the street to the Tada! That wasn’t very fast. ok

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  2. Alright I got very worried and scared by my friend’s game call “wonderland” when I saw anonymous name on the screen… It made me want her to leave the game fast but SHE LEGIT CLICKED IT! I PANICKED SO HARD THAT SHE CANT GET OUT OF THE GAME TOO! ahem but she got out phew luckily

  3. You should make that shirt into some new merch for your shop, idk if you already have, but if you do I’ll buy it

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  5. James : If I want to do a face reveal it has to be special on like a first video face reveal.

    Also James: shows his face in the same video

  6. i am not a native english speaker and honestly this video has almost made me question if i really know the meaning of “face reveal”

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  9. " seminary is a class that Mormons go to." It's a member of the church if later day saints. "Now let's look at the book of Mormon for answers" …….I wish I was that that dedicated. Probably nobody will care or see this. But to me, if someone mentions that religion I have to say something.

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