Rhodia Webnotebook Review: SHOULD YOU BUY IT? In-Depth Bullet Journal Notebook Review

Rhodia Webnotebook Review: SHOULD YOU BUY IT?  In-Depth Bullet Journal Notebook Review

30 thoughts on “Rhodia Webnotebook Review: SHOULD YOU BUY IT? In-Depth Bullet Journal Notebook Review

  1. Here is the first of many notebook reviews to come on this channel! 🙌

    What do you think of the format? Did I miss something you’d like to know? Have you tried the Rhodia Webnotebook?

    So many questions and so little time! 😂 Let me know your answers in the comments and leave your requests for future notebooks to review! ❤️

    **Video Correction: The dots are 5mm apart in the grid, not 5cm! I wrote it down wrong in my notes and then didn't catch it. Oops! Thank you, Caelyn, for pointing it out! There was bound to be something 😅

  2. I only use rhodia notebooks and I'm a lefty. They are my favorite in terms of paper quality. I use mostly fountain pens (twsbi, lamy, and waterman) and i rarely get smudging. I use mildliners, mozart dual brush pens and stabilo boss highlighters 🙂

  3. You can tap and press your finger on your writing so it smudges less and you don't have to wait that long. Or you can keep a sheet of "Löschpapier" (that's what it's called in Germany) in your Journal

  4. Excellent review! 😀 I pretty much only use fountain pens in my bullet journal so these notebooks are my favourite so far. I would certainly prefer them with paler dots and paper colour though.

  5. The dot grid is probably 5mm (1/2 cm). 5 cm is about 2 inches so.. just wanted to let you know, even though there are probably others who saw it, but great video!💋😊

  6. Thanks for the notebook review. While I’m currently NOT in the market for notebooks due to going down a paper free route with reMarkable, it’s good to know for the future if I ever decide to get a notebook

  7. What a perfect review! So helpful and informative, and I agree completely with your assessment. I'm currently on my 3rd Rhodia Webnotebook and will use another one next. In the past I have used Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, the dotted notebook from Michael's and random journals from Walmart and Target. The Rhodia Webbie is by far my favorite to date!! It is very durable and well made, lightweight, portable, a good price and the paper is amazing. I seriously love the paper so much!! I don't have issues with smudging, but I wait a few minutes before erasing or highlighting. Most often I put the color down first and then write over it. (The smudging is much worse with the LT1917.) I agree that the paper color and darker dots could bother some people, but it doesn't bother me. Btw, the silver is the only one with that grain like texture. The black and orange have a very plush, smooth texture. All hold up well to daily use and I have never had any issues… I have 4 kiddos and a lot happens to my journals on the daily! =)

  8. I'm currently using the Dingbats* notebook. I love it. I am a grid person (rather than a dot grid) so finding grid notebooks is harder than finding dot grids. I have used Leuchtterms, Moleskines, and cheaper ones from Staples or Michaels. I am moving to a Hobonichi for 2019

  9. I was considering Rhodia for my next notebook because i bought a small (dotted) top bound notebook with really white smooth paper. I really appreciate you clarifying the difference this paper has to white printer paper. I do agree however that it's really good quality.

  10. I am a sworn Rhodia Webnotebook user. I absolutely love it. The dark ivory paper is actually what drew me in to begin with. I am not a bright white girl, and I was so happy to find something easier on the eyes. The Clairefontaine paper is also a dream. It is smooth and not very absorbent which is perfect for my fountain pens… though I am afraid that is why you get smudge issues. I got into the habit of drawing with my fountain pen, leaving the page open for a bit, then erasing the next day or in a few hours.

  11. never used this one…currently appreciating the cheaper Artist Loft dot grid from Michael's…the way I am such a novice at this even after 2 years I don't know how to justify spending more…I like the artist loft better than the Moleskine…and I get along with it better than the Leuchtturm 1917.

  12. I'm a fountain pen user and the paper holds up really well! The dry time can be a while if you're using a flex nib or anything thicker than the broad, but it's one of the most budget-friendly notebooks for fountain pens and bullet journalling!

  13. I'd actually considered getting a Rhodia Webbie for my next Bullet Journal, but ended up getting another LT1917, and that's the main book that I've been using. I love it, the ghosting doesn't bother me, and I that it is often a killer for many others. However, it does hold up well for fountain pen usage. I may consider getting a Webbie for a language journal at some point.

  14. Excellent review! As far as fountain pen friendliness goes, the Rhodia notebooks are some of the most FP friendly notebooks available. They use Clairefontaine paper which is a FP standard, and the fact that ink takes longer to dry on the paper is actually better for certain types of FP inks, such as shimmering or shading inks. I use the Rhodia Goalbook (the Webnotebook's bullet journal cousin) almost exclusively with fountain pens and never have any issues. (The Goulet Pen Company has excellent overviews of the Rhodia notebooks on their channel, btw.)

  15. Does the webnotebook not come in more than three colours? Google says it does…im confused!

    Id love for you to do a Rhodia Goalbook review!

  16. Thanks for this useful review as looking to use a rhodia, personally I will prefer a cream paper for ease on my eyes. Smudging happens a lot with the papers I have been using..tomoe river, as pens take a lot of drying time with that paper. Have you tried the jet stream pens….they dry really quickly have nice bold ink colour and best of all you can highlight and watercolour over them. They come in a variety of nib widths styles and ink colours. I also like the micron pigment markers as they dry quickly and don't smudge as easily.

  17. I'm using a Pentalic dot grid journal, it was $9, and I've seen a set of 4 or 5 pens with this journal included for $15. It's 120 gsm white paper, and so far has been great quality.

  18. Elizabeth, Thank you for the information, just what I needed to know before purchasing, Rhodia puts out great products, I may try putting on a stick on pen loop myself, Great Video😀

  19. Finally after watching tons of videos abou this notebook journal I finally heard the explanation that I want to hear. Very good explanation?

  20. Maybe when you get that much money from making and uploading videos here in youtube maybe you can do giveaways, you can giveaway journaling notebooks.

  21. Thanks for the review! I use one but am dissapointed since the paper bleeds for very wet fountain pens. For drier pens it is great. I really like the ivory tint as it is easier for the eyes to look at
    . I wonder if you have done something w the speed of the recording because you speak so fast it feels you are being chased by a panther?😉

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