Review Palio Hidden Dragon []

Review Palio Hidden Dragon []

subscribe to remember patronite in U.S. share with friends I played today Palio Hidden Dragon in the new version upgrade the Palio S4 Palio board universal board S4 + ALL to which you can attach any kind of lining while the soft pads type Palio Hidden Dragon a great exercise and the whole set is very well balanced performance as cladding for the price is It stands at a very high level which is facing It is a lining which costs very little and its quality is very high My first taste of playing with this set They are such that it is a very balanced set with a very large control rotation of the headset is very high However, this is not such a rotation as the lining of the higher-end tenergy or rakza This rotation is slightly lower But for the price, but probably hard to find something alternative which will give similar parameters rotation This rate is set ALL + simply ujmijy it if linings are backing MAX the board is ALL + It is for the person who begins to play table tennis it will be really fast set for a person who plays a little more professionally it will be too slow control of this set is definitely something What distinguishes it from other people who are starting to play table tennis will be They will be from this set very satisfied therefore, that the control is at a very high level catapults from this lining is strong I even said that very much resembles the lining tensor with a very high Catapult by which we can play everything is possible in table tennis This lining is not hard This is a very soft lining who forgives a lot of mistakes This lining is universal we play with her scythe and strong and powerful topspin It allows you to play longer racing parts and above all the price is tempting in fact the very strong game topspinowej we feel too little power But if we have made there a little tuning that this power will be enough This set was not tuned in any way he was dressed only glue water This lining will be dedicated to the people who are starting to play table tennis for people who are looking for more control, you can wear it on the backhand we’ll get through it a lot more control many more opportunities to play table block or situational balls because it slows down a little game and gives a very strong hold balls on the table This cladding is suitable for both the forehand and backhand for people who are playing more professionally more would be recommending to the backhand while those who start playing table tennis forehandzie and backhand, and will exercise as I said at the beginning of this rubber it is not until such a strong rotation as cladding tensor but the service is performed in a point and the rotation with which we usually this is not such a rotation inflated that flies do not know what but you can play in every service point so you can surprise the opponent Game passive block two distribute the ball on the table utrati there without any control therefore passive in the game it is good exercise worse in the second zone in the passive play but at the table it is very cool active in the game sometimes lacks a little power if we only the aqueous adhesive It is for the person who goes with FEATURE it will be a stunning stunning power catapults for a person who plays some Rakza Gold ARC This no longer will be too little power This game topsinowej lining behaves very well with the board and with the combination everything on the table with maximum control We repeat a lot of balls at the tąokładzine can be described as a technical game for people who want to improve their technique strangely enough, even playing with a player who plays hard attacking topspinowe we are able to counter assuming proper technique suitable rate lining is not able to replace tenergy However, the price is tempting and players who want a little to spare and want a cheaper set niec a little lighter because the lining is very light it can be pokombinowaÄ fun to this game because we can distribute the ball all over the table with a very large control without loss of offensive plays and it really can play with it all everything is possible in table tennis subskrybujcie remember, komentujcie please add feet up channel service fired patronite You can help test You can choose what is to be tested so it is very cool to help this channel to continue to grow patronite will find a link to the description wszysycy and who will support us They will receive additional materials which do not normally publish a link in the description to cover patronite in U.S. subscribe to remember He helped test Krystian Grzelak Dariusz tested Wycichowski Edited Dariusz Wycichowski

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  1. The closed captions/subtitles are very good! For English speaking folks, turn them on, and understand that 'board'='blade', and 'lining'='rubber/sponge'(i think).

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