Response To Our Adpocalypse Blog ♥ Our First Response Video Ever

Response To Our Adpocalypse Blog ♥ Our First Response Video Ever

so we have never actually done a video like this this is our response video to our last blog and how its affecting boho beautiful so lets start this out with a huge thank you to everybody after we posted that video about a day ago it was meant with a lot open arms incresibly positivy and just really great comments its just so incredible nervous because we weren’t sure how people were would take it we’ve seem some patron accounts brings the trolls out and lets get that out of the way speaking of trolls yeah were actually pretty lucky considering compared to other youtube channels that we see the amount of trolls like really negative people but there were a couple especially like a video like this doe s bring around a lot people who feel like they have to say something nasty and thats cool like it comes from some kind of need to say something nasty and if by you telling us to learn a trade or go get a real job if it makes you feel better we welcome it in the scene of like at least we gave you that like at least you pressed the send button and it made u feel better so at least we can be of service to you and just to address the fact that you know we were told to get a real job well this is our real job we love it but we work really really hard at it yeah we get a beautiful view at the office but were still working 10-12 hrs a day this is our life and we work really hard at it and right now were just in a time where were trying to figure out how keep it floating because as we explained the adpocalypse taking tis toll on us so leave this negative leave the trolls away so lets leave this negativity behind and move forward to the positive after we posted that video how many of you guys had questions for us or comments from a positive perceptive we felt that rather then answer everyone’s coment answer the same questions over and over again we figure ok lets make a video and tell everybody because I’m sure its not only one person that has this question are you coming down your youtube no were only and simply putting more energy into the patreon and thats to bring more value to patreon for people that are connecting but the same amount of videos are going to be shot and put out for free on youtube were actually travelling through south east asia right now so we have so much awesome footage we cant wait to share with u everything is going to continue to flow you way its just that now the pattern allows us to bring a little more exclusive content to those of you that are become tighter with us in this community and it also allows us to do the other thing were excited about is the live streamed classes and thats number 2 on the list a lot of questions about the live streamed the live streamed classes are going to be only available on our patreon for our patreons and whats really cool about that is that it gives you the opportunity to help us choose as patrons which classes you would want so for this month we have an awesome request and going to be doing this month which is going to be vinyasa power flow yoga class which is really cool because we saw like day one first coment hey can u do vinyasa power flow good idea its a great class to start with and it will be an hour long so i know a lot of you guys asked for one hour long classes but with the amount of work that goes into making that we are going to be providing that to our patrons only so come and check out the pattern if you’re interested in the hour long classes speaking of requests we had 3 or 4 requests for meditations its 24 hrs old were getting all these requests but ah for more meditation videos so we actually scheduled tomorrow morning to shoot a new meditation and juliana is working on writing it so that we can post it first to patreon and the last thing we wanted to touch on was we completely understand if even 5 dollars a month can be a lot to some people so we completely respect that if you cant join our patreon but you know if you do feel like helping us and support us you can do a few other things theres tons of other ways like simply put you can subscribe to our channel it does really help us because it just raises our value on youtube and to other sponsors in a bigger way in other ways you can help us is also by sharing the videos if you do enjoy the yoga or travel videos or whatever u take from our channel just to with your friends and that just spreads the awareness of what we do to more people which obvisoly helps us a lot and lastly this one we never really talked about but a lot of you guys speak another language and on youtube they have this really cool feature where u can take community contributions to have your videos translated on youtube all you have to do is click the subtitle button in the video there is a little part says contribute trabslation something like that it will take you to a page where u can type as we speak in a=nother language and that honestly we’ve had some people do it already and its awesome make sour videos available to a much larger audience so if you guys wanna help you don’t have the money totally cool theres other ways u can help anyways we hope this answered some of your questions about our pattern account about youtube and we just want to say thanks guys one last time for helping us through this trying period of BB for your incredible support pledges and comments we’ve already surpassed our first goal which is incredible we are very small still its been only 24 hrs but we are mighty and thats really inspiring us just been incredible go check it out guys we wil put a link in the bottom of this video for those of you that havent see it yet like a video, subscribe translate anything we love it we love you

100 thoughts on “Response To Our Adpocalypse Blog ♥ Our First Response Video Ever

  1. You guys are the sunshine on YouTube! Your channel makes me so happy! ? Love you guys! You deserve all this success and love! ?

