Review of Type A Blogging Conference

Review of Type A Blogging Conference

alrighty let’s check this out it initially said that the connection is not good to go live but we’ll try it anyway alright so this is our first little live video you’re excited you see yourself so even if nobody watches we’re gonna have fun talking to ourselves yeah at least I got one person here with me that’s kind of why I have the baby alright so last week I want to hi Monica to type a conference in disney and it was really fun and I met Monica there in person so she’s right there so it was really great seeing such a diverse group of bloggers and ninety-seven percent were women hi um so it was my first conference I didn’t really know what to expect i was expecting everybody to be like in these dark rim black blogging glasses but they weren’t they were normal awesome people I’m very involved mothers with their kids they loved like what they’re doing they want to share their knowledge with other people so the like the age ranges where young moms like me then you added a lot of like older mothers that had like teenage kids and then you had a whole like big table almost like 10 or 20 more mature moms that have grandkids and they were blogging and that was awesome to see like people my my grandma’s age was sitting there for ipad and checking in on emails and like doing a blogging thing so that was pretty awesome it’s very encouraging to see such a wide variety of women doing this so um funny thing that happened at the conference like it was my first time being away from the girls for almost eight hours so i had to pump so I have too I don’t wanna take my electronic electric bumper because I don’t know where I would hook it in so i took a little hand pump and I need to go find I need to go find a quiet spot somewhere at the hotel so i sat outside i sat outside look like covering myself with this little hand pump and then that was kinda awkward so for any working moms that are breast feeding and pumping at work that’s hard work that’s it’s a lot of hard work so kudos to you that’s that’s awesome um so tips just random logging conference alright let’s see what’s the the big ones um I’m going to test it on this video but what they say is videos with captions at the bottom share better on facebook obviously because a lot of times these videos are watched silently you cannot see me right now some video watch later but a lot of mommy’s in people on facebook is read so I’m gonna try to put in the captions on this one and there’s a little way that you can do it for free so if it works I’ll teach you how to do it another thing is like try to have when you’re creating printable images have your reader connect to that image like try to have them project themselves let’s put you on on the image so one thing that Becky does from your modern family calm she take stock images but then she like cuts off the head so that the reader can kind of like see themselves oh boy on it hang out she’s going to pull the life so like creating like that emotional connection of your reader because you want to be a friend online we’re not just avatars or bots or actual real people blogging and try to make relationships and build fans and friends um what’s another 1i made notes here okay and then one thing that darren rowse hopefully I said alright said in his last speech was your entire blog purpose should be getting your reader from point A to point B so what kind of transformation do you want in your reader do you want to teach them how to be a better parent do you want to teach them how to live more naturally to live healthier you want to teach them how to create an online business so what do you see what do you see your beginning avatar of your reader and then where do you want them to go so your blog has to have a purpose and then it’ll be super successful so I think that’s gonna be our live was there anything else you want to add anything else ID now ok that’s us testing out facebook live for the first time yes and I’m thinking that I might move like my my schedule facebook lifetimes to like a Tuesday during that time not monday in the morning it’s a little hectic so we might move this to choose day around to all right so thank you everybody for watching I hope you have a wonderful week and we’re going to sign up back we’re good to go now we did it ok how do you stop and figure out there’s the finish button

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  1. "what is that woman doing under her shirt and why is she closing her eyes" lol!!!!!!! I nearly woke my sleeping children (3 and 5) next to me 🤣🤣 love your videos and blogs you're so inspirational and real

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