Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

100 thoughts on “Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

  1. 'don't make mistakes'. One of the biggest things I hate about bosses. They insulate themselves from mistakes by hiring the people that take all the risks (which hilariously then they take credit for). Then bitch at them when they fail while they make excuses for themselves. Another thing I hate about all non labor jobs is, they will bullshit their way to a million excuses as to why they are where they are at. When in reality it's as simple as; I don't want to work, I want lots of money, and I don't want to take risks with my body. Then they ply the old "work smarter not harder" as if they own it. At the end of the day, it's really just liars vs the meek who won't lie. If you make the meek hate each other, you've won. And they have.

  2. I partially agree with him but not wholly. If Schools dont teach you calculus how can you become scientists or engineers one day. Remember most students are not mature enough to know what they really want to be. So the schools teach you everything including basics of money as well. The teachers dont practice what they teach argument is really childish, Can any school afford to hire a real scientist to teach science or a real businessmen/accountant to teach money ? Expecting such thing is silly. You have to understand being rich involves lot things working in your favor. Some people are inherently risk takers but not all risk takers end up being rich. Some people are content with their earnings and dont want to get into hardships and sleepless nights of an entrepreneur. Nice speech but far away from the truth.

  3. The "music" track is intrusive, distracting and obnoxious to the point where I am unable to listen to your video. What a pity! The (barely intelligible) words were tainted and drowned out by the music track. PROFESSIONAL Videographers say that Good Audio makes Good Video.

  4. The point of this video is stating we are mostly a dumb ass bunch of under paid slaves and the people that build the hotels and have the wealth want it that way. The best advice I ever received, "a poor person can not afford to put away $25 dollars a week, a wealthy person can not afford to not put away $25 dollars a week." Save and invest as much as you can spare, even if it is 5 dollars a week. Think about it this way, invest 5 dollars a week at 21 years old, at 41 that's 5200 dollars then consider interest and earnings it could be several times that. I wish I started investing at a younger age and listened to my dad! I look back and could not tell you what that 5 dollars a week was wasted on but would be able to check my bank statement today. Invest and live within your means, stay away from credit cards and interest loans if you can't afford something save till you can. Most important dont buy shit you dont need!

  5. Bullshit!!!
    People like me who cannot afford to pay bills and pay for presents and food especially this time of year without taking out loans or borrowing from friends or family will always be this way no matter how much we work!
    Unless we lucky enough to win the lottery or something (Don't make me laff) we got no chance.

  6. Mind=Blown. This is one of the most interesting takes on this topic we have watched!! Thanks for posting this!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


  8. I usually like this channel but this is only a good way to go about things if your a psychopathic and like to destroy the little guy and sell all their land over to a corporation. Yes learn about money but then realize not one rich/ elite person uses any cash, it's all bounced around on a computer and doesn't even ever change hands or exist. Like you will never see these sums of $ they say they use. Ots a sham. Work for free to help your neighbors and 99% of the time everyone will take care of you aswell

  9. You left out the part where if your not of a lineage the ones that are will not allow you to succeed . Truth is only truth if its told in full , not in part !

  10. The US dollar is a fiat currency, meaning that it is fake, nothingbis backing it, and it only works because we believe it does. Money is just a way to purchase assets. Real wealth come in the value of your assets. If you want to get weathly, you need to purchase assets that increase in value over time, like real estate.

  11. Yeah! You are rich ,don't show your attitude here,I never appreciate people who shows off everything they are capable of

  12. Do you mean to tell me that a college degree in 13th century lesbian basket weaving, won't make me a million dollars? No way!
    Two generations have been brainwashed into socialism/theft. They want to vote to have money that is earned by others forcibly stolen, and given to them. Crazy part is after they vote for Bernie, and he steals the money of the rich, he will keep it. And of course all the socialists who advocate for the theft of wealth are all millionaires…… But don't let that fact get in way Bernie voters. Have fun in moms basement.

  13. The advice he gives comes in the form of story from his best selling book… start a business – learn to interpret its language (to detect if its an asset or liability), be humble and know when to sell and when to buy – funnel your active income into passive income then passive income into more passive income opportunity. When your passive income pays for your lifestyle, you’re what he calls: rich dad/mom.
    – learn the right skills and the money will follow.
    Thank you, Mr. Kiyosaki – hope to meet you someday!

  14. I think this guy is not 100 % the real deal. Did a Google search and f x the The "Rich Dad" is a fictional character. And he himself makes money from his book(s) and seminars, not from the real estate and other investments.

  15. There is another aspect to work which this man misses, work helps people to feel as if they are contributing to the common good

  16. In my opinion, the real Robert's business idea is not to get in or out real estate. All thing he DID is using the negative or cheap borrowing cost, therefore, it means he started enough leverage to build wealth. Warren Buffet did the same for buying GEICO.

  17. I've been getting butterflies in my stomach since I've been watching this, because now i can finally see the success that was never taught to me!

