RMR: Rick’s Rant – Newspaper Endorsements

RMR: Rick’s Rant – Newspaper Endorsements

[electronic] It’s a little too clever
to make the statement “print is dead.” People have been saying
that for a hundred years and yet every morning Canadians
are reading the newspaper. 5.3 million newspapers sold
every single day. But in the final days
of the federal election, both national newspapers
made it very difficult to wish them
any success. First up:
the Globe and Mail. They surprised nobody by
endorsing the Conservatives. Actually that’s not true, an endorsement would
have required conviction, instead they went
the fantasy route. They advised Canadians
to vote Conservative to get a Conservative majority,
and once that happened Stephen Harper
would magically resign. If there was a Pulitzer Prize
for the most idiotic editorial ever written,
they would win. If there was a second editorial
for insulting your readership, they would
sweep the night. Then we have the once
venerable National Post, a paper that has always
been rich with opinion. They too endorsed
the Conservatives. Which is fine. That is
the owner’s prerogative. But that’s not
all they did. On the very same day
they refused to run a column by Andrew Coyne. He had a different opinion.
You know Andrew Coyne. He’s just the guy
who’s the editor in charge of all of
the opinion pieces in The Post. He’s the reason why we buy
the paper in the first place. Now if you
ask The Post, they would say
they hired Andrew Coyne because he is the most astute
political commentator in the country. Turns out the real reason
they hired him was so when it mattered
the very most in the final days
of the election, they could shut him up. Shame on the National Post. Print is not dead. But with owners like that,
it’s on life support. Because we all
read Coyne anyway, we just did it
on Twitter.

31 thoughts on “RMR: Rick’s Rant – Newspaper Endorsements

  1. How people can even read a paper that you know is bias, I want my news to always tell me exactly what I want to hear.

  2. coyne may have overreacted… endorsement is set by the board, not by a columnist. coyne had been given a free voice before the official NP endorsement. and NP has good reasons to publish articles which explains the reason behind their endorsement.

    the article that coyne wanted to publish is a matter of opinion, not a matter of fact. if NP were to suppress facts, then Coyne has every reason to resign.

    this is an inherent feature of endorsement. the only way to resolve it is to get rid of endorsement all together. but most papers felt that it is their journalistic duty to pass judgement.

  3. Keep in mind that the editorial and opinion pieces were forwarded to their online vieweing as well so they did have noticible impact on twitter as well, damn the print media!

  4. Harper's trolls are trying to sell the spin: "The endorsement of PostMedia for Stephen Harper, was a misdirection of their liberal bias". Seriously: One of them tried to sell me this bullshit and then proceeded to call me "naïve". I reckon when conservative get the concept of irony, they'll cease to be conservative.

  5. Did Andrew Coyne ever do an article about what was discussed at the Bilderberg meetings he attended this year in Austria? Or for that matter, did Peter Mansbridge ever divulge what was discussed at the Bilderberg meetings he attended in Spain in 2010? Just wondering. You know, CBC chief news correspondent and National Post whatever attending secret meetings with some of the worlds richest and most influential and then hosting "Canada's most watched political program" every week.

  6. The Halifax Chronicle Herald is one of the few legitimately independent papers left, a great paper for the most part. And no, it's not just old people who read the paper, I know plenty of young people who stay informed by reading the paper.

  7. Without newspapers what would people line their birdcages with? I don't buy newspapers, my wife does on weekends. I read the comics and toss the rest aside. Don't watch TV either (except as I'm doing here, on youtube). They're both designed to make the population conform and be good little tax cattle.

  8. This guy is omitting facts the globe editorial board was forced by the owner to write and endorsement. The also suppress a massive story about the Ontario Liberals and their corruption paying off the teachers union….they suppressed the story until after the election because the were worried it would harm the Trudeau campaign.

  9. So I don't hear a single thing about the hundreds of endorsements for the Liberals and NDP. I may be conservative but I'm not naive. The fact that the Conservatives got more popular vote than the Liberals this year, yet the Liberal media calls it a "landslide victory". Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on Canada.

  10. Didn't even get around to the sun or other post media garbage. To think conservatives constantly cry that there's no right wing media.

  11. They can endorse who they wish and not include one of their staff member's opinions in their paper if they wish. And It's fair for you to criticize. Coyne is free to give his recommendation on twitter or give his opinion to another media outlet isn't he?

    I grant you the Globe and Mail's theory sounds incredibly loony from your description. It's still not as insulting a story as I've seen the past year in even just the Canadian press alone.

  12. CBC was so heavily biased towards the Liberals, (and this includes you Rick Mercer), it made every working and entrepreneurial Canadian in the country want to vomit.

  13. lol! Well said! For a newspaper to endorse a party but not the leader???… in Canada??? It's like endorsing the Empire but Darth Vader is bad. It's such a joke. An embarrassment. A Nation paper? Well Globe and Mail, and hey, National Post, seems your employers, oh I mean investors, are wondering? Hey! Keep copy/pasting shit from the Washington Post… it's an easy career?

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