Roman Forum – Latin – Minecraft

Roman Forum – Latin – Minecraft

Greetings everyone! My name is Mr. Craft. Today I will show you the Roman Forum in the Age of Augustus. What is a forum? A forum is an open space. In a forum you can buy, sell, hang out with friends, talk about the Republic or make a sacrifice. Therefore there were always lots of people in the forum. First I will show you the buildings of the Roman Forum. This is a building of great importance to the Romans. This is the Temple of Vesta. Hey there, Vestal Virgin! How fares the fire of Vesta? Vestal Virgin: “Well!” Great! Great! Farewell, maiden! Near the Temple of Vesta and the Public House is the Regia. Once the Kings of Rome lived here. Now priests meet here. Oh viewers, through the Arch of Augustus is the Roman Forum, the forum of Augustus, the forum of Vergil, the forum of Ovid, of Horace and of Livy! Look, those men once used to walk about here. Through this triumphal Parthian arch Augustus lead triumphs into the Roman Forum. Near the Arch of Augustus it the Temple of Castor and Pollux. Wow, how beautiful! After Caesar’s death, Augustus built a temple. It is the Temple of the Divine Julius Caesar. Look. Inside the temple is a statue of Caesar. Near the Temple of the Divine Julius Caesar is a large building! The name of the building is Basilica Aemilia or Basilica Paulli. It is a place of business. Here you can buy or sell things. But in the Roman Forum there are two basilicas. The other basilica is also large. The name of the basilica is Basilica Julia. In the Basilica Julia judgments are made. Here is the Lacus Curtius, but it is a lake without water. Look there! It’s the Temple of Janus. Come come! Three times did Augustus close the doors. Now they are closed because there is peace. This is the Lapis Niger, a sacred place. Perhaps the tomb of Romulus is here. Then is the Curia Julia where senators would meet. I have already spoken about the Curia Julia elsewhere. Oh viewers, this is the middle of Rome. It is called the navel of the city Rome like the navel of your body. This is the rostra. It is called a rostra because it has the beaks of ships attached to its front. Here orators would declaim. There we have the Temple of Saturn. Below the Temple of Saturn was the money of the Roman people! Near the temple is the Millarium Urbis. As we say “All roads lead to Rome”. Here is the Roman Calendar. Two temples remain. First here before us is the Temple of Concord. It is a large and beautiful temple. Then there is a small temple, the Temple of Felicity. And here is the prison, a place of wicked men. Hello, can I see the prison? Thanks! But uh… Oh, hey, you, uh, been here long? Help! Help me! Help! Help me! In ancient Rome many people would hang out in the Roman Forum. Behold the Roman Forum full of people! Behold the Roman Forum! Farewell!

43 thoughts on “Roman Forum – Latin – Minecraft

  1. !!! EVGEPAE!!! Diu exspectavi, sed nunc creasti pelliculam miram quam iamdudum habere volueram. GRATIAS MAXIMAS tibi sempieterne agam!

  2. I love this video. It has help me with Latin vocabulary that I use in class. My teacher was very impressed. Also I love your videos you are my favorite youtuber.

  3. the translation for my earlier comment is I liked this video and also subscribed the language i typed it in earlier is latin of course

  4. Populus: Ecce Nuntius deorum volat supra nos !!!
    Vir: est passer ?
    Femina: navis volans ?
    puer: Non, Est supercraft ! 😂

  5. I like this video so much just beacuse I can hear a little of spoken latin. Is it vulgar latin or classic one?

  6. salve magister craft! i really looove your videos.. i would love to show them to my pupils.. i especially need the scene about basilica Iulia and Aemilia… , is there an option to make it less disruptive? i mean less "shaky" .. not that its not good!! its perfect.. but just would love to have i a lil bit more " softer" i hope you understand, what i mean 🙂

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