Review Andro Rasanter []

Review Andro Rasanter []

I tested today rubber Andro Rasanter R47 which had started on forehand mainly red rubber it is harder and softer version Rasanter R42 also Andro black side rubber of which I spoke was founded on my blade Yashima Competition I play on a daily basis first we glued to the rubber blade Zbyszka Zbigniew blade is much smaller and later I stuck to my blade gently They do not reach to the upstand However, it typically does not mind playing and further test we performed on blade the DHS PG 2 tested rubbers are made on a green backing This primer is 2.3 mm thick This is a little different rubber made previously played Tenergy It is through this little thinner topshet red party seems to me a little more dull than other rubber which is usually played to the black rubber just I can not find fault the top layer looks very similar to other R mark which here is called has the task here is to present rotation This rubber is very well made stunning impressive the accompaniment 2.3 mm the topsheet is very low and control the ball by a very very strong especially in the plastic balls First feelings at all what I thought imposed after the first blows it is that the rubber is in my opinion a little bit slower than tenergy I Tenergy as compared to the lining play every day I think she It is a little bit slower for both the harder and slower version My first feelings are that the lining has a very long holding the ball This bouncing immediately feel lining The ball we blends in the primer fraction of a second we feel that we have it on a rocket and fires us forward lining have a very high turnover This was felt for sure the site and certainly the topspinie close to the table I think the rotation is quite similar to Tenergy rotation on these linings is very high surely on the balls of celluloid other type cladding Tenergy This rotation may have higher but definitely on the plastic lining ball gets job said speed cladding for me is a little too low it may be due to the fact that my hair does not belong to any genre super fast boards ALL + board but as for now, these tests took place watched what for me is a bit too slow Rasanter on slower defensive boards allround definitely does not fulfill its role much better acts on the offensive boards, and I think it is best used on any rigid boards starting with the Class Off- and preferably to OFF quality control and beats which is achieved through this is rakietce very good level due to the fact that this rotation is satisfactory both at the table and a little further I think that the control of the site and rockets on delivery It is very satisfactory control on these linings is high 2.3 This training after lining calmly master the there is a problem was a problem with the control but if someone played earlier Rasant it will be a big plus for him Rasant reflected Powergrip and the feeling of these two linings, the Rasanter is very close and the person who will pass typically Rasantów will be very pleased with Rasanterów recently I tested with Darek lining Rozen there complained it does not have the so-called sound “klick” these linings that sound appears in red as she is a little harder this klicku but is less in black is very clearly heard catapults thus is black lining a little better than the red that is softer lining gives higher parabolas balls It is very pleasant to the impact topspinowym catapults on the lining is not so as the typical European linings for this reason that the thickness of the substrate This catapults us some decreases typical old linings European catapults have a higher but this primer causes that the plastic balls recover a lot of power and this is certainly facing the typical plastic balls tenergy are not too soft gums in terms of hardness lining in this category is very similar I just corresponds to the hardness forehandzie even though we used two middle cladding R47 and R42 their hardness is at a medium level I said that the R50 which is considered by the manufacturer for professional players I think they advised her to a less advanced people on slower boards today with Darek FOR IN kleiliśmy with my board and my first odkleiliśmy tenergy and we assumed Rasantery I did not feel the difference We dared not this board and what is not checked true weight compared to previous build but I did not feel any difference So the weight of my hand and my style of the game is the most suitable These linings certainly on the backing of 2.3 mm maximum exercise is the best in the game attacking close to the table in a strong game topspinowej based on rotation very good I played topspiny of the table fast impact and these elements played me the coolest lining and I mention that I went out very nicely serve getting the ball where I wanted these This lining the site gives a very high turnover and there is no problem to play in any place on the table a rotation facings service is very satisfactory This rotation is appropriate speed of the balls is also suitable I choose a place that is okay as I mentioned in the red red lining on forehandzie, I have a habit of playing It is harder, and I think someone who likes to counter-topspiny close to the table This is the lining is very suitable for him in turn, would anyone want to reject this ball would have suggested this softer rubber It has the greater thanks to the catapults saws fly a little further and thus in the zone we can handle more red-lining the ball so quickly no longer back with 2, 3 zones for novice riders amateurs typically starting their training in the first year of the second play table tennis would not be recommending it but if we reduced the base that gives us the manufacturer it can safely reflect the lining even in the initial stage of training I checked the passive part of the game with Darek odrzutkę backhand I just supposedly founded softer version linings black or backhand side I think that at this level is satisfactory thanks to this control and rotation I receive the ball very hard, somewhere from the ground chosen Darek which I played at a very high angle and had no problem to get that ball back so it is okay when it comes to the red lining harder I had to do a little bit of an explicit his strength I do not generally like to do, I prefer to use rotation opponent So I would advise against a red lining on the game passive backahnd in turn, in relation to the worst elements which serve, I think that the third play of the second zone where I had a problem and it was tiring at some point hit topspinowe an explicit because I had a little more force than usual doing it even somehow did not help too much body balance So I found this element for the worse defensive elements in hard to fulfill Defense classical criteria which defend the second third zone while at the game allround boards on slower or faster on the offensive boards we get a different range of possibilities plays and all these scoops are at a very high level due to the fact that this is really facing Rotary Rasanter lining is certainly facing an offensive certainly I told her players who already have a little bounce in table tennis, it is not for amateurs lining I think this is a lining for the people playing at least three years it is technologically very similar to Tenergy made on the backing of large pores This in spite of the speed that I tell that it is not some extraordinary but keep in mind that for amateurs will skyrocket so this is definitely the rubber for the professional players This lining is typical for offensive players playing classic rotary topspin with a very high control on all the other elements counter-topspin facings Andro Rasanter It goes to my very good I still complain about the 2, 3 zone topspiny where the red side They did not satisfy me, so much but after going to the backhand and counter-topspin uderszeniu backhandowym it was really nice just as it approached the table and counter-hitting topspin over the table somewhere in the first zone I think that it was at all sensational and I did not like the difference in opinion between the rubber and the butterfly andro reception of the cladding especially with the harder R47 goes much shorter and you can play a lot harder notch example of the pickup but very well these linings in the exercise of the table flipach I think that to that they have been designed I remember those days when I entered the lining GEWO Ultraklick and it kleiło rubber adhesive I remember those first clicking noises in the hall This game effect on fresh glue I think that these linings made in this technology that we have available today They are 100% already a reflection of what we had a few years ago and you can certainly be compared with each other topspin after the lining has a high enough parabolas flight very close to Bluefire and less than tenergy Tenergy is large flatter flight parabolas the topspinie while Rasanterem throw up and we have a larger margin of error I think that this effect cool game The adoption of such topowo and cool for table tennis It is certainly sound, at least that’s my feeling I like the sound black lining, I say that red is a little quieter topspiny are thanks to this much fun Rasanterem of the best properties, the strongest rotation He is replaced by such a classic motion topspinowym without additional lateral rotation If we make the additional lateral rotation it puts on the table is already difficult decisively with such classic motion offensive to the front of the table the plastic balls are very good behaves if I had to find some features that This stands lining against Tenergy and I would say it is better than Tenergy by something This now I can mention rotation I do not know if this is due to the fact that recently I’ve played a little worn linings tenergy but the level of the rotation is slightly higher than in tenergy I’d decided plus which in turn points Here we tested the lining minusują it certainly speed I do not like little red facing execution This matte color scares me a little I’m more accustomed to the light shine top rubber and more negatives after testing today is not detected a in passive play in odrzutce You can play the pads, but you need to add some strength there it is not so much katapultu and in each game of the second zone you need to add a little more strength from what I know much of the German league game pads Rasanter and they are also popular it does not follow the directions of the lining that I refer to as free or a little rotating or I say anything about it, because remember there are different types of boards different playing speeds so Test the lining is really just purely illustrative I think Rasanter have completely different feeling than Bluestorm and if a player is not fit to some Bluestorm it can try Rasanter to bring them closer to their playing style Andro balls we played today 3S with three stars the latest plastic balls 3S ball tested by several different options for training covers, boards very well come true and they are balls that They will certainly be used in a high-class competition listen to thank you very much, been following the channel that you watch it lajkujecie and that further lajkujcie I invite you to my previous reviews lining to review my colleagues Dark, the whole works Thank you again very and remember feet up and channel subskrybujcie Tri ALTS We will spin for you next Thank you for making the lining of AGA Sports a link to this equipment can be found in the description I would like to thank very warmly on your behalf and Darek for providing the equipment that we had a chance to test today Andro Rasanter R42 and R47 Thank you very firm AGA Sports for providing this equipment and balls I hope that our cooperation will be fruitful

