subscribe to remember links in the description by Dariusz Wycichowski I played today antytopsin Armstrong New AntiSpin antytopspinowa is lining on the backing of 1.5 mm I glued it on my board DHS-PG 2 My first taste of playing this lining They are such that it is facing a very high control really slows the game Each ball comes into the table and we have a feeling the slowdown ball rotation on the lining is strange if it is antek which should not have rotation but I was able to pull it topspin what funnier strong scythe is one thing which goes with the play but sometimes the blocking Topspin I was able to catch the ball I went out the table which should not take place at antku although it is impossible to make an attack is a plus, a plus for sure the speed of the cladding This lining is free It slows down the game primer has a very soft, very mięciutki the stuffed even she is also very soft and each ball is slowed control on the lining This is something that distinguishes it from other This is a very high antek control We put all the balls on the table topspin blocking 50 times no problem at all but I set angle and the ball falls on the table there is no possibility that it wylatywało no sometimes caught where the rotation is very very strong but if you set up at the edge of the table and set the rocket flat it always returns the ball to the other side antek is that there is no katapultu You can play topspin feigned especially forehand You can feigned topspin There is little in this rotation but even we tried to topspin and counterattack with twice succeeded so it was a surprise but there is no catapults everything you need to play with the hand This very soft lining primer is stuffed, the top has a very soft everything even sits on the lining each ball sits on the lining not enough of the lining is 1.5 mm but it is still very light What would be even MAX also very light and the lining does not weigh much this is a very very light lining This cladding works best on the block This is where the lining of the block can be repeated many times and we hold the ball for a moment until our opponent wymęczy playing forehand halfvoley It was also a cool effect that for the third quarter of the ball now halfvoley the other side was very hard to toss if the ball on the forehand stew and strike it then this goes back all the time getting worse the backhand do not have enough strength I did not have enough strength What forehand but there are players who have a lot of backhand force the halfvoley and then they will also suffocate the ball firmly down This lining is for people who want to pokombinowaÄ own style who do not like to attack who like block rather, we do not find a lot of such players certainly will be people who will want to try it because it is a specific lining it can give a blank rotation and play ball sometimes it can be compared to a short pin usually people play the backhand antytopspin but there are people who assume that the forehand as poodbijałem for a moment on the forehand This actually gives a very bad effect cladding which has so little rotation is not served we try to make as much rotation to return later after lining even more difficult rotation because the service does not perform such linings reception perceive in point it is not possible to make a mistake especially when receiving service and long and short ball reducing perceive gently touching the ball or tighter mowing there is some some reason to throw the ball over the table with the cladding This lining is for people who would like to improve yourself reception service in a game we attach passive blocking the ball and we can carry on forever if we are on the other side of the offensive player who which gives the rotation of the ball that beats strongly worse if we Defensor that will not do too much does not broadcast rotation then you need to combine active in the game you need to own an explicit lot of strength you need an explicit powerful movement that although the ball was coming forward but it is certainly surprising This game is fun because we get a lot of control They fall ball and not fall off the table and this is very good lining if you want someone to teach topspin game for example, if we coach and if we want to train our young player such cladding it’s not a problem one training I was able to pierce the lining without any problem and as a coach willing to teach me to play the young players on the lining I happen sometimes such anomaly They assume that something like that and are later embarrass yourself at tournaments thanks for the comments, remember komentujcie if you have any comments if you want to add something if you would want something else we tested a choice of cladding is tested patronite I threw some option there, I threw them later more You can look there to see how it works thanks for subscribing, been following through the channel

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