  2. I really love you both, you are a little sun in my every morning exercises long and happy life to you <3 and of course, thank you so much for what you do for us; kisses from Belgium

  3. I have a question – how much sleep do you guys get on average a night? I try not to count…routine gives me insomnia 🙂

  4. Don't pay attention to the trolls they're clueless. Video production and editing is very complicated. Uploading these videos on youtube is extremely time-consuming, also finding music and dealing with copyrights. Viewer value added for enabling us to watch your videos is something we shouldn't take for granted. Yoga studios can be expensive and hard to find.

  5. It's all about unique products and you guys have that! The more videos you put up the more people come back to you over and over because you know you will find a video with something entirely different than one before with Boho Beaituful. For me, the second primary factor when I follow a yoga video (outside of the flow I am looking to work on) on youtube is location – it HAS to be a beautiful outdoor location and the majority of yoga classes on youtibe are not. You guys have that, guaranteed. Advertisement querying on youtube can be expected – but only because Youtube is growing so quickly and continuing to do so. So, stay in there – your followers base will only grow and the more it does the quicker it will! Thanks again for all of the videos!!!

  6. Hey Juliana and Mark, I did want to support you on Patreon but well I live in a place where local banks don't allow foreign transfers and subscriptions! 🙁 however, i have shared it through my social media to support you guys! Since i can't be on Patreon, i really just hope you won't disappear from Youtube! Love alway!

  7. do not get a "real" job. You guys create your own lives and I would do the same. I appreciate you for your courage to do thing differently. My hubby and I left our "real" jobs and started travelling the world and that opened up our minds and brought so many opportunities for us. :*

  8. Hey, I just want to say that you two are doing an amazing job.. This channel is my favorite fitness / yoga channel and it has helped me so much <3 Thank you so much for all your videos, your stories and just the inspiration. Keep up the great work! Love from Germany 🙂

  9. Y'all have enough followers, you just need a website where folks view your videos via subscription or membership. Pay to view! 😀

  10. Yes, more meditation videos! That's how I found you originally. Love the beautiful, high-quality videos, and so inspired by people like you who are living life on their own terms. As for the "real job" comments, that's an outdated/0ff-base attitude. I worked in publishing for decades & was laid off from several jobs before going solo. Being an employee is def not "safer" & it can kill your soul. Kudos to you guys for trying to figure out another way.

  11. I haven't heard of Patreon before. However, it seems like a good concept and full of new options. I wish you all good luck you need. If you once consider making a video, with all your experiences up to now, about starting a channel:do's & don'ts… it would be great for those of us who are into this soon. I enjoy your content so much ✅ very professional and personally for amateurs as me and others anything you can share on editing, adding music, tips for filming in the road, tips for dynamic / static filming, programs to use for assign text …is certainly of added value. Big kiss and big smile??❤ N a m a s t e.

  12. Your "not real" job has taught me to unwind from the mundane from my so called job. I have gain an incredible amount of flexibility with every class I practice. I actually feel proud of myself for getting as far as I have and I appreciate your openness, encouragement, support and love. Keep doing what your doing. Don't change a thing. see you on your pateron page. ?

  13. Hi there I just discovered your videos and I love them. I am a yoga teacher and I love the authenticity of what you offer and your talent. To the critics I would say you two are entrepreneurs and do work incredibly hard to achieve your dream. I know with yoga it can be very physically demanding and there are injuries that can also happen which no one sees.The videos I've seen are very beautifully filmed. Congratulations and continue the journey.

  14. Woke up with tight hamstrings…went straight to your 5 Minute Miracle shoelace video. Came back from the day's errands…immediately did your Hipster Yoga vid. You have a yoga video for everything, it has increased my flexibility SO much and because you're playing on our monitor so frequently you're part of our lives, though we haven't met you yet! Seriously thanks so much for sharing who you are with us! I think of and pray for you often! Cheers to your Patreon venture!

  15. Hi Juliana and Mark,

    I have never written a comment online before, so here goes.

    To echo a few the other subscribers below. The stereotypical 'real job' doesn't/no longer exists. That idea was progressed in the 50s it was part of a marketing and lifestyle master plan. Slave to a system is perhaps a better way to describe it.

