Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #1: Breaking Babies

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #1: Breaking Babies

Burnie: (singing) Gavin or Google, Google or Gavin, Which one said it? Let’s find out, hey! Gavin: I’m feelin’ lucky! Burnie: The first phrase that I gave to both Gavin and Google is… “Can you break…” Burnie: First return…
(Barbara laughs) “Can you break your own neck if you really wanted to?” The other’s return: “Can you break your lungs if you only breathe in?” Gus: “…lungs…” is Gavin… “…your own neck…” is Google. -Burnie: Gus, you are correct. Gavin wanted to know if you could break your lungs if you only–
-Barbara: Eyyyyy! Barbara: How do you BREAK a lung? Gav: When you breathe, you pull out your rib cage, right? And that just sucks air in your lungs. Gus: Right. Gav: So if someone got your rib cage and just like, yanked on it, air would fly in and explode your lungs. Burnie: Yeah, that’s not you breathing in too much, that’s some motherfucker yanking on your ribs! Burnie: It’s like if somebody shoots you in the head,
(everyone laughing) it’s not the air that’s killing you, it’s the person who’s shot you in the head! Gus: “Doctor, what do you think happened to this patient?” “He has air on the brain.” Burnie: Oh, right. The next question was– this involves babies. “Do babies…” First question was: “Do babies poop in the womb?” The other one was… (chuckles) “Do babies float?” (audience laughs) Gus: Well, assuming that…”Do babies float?” is Google…
(Burnie laughing) makes me really concerned about the health of our babies in this country. Gus: It’s like, “Huh I’ve this new baby…I wonder if it’s gonna float?” Burnie: (laughing) Or maybe it’s people just trying to solve a really weird, like, physics homework problem. I think, uh, “Do babies float?” is Google. Burnie: It turns out that Gavin wanted to know “Do babies float?” Barbara: The fuck is wrong with you!? Gavin: Well, I’d heard of babies being born in water and I thought, “That’s pretty cool”, but then I– but then I just thought, “Well what happens next, though?” Gus: (laughing) They’ve got a guy with a pool skimmer on the side of the water, like ready to scoop the baby out. He’s like, “I caught a dead possum with this thing, the baby’s no problem!” [static] [outro music]
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99 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #1: Breaking Babies

  1. Thats not how lunch work! You have a muscle called the Thoracic Diaphragm that's under you lungs and is connected to either side of your rib cage. When your diaphragm is in its relaxed state, it is long and pushed the air out of your lungs. When your diaphragm tences up it is compressed and shorter and causes air to fill your lungs. Your lungs move the rib cage in/out, not the other way around. When you get hiccups, your diaphragm is irritated and tences randomly, causing the sharp intake of breath.
    For more info: Wikipedia. 

  2. @***** Someday, if some already haven't, the channels you comment on are probably going to reference you or talk about you. XD

  3. Actually, that shot in the head scenario wouldn't be from the person. It would be the gun who got up on its own, hijacked the person and assumed direct control Sovereign-style, and killed a person.

    Because guns are evil and should be banned.

  4. I think gavin's first question is sort of correct. Sort of.

    a person probably cannot "only breath in" because at some point your body wants to exhale, but if you scuba dive the air you suck in is condensed. So if you take a breath at a few meters down, hold it and then swim upwards, it would be like breathing in too much air, which would cause your lungs to either burst or hyper-expand depending on how deep you took that breath.
    DO NOT GO AND TRY THIS! This is one of the BIGGEST "do nots" of diving. you will seriously hurt yourself.

    SO I guess it's sort of right, but Gavin couldn't explain his question correctly

  5. Surprised no one has made an "It" joke, i guess ill make one.
    "They float… they all float."
    I'm and horrible person  

  6. Just to give Gavin some credit, what he is describing does happen. There are recorded cases of people developing spontaneous pneumothorax. For reasons not fully understood, tall skinny people and athletic women are more likely for air to get into the space between the lungs and the chest wall (which is a pneumothorax). Surgeons see enough of them, that they have a standard protocol which involves making several tiny cuts on the lung and chest wall so they will scar together like velcro to keep it from happening again.