  18. Mindset is so important. You can also read the Financial Matrix that explains getting in debt and becoming a slave to that debt. Ask better questions so your mind knows what to work on. It’s amazing how important that is. How do I save? How do I meet the right people? How can I partner with others? What skills do I have or need to be successful at what I want to do? What am I willing to do? To change? I’ve come a long way from living in a house with no bathroom, never on welfare, but still broke growing up, evicted, almost homeless. I still continue to make improvements to run my own business – be an entrepreneur, take calculated risks, be willing to make mistakes, willing to keep growing and keep going. Good luck to everyone stuck, you can do better. Mindset – motivation – persistence.

  19. So how many Bill Gates and Rockefellers did all his wisdom produce excepting himself, albeit at a much smaller scale. This world has so many seller of words. It's so full of them that sometimes their jugglery is less entertaining.

  20. This guy had TWO dads . They gave him advice from both perspectives and he could see the difference from both perspectives . I only had one poor dad , no rich dad . I had to find my own way in the world because the old man was always too tired after work to give me good advice . What worked for this guy won’t work for 99% of us . Happy he made mad moves but most of can’t learn shit from this dude ..

  21. So true! I'm a business course braduate but looking back I felt I made a mistake. It was good but when I land my first job NOTHING from what I've studied mattered . It was an CLERK/ADMIN job (some it depends). Now, I learned this COPYWRITNG job. I could not recall if it was taught to us in Advertising. May be but what's the problem? It was just said. Instead of telling us THIS JOB CAN MAKE YOU RICH!… if I heard that I would probably study it or ask about it. The professor should have told us Study it well, do some research, look for ads (COPY), write thoise word down in paper or notebook, read them out loud, keep on writing those whok ads, feel the AHA moment (like what Dan Lok said, he had the AHA moment), from writing them you'll feel like being the actual writer, if had an idea about something showtp them to others, what you should here is not "it's good" cuz that means it not good rather "where can I buy this?", freelances earn thousands of peso in a day (I saw a filipino on youtbe esrn some 5k up to 17K Peso in days), have a mentor, get life a coach, learn from your mistake, study that well etc etc. I NEVER HEARD ANY OF THEM FROM MY PROFESSORS.

    We were taught bunch of subjects UNECESSARY to be rich. They even include subjects we learned in high school. Business course bug you have science subjects, history subjects etc. Its good BUT no longer necessary at a certain degree like what he is saying, "Teachers don'tpractice what they teach." Maybe you teach accountacy but you are just a professor and never used it in corporate word. Koyosaki san asked his prof about Calculus. I do not really know what it is for, if you're an engineer and u use is it and necessary then that Great but for those who are not and not even engineering students or would make use of it in their career, then school system has wasted our time such as going to this TYPING CLASS I had. WE HAVE COMPUTERS NOW WHY MAKE US USE TYPEWRITERS? IT'S A WASTED TIME and energy and money. I have realized soon enough after learning this from videos and reading… WE ARE TRAINED TO BE EMPLOYEES! Not to succeed BUT TO WORK FOR THE RICH. We just learned the subjects, some just what to have good grades but soon after the learning is gone. Ofessor teach this and that BUT never tell us STUDY IT WELL CUZ YOU DO NOT KNOW WHEN YOUR EMPLOYEE ASK FOR THIS SKILL. We learn good stuff in school but they are never enough. If your are a medicine student fine but you need to pass the board exams first. But as we look at the world BILLIONS ARE MERE EMPLOYEES! Before, I tought Office People are so damn so smart. Working at those huge and beautifully designed buildings and knows city BUT NO! I was wrong. Now seeing videos like this make you wonder and ponder. It's not about being smart its a metter of BEING WISE. Kiyosaki is wise. Somebody told Dan Lok "You're wise".

    Then when you retire you look back and said "it's not worth it."

    I suggest to KEEP on watching videos like this and other motivational videos. Learn the stuff we never learned from school and "act as if you have reached your goals" – DL.

  22. "Naturally I'm not gonna tell you how to make money instead I'm gonna write a book on how to do it and make money for myself“

  23. This isn't new …the rich have always don't this …the government only gives basic courses it doesn't tell you that you can't teach anything except religion

  24. There is a dangerous message in this. Generally what he is saying is true, but the problem with it is that it comes from the framework that money = success. That is a very dangerous slope to go down. I think you have to be a certain type of person to do the things he describes. At the end of the day, you have to find what makes you happy and figure out a way to do that thing. Maybe you find a way to get a job or create your own doing what you love. Others may have to find a job that affords them the time and/or money to do the things they love. For context, I am by no means a rich person. I am a health and physical education teacher who lives in a modest home and lives a pretty basic life. I don't get to go on extravagant vacations or buy all the lates tech, but what I do have is time. I get to teach something that I believe in and I have time with my family. My children will know who I am, what I stand for, and most of all, they will know that I will be there when they need me. I have the time to play sports which I love to do. This also affords me the time to lead the music ministry in my church. I have a wife and happy children who love and respect me, get to do the things that fulfill me, and in that respect I am extremely successful.