    I was born in the late 60s. And feel disenfranchised and disappointed at how the World has evolved, thus far. I don't agree with the whole ethos that 'Greed' is good and
    'bling-tastic' is the way to live a fulfilled life.

    A lot of people have forgotten how to enjoy the simple things and are totally reliant on being continually entertained by the next big craze. For many of us, we have become numb and all consumed with 'stuff'. You both capture elements of this and it shows in your videos. 🙂

    You are both are truly inspiring and spiritual. I find most of your generation so adventurous and thought-provoking and hope that the 'Millennials' can show us a different way of living and save the planet.

    I greatly admire that you have chosen an innovative way of creating your own lifestyle, that stays true to who you are and that you're not stuck in the 'norm' or trapped.

    I recognize that we can't all do what you do because it does have its sacrifices but nonetheless, you own it and it's your life and for that salute you. Keep up the good fight and the good work. I love you videos. and I hope YouTube sorts itself out.


  16. You know what, those people saying "go get a real job" are just jealous that they aren't as successful as you guys are. Of your happiness, success and how much you get to travel. What they don't understand is that you don't live in a mansion and are throwing cash everywhere, you guys are just getting by with what you have and making the best of it. I'm jealous of your lives, sometimes I wish I dropped everything and went for it like you guys! Once you have kids you can't do that 😛 I love your videos and positivity. It's really changed my life around. By the way, what video do you recommend to stretch out the back? I have two slipped disks (lumbar #4 and 5) and sometimes after your videos my back hurts really bad. But that's because my back sucks haha

  17. You should have done this a long time ago guys. I am happy to support you as a patreon and i am happy to pay you for your amazing content. Your videos here on youtube, are far far better than ANY classes I've ever attended in my gym, and anywhere else. And those i paid for… Since i discovered you here on youtube over a year ago, i never attended any yogaclass etc. in the gym ever again. So i makes me so so happy that I can give back to you, because you have given me SO much. <3 Lots of love. Hope my 25 dollars a month will do you good. Blessings :-*

  18. It's interesting to see two people with the mixture of happiness and focus that you obviously have. What you do it not easy, and it takes courage. I love what I do, but it was an acquired taste. You guys bye-passed the whole acquiring part.

  19. 60 yr. old guy watching from germany, keep up the great vlogs with yoga, followers will come, we know lots of work goes into all aspects of posting, thanks for doing the work

  20. I too am in a profession in which, while I work very hard, is NOTORIOUSLY enjoyable (I'm an airplane pilot) and therefore occasionally denigrated, so I am completely WITH you in your efforts especially since my entire family, right down to our adopted dog, gains full appreciation of your arts and efforts on a daily basis as a practice; we are signing up just as soon as I can master the technology of where to find which button to click, etc.

  21. There is no way I could make it an hour lol. I do love your videos but I do the 20 minute ones.

  22. Hey guys this is my first post on youtube (like…ever!) but just wanted to send my respect and love! youre videos have in a way changed my life. The yoga is amazing and i practice as best as i can every day! The meditation is a must for me every day and you have helped me soo much in my life. i love the way you live life and my partner and i strive to take time out of our busy lives to spend time practicing our yoga and mediation wirh your videos. I am forever singing your praises to everyone i meet so i hope this helps u in a way! I am from australia however i am actually in Bosnia right now visiting family and i have told them to subscribe and makr boho beautiful a part of their everyday life! thanks again for your videos and cant wait to keep practicing my yoga and meditiation with u both! much love!

  23. Vi adoro! I adore y 'all ! I really want to help you, 'cause I don't want you stop to do all of this, for everyone that in this way can travel around the world and have such good time physically and mentally !
    I am Italian and I was for 3 years in Texas, working in a ranch in the middle of no-where…it was amazing, and I did travel a little by myself, driving up and down of US…I feel very close to y'all. I will do what I can, as a Patreon as well…sharing and advise other to do so. Keep going guys! Tanta Tanta fortuna a voi nei vostri meravigliosi viaggi! Good luck and have an amazing trip!

  24. Hey Juliana & Mark, thanks for sharing all those lessons and journals from your way! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your plans! Kudos!

  25. Thank you so much for continuing to post your videos on even in light of the adpocalpyse. I only began yoga/pilates a few months ago and now I don't want to stop. I have been meditating in my own way most of my life and feel I get a lot from your guided meditation videos as well. Thank you for sharing your skill and passing on your knowledge.

