Rooftop Escape POV

Rooftop Escape POV

ya, so that was our rooftop POV video um, I think you’re gonna subscribe we got a new roof culture clothing coming out pretty soon we’ve also got a feature length film called ” Roof Culture Asia”, it’s coming out soon as well instagram: @storror Lets go!!!

100 thoughts on “Rooftop Escape POV

  1. They are awesome I wish I could do that????????????☺?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. How are they doing that you guys are amazing keep doing what you do I love what are you guys doing just keep on doing it because every time you do it I get so happy and excited and I’m like oh Em Gee OMG oh Em Gee OMG oh my gosh how are they doing that I wish I could do that too but you guys are so wonderful I like how you guys are not scared I wish I could get like a shout-out or a giveaway but it’s fine you don’t have to give it to me because I know someday you will because Miracles happen

  3. this is too dangerous. you could have died. dont put this on youtube please, keep on your own website. this cant be monitized.

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