  26. Slaves were forbidden from reading and writing because their masters knew that education means power. How is today's world any different?

  27. The way these people think of money with an almost religious devotion disgusts me. Mostly, they are just ordinary smart people with high perseverance and a fetish for money, who just had good luck. For each of these blue glasses wearing pricks there are thousands with the exact same "qualities" that just weren't as lucky.

  28. So what you're saying is to the young people quit school don't worry about working hard everything will just come just keep playing Monopoly that is the most asinine should I've ever heard in my life

  29. People need to learn how finance works before opening a business. You need to teach yourself finance. Thats shit that they teach you in school is just the tip of the iceberg.

  30. It also takes incredible vision, passion along with deferring enjoyment from whatever small gains you make along the way so that it can be reinvested in property or whatever business you start. I see so many start a business and lease huge SUVs or luxury cars before business is really started. I was always embarrassed by our families beat up cars in our nice neighborhood as well as never having boat's or motorcycles like everyone else. My parents immigrated from Germany after WWII so they didnt care..but in Southern California i did. Long story short if our neighborhood was monopoly game my parents won. Too bad I didnt learn humility and deferred enjoyment my parents and Opi practiced. Good thing most entrepreneurs go bankrupt twice or more before finally making it. As long as you can show the banks or investors continual improvement you still have a chance as entrepreneurs are doers and risk takers they learn to adapt quickly under pressure. That's something I never learned in college.

  31. thank you
    I'm 13 years old and I have watched every video Robert Kiyosaki made
    I have even read his book:-
    rich dad poor dad

  32. "The poor will always be with us." "There's power of life and death in your words." The poor say, "I can't afford it, or I'll always be poor, which turns their internal locus to that of failure. It's a kind of self fulfilling prophesy.

  33. What you didn't learn from Monopoly is, the money is fake, & the banks always end up with all the property & money at the beginning & the end of the game.

    Think about it.

  34. People are failing to understand that this is not a literal guide on how to become rich but rather tips on how to a proper mentality of a rich person and what to look for.

    Read between the lines! The economy is not a zero some game!

  35. Find your game: meaning keep on betting, or play hard, play smart no such thing as play fair in mankind you want money always think of taking advantage. You want peace? Be just an employee of others who loves taking advantage.

  36. Thats true shit, we get educated to earn money, we spend thousands of dollars getting the education in order to earn money, and yet you are taught about everything, except MONEY.

  37. We live in a society where we value money, entrepreneurs, while science medicine and social values fade away. This mindset turns the world into a "jungle" where "dog eats dog". Compassion and healthy, thriving social structures are about being able to find your purpose to move your community forward, to create beauty and inspire kindness. People should be able to find their place in their communities, but there are no communities anymore, sadly. We see the destruction of this world in front of our eyes, and we do nothing we pretend that we can't see it, and choose to chase money instead. Entrepreneurship, in my opinion only has a value, if you as an entrepreneur make the money flow to places where it is needed, to do something good. If you drop out of school and you find that a blessing because you might become rich, but you don't plan to do good with your power, in my opinion, it is stupid. The school system is not perfect, but what we really need is more educated people, who can understand in which areas is the world really lacking professionals, what are the problems in our world and how to solve it. We are in need of doctors, scientists, ecologists, leaders, good teachers, and not the kind of entrepreneurs who can buy a neighborhood to build giant hotels. I truly believe an educated population can change this world for the better, don't drop out of school kids! Knowledge is power 😀 Littlefinger was right

  38. I love truth and as a young kid from the bay I was working for free now at 44 I am volunteering at a homeless Food Bank non-profit organization and it has brought out the better in me in life and has taught me more and more especially after being around millionaires I'm having that millionaire mindset knowing and for the hustle that I have put myself out there for I am thankful to God that life has shined from 2019 and now it's being paid off in 2020 if I'm me I love it God is great and always thank Jesus for our forgiveness and dying for our sins amen

  39. "Entrepreneurs work for free…. learn all about it in my $10,000 seminar!"
    That's how he made ALL his money; the entire book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" is FICTION.

  40. I am 1 year away from graduating in accounting I always hated it still hate it but I am greatful it gave me the ability to analyize financial statements I want to be a stock trader one day so i can escape accounting

  41. People in the comment section seem to imagine millionaires as private jet flying Ferrari driving people . In reality most millionaires keep their money in a nest egg for their retirement and could be your neighbor that’s driving a rusty truck

  42. Also keep people stupid! The only school department for students where you learn something about money, banking, accountancy is the department "Economics" and why …because they " (fill in yourself who they is) need them to do the accountancy of companies…otherwise if they could, there would be no place to learn about Economics.

  43. Money won't mean a thing when the world gets overpopulated and we can't feed everybody. The Earth can supposedly only "healthy" populate 11 billion people and 11 billion is estimated to be here in 2050. There will come a time when people are fighting for food. Not money or jobs

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