  7. I like to think that Gavin is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time, but he hides his intelligence from the world for some stupid reason.
    Like he saw a kid get bullied for being smart on a TV show, and just decided "Oh, fuck this invention that would eradicate all diseases I'm gonna go MineCraft".

  8. I wonder if he really thinks that  to breathe in is to pull ones ribs out …. its the diaphragm not the ribs, you push your organs in your abdomen down.

  9. Babies do indeed poop in the womb. When a baby is in the womb there is a hair substint covering the baby which the baby eats and creates babies first turd. Put it this way we have all ate are own beards. Do babies float though? I assume so but only for a few seconds. Better get that net ready. 

  10. what's wrong with wanting to ask if babies float?

    better to google it or ask someone than find out manually.

  11. I think I know how your lungs get destroyed, and I think what I'll say is what Gavin meant to say:
    Whenever you breathe, your rib cage spreads out a little bit to give your lungs some space, but if someone pushed your rib cage closer to your lungs, then eventually your lungs will begin to touch your ribs and it'll urge you to breath less, but then you'll begin to suffocate and try to heavily breathe in and your ribs are preventing that from happening so you can't take in any more air. So if suffocation won't kill you, your ribs will.

  12. How would a baby poop while in the womb? It hasn't eaten or digested anything. All of it's nutrients and such come from the mother via the umbilical cord.

  13. Wow. Bit of a stupid moment from the whole lot of them. Your ribs don't move and they have no function to do with breathing, they are solely used to protect the vital organs. No doubt these are someway intelligent guys but they tried to sound smarter than they were and came across stupid.

  14. I love how they have a college guy from a fraternity doing a physics problem when I'm taking physics in my Sophmore year in High School… Private Schools ladies and gents

  15. cough babies can float. In England they had this mothering course where the new borns would be placed in a shallow pool of water and they would swim to the surface and float there.

  16. when I heard babies float I thought of them like floating in the womb. aren't they surrounded by fluid in the womb? idk, the public school system has failed me.

  17. when I heard babies float I thought of them like floating in the womb. aren't they surrounded by fluid in the womb? idk, the public school system has failed me.

  18. Yanking on your lungs doesn't mean you breath in more its just that when you breath in your rib cage expands to give room for your lungs its not your ribcage that opens then your lungs can breath its your lungs telling your ribcage to breath (not exactly but metaphorically)

  19. it actually is possible to over-expand your lungs. when scuba diving, the number 1 rule they teach is to always breath, because if you hold your breath, and you change depth even by a few feet, your lungs that were under pressure expand, and cause severe damage, and symptoms similar to the bends.

  20. Although, if you have too much air forced into your lungs, it can tear your lungs, and also it fills your stomach. If your stomach is filled with too much air, it puts pressure on your blood vessels and cuts off circulation. If the air isn't properly removed, your stomach can twist and cause bloat, which cuts of circulation to your stomach and other intestines, and prevents your food from passing through. You wind up dead.

  21. Answer to the first one is yes, happened to a kid a a local school though it didn't pinch off his spinal cord or anything, more of a dislocated neck

  22. Babies can poop in the womb, it's called meconium, meconium is a babies first poo and sometimes it happens in the womb. And babies being born in a water bath can't drown bc they're still attacked to the umbilical cord which is bringing them oxygen bc even when they're inside a woman, they're floating around in fluid so they're used to being in liquid

  23. Babies know how to swim in the first three days of birth but then they forget because its useless knowledge to them and their only able to hold so much.

  24. Gavin is smart in the way where you want to say Honey Crisp but it comes out as Granny Smith an it makes it hard to explain Honey Crisp because all you can say is Granny Smith

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