  26. Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that you wouldn't believe how amazing your story is to me… In fact, I would really love to do something similar myself, but it just seems so hard and out of reach that I keep hesitating and I don't really believe in myself enough to be able to do it. You guys are strong as F*** and it bothers me that the greed of this awful corporation gets to affect the realization of your dreams.

    I just learned about the whole subtitle thing I can help you with; I'm a native speaker of Spanish and an avid speaker of English so when I have the time I will be helping you guys make Spanish subtitles for some of your videos (well some…most…all it depends on the time I have)

    Best of the best guys, lots of love for both of you and for Prince too!

  27. Thank you for continuing on with your amazing work. I think this channel has helped me deal with depression and anxiety better than anything else I have tried. I don't ever comment on things like this, but I want to let you know how much you are helping me and how grateful I am to you both. Thank you so much for everything you do!❤️❤️❤️

  28. You guys have the realist job out there helping people cope with normal jobs, whoever said that you need a real job, doesnt know what a real job entails <3 i love you guys

  29. fuck the haters they still bring you views 😉
    i love you guys so much your voice and values are an inspiration ❤

  30. I love your positive energy in this video! It seems as if a weight has been lifted for you as a result of the great response you got from your last video. Perhaps this whole YouTube situation is a blessing in disguise for you both? It's led you to use your passion & creativity to take BohoBeautiful in an exciting, new & super promising direction! Congratulations to you both for all you've achieved so far. Much love to you. ❤️

  31. Loved this! Student loans are keeping me from giving but sharing and liking will be happening on my end 🙂 thanks guys ?

  32. You both are inspiring! It takes so much passion and courage to make your dreams come to fruition. Thank you for sharing your journey; it makes the world a more beautiful place. Love your work, humility, and energy <3

  33. Your sincerity in this video just made me feel so much better because I'm traveling for the next few months and live in South Africa where $5 is more than that number ? so I was feeling 'bad' for not joining the other site yet. ?

  34. start posting on Steemit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will make more money than you tube! I don't have content like you both so I can't test it out, but it looks like it is working big time for many. That way you won't have to ask subscribers for $ because you will get votes on Steemit and get paid that way.

  35. I just need to say from the bottom of my kind heart (and I promise that it's super kind!!!) that you both are stunningly wonderful spirits. The love and connection that you emanate to each other and the world is truly unique, inspiring and makes the world seem 'possible.' Most of us watching can only imagine the fear, excitement and unknown that you faced when creating a life that is purposeful and to most of us, a dream. I am going to do whatever I can within my limited means at the moment to support you cool cats any way I can. Because what you cannot know is that you have nursed me with support through the last few months. And for that I am so thankful. Rock this life like it's a pebble!!!!!!! xxxx

  36. Hi guys, love what you're doing so much. Just an idea you might be willing to explore, is the Tint yoga platform. On there, you can provide a series of yoga videos to make a program, which followers subscribe to for a fee. I think it could definitely sit well with the work that you do already. Lots of love xx

  37. Hooray for live classes! Unfortunately I live in Hong Kong and won't be able to join, but I have a couple of other ideas that might be helpful for those of us outside North America.

    Have you thought of making downloads of the video available for purchase? I travel a lot and sometimes find myself without the ability to stream. A few downloads of my go-to workouts would be great to have on my iPad.

    Another thought (request?) is that I worry about my form and would be interested in a one on one session or a smaller hangout group session where you could also see us and critique. Since I'm not able to take in person classes (it is ridiculously expensive where I live) I'd happily pay for this kind of guidance from you. Actually, a hangouts class might also be a good way to get live training to those of us in different time zones. I'd be happy to brainstorm some options for how to make that work smoothly.

    Also, your yoga and Pilates videos are amazing and their quality reflects an incredible amount of work. Thank you for offering them to us!

    Thank you!!!

  38. Trolls are just elves on crack. Or meth. Or both. Don't sweat the trolls. They need your rehab. You guys rock. Keep rolling.