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  1. Darku, wszystkie Twoje filmy, praca włożona to wielka rzecz! Palio Way to coś na co czekam, recenzja tej okładki. Zdrowia , wytrwałości życzę…. Dla mnie i tak nic nie pobije Gold Arc 8 i 5 , dziękuję i pozdrawiam

  2. No właśnie matowe na szczęście Nowy Aurus Select ma naturalny kauczuk i jest lepszy i bardziej rotacyjny od Rasantera i Z2 .

  3. hi big fan, so for a forehand looper (5 years xp) with more chinese technique should I get Rasanter or bluestorm and which one like bluestorm z3 or R42?

  4. Co myślicie o zestawie
    deska (ANDRO Super Core cell ALL+)
    bh (Dr Neubauer Gangster 0.6)
    fh (ANDRO Rasanter R42 2.0)?
    Obecnie gram Tibhar Nimbus na fh, ale okładzina jest już stara. Myślicie, że Rasanter R42 będzie dobry do agresywnej gry fh przy stole jak i drugiej strefie?
    Pozdrawiam ?

  5. has it a higher throw/arc at Topspin then Aurus Prime? And which rubber (Rasanter R47 or Aurus Prime) can produce more Spin?

  6. which one have better controll and less sensitive to incoming spin rasanter v42,r42 or bluestrom z3 or bluefire jp03 (i know jp03 is not sensitive and highest controll)

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