  39. Glad you don't let negativity bother y'all. Keep doing what ya do. Y'all are amazing, and I love your videos! They're just jealous that y'all work so hard and get to see such amazing places. #LivingTheDream

  40. you guys are amazing and inspiring! keep doing what you do and really appreciate the honesty and sincerity! hope that you guys will come to singapore one day <3

  41. Haha, your are real cool. Let the steam out… 🙂 Fantastic <3 I believe your working hard… 🙂 Hava fab week-end!




  45. These two are not only a cute couple, but they're a downright sexy couple. And they're living a beautiful, loving life, full of risk and humility. Stay lovely. 🙂

  46. I won't lie, I used to judge people like you guys super hard when I was a hardcore punk kid. But I'm starting to realise, especially since I've gotten away from opiates and the people associated with my use, that having your kind of positive, bright side attitude is so much better. Even if you have to "fake it till you make it" a bit.

  47. Thank you guys so much. For standing with us and sharing all your positive love and support. We are so blessed to have people in our lives like all you good ones… mad love back to you all.

    Juliana & Mark


  48. Love love love you guys. All of the peace and joy. SO pleased with what you both are about. Good luck with everything and all of your continuing endeavors.

  49. I would be very happy to contribute to some french subtitles 🙂 I don't know the french version of yoga movements and names (since you're my first yoga teacher), but I'll try to inform myself about it !

  50. How many people are really happy and fulfilled with their REAL JOBS!? Keep doing what your doing and what you love! Good luck!! Love all your videos?

  51. I just watched both videos, you guys are amaaaazing! I can not thank you enough for all that you give! I am so grateful to you. And I think you are teaching us all an awesome lesson in life. Thank you for your positive attitude and for being so proactive and showing us how to react to life's ups and downs.

  52. you guys are awesome, plz continue doing what you love to do, live your life to the fullest, you are only gonna live once, enjoy every moment of it.

  53. Every morning I do one of your yoga videos followed by one of your meditation videos and I couldn't thank you enough. I look forward to every morning because I love my morning routine so much now <3

  54. I love what you guys do! It is always such a delight to do your wonderful yoga classes, and to see the beautiful places that you travel too. I am so happy that you don't let the trolls drag you down, and that you are open and honest. REFRESHING! 🙂 Your yoga and meditation video's have helped to keep me grounded throughout my husband's brain cancer diagnosis and treatments…(which he has beaten by the way)! So I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. If I was to define a "real job" it would be helping and inspiring others… what you guys do!

  55. LOVE everything you are doing to help us be more aware of all the beauty this world does have. I've been doing your videos for months and some days I will do three different ones ! I wish I was a rich person so I could donate a large amount of money to help you out as much as you have helped me grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually . Juliana and Mark you are two beautifully amazing people who are just so perfect for one another, and its so inspiring to see you two stay so positive to all those trolls out there. I send loving positive vibes your way everyday ! Thank you ! P.S. I LOVE LOVE your "start or end your day" videos! My job requires a lot of patience and can be very stressful so I always wake up and do your videos as well as when I come home I do them too. Thank you a million times for your beauty and strength that is so very much inspiring ! With lots of love – Samantha from CA

  56. You are Just amazing guys, keep up the amazing job you are doing, I wanted to thank you for your huge contribution in transforming worlds consciousness, you are truly unique ❤️

  57. Please come do a yoga retreat in Baja, MX. There are so many wonderful retreats here that would host you. We can help you at

  58. I just found out your channel like two days ago, and I'm obsessed. Such a great content and awesome vibes from you two! Also, If someone doesn't like this, which is perfectly Ok because everyone has the right to have an opinion, they should just stop watching it. Writing hating reviews it's just immature and unnecessary

  59. Ha, trolling the trolls. Love it!!! ^_^ But yeah, get a real job, sit in traffic 20+ hours a week, get a mortgage to make a bank richer, work with people you don't want to be around, pay taxes to fund the war machine, slowly loose your zest and die early from cancer. Because that's what "real" people do. 😉

  60. Ребята сделайте пожалуйста видео с медитацией на русском или немецком языке?? к сожалению не понимаю английского и думаю, что не одна такая, но очень люблю ваши видео❤️

  61. Hey Juliana and Mark! I discovered your channel three days ago and since then I'm watching non-stop. Thank you for taking us with you to these great adventures. You spread so much love, hope and positivity. It's just amazing. Thanks!

  62. Just became a patron. I never did yoga before finding your channel. Everyday I look forward to exercising to your videos. Such a peaceful, healing vibe in beautiful settings. I tell all my friends about you. I also love the mediation videos. You have helped me so much.

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