Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #3

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #3

[Intro Music] Burnie: (singing) Gavin or Google! Google or Gavin! Which one said it? Let’s find out! Hey! Gavin: I’m feelin’ lucky! Burnie: First up, our phrase was: “What do I do…” “What do I do if I accidentally built a bookshelf?” Gus: *laughter*
Burnie: The second phrase is: “What do I do if my pet wants to have sex with me?” *audience laughs* Burnie: Let’s show a show of hands, or applause, Which one did Gavin say? “What do I do if my pet wants to have sex with me?” *cheering and applause* Burnie: You are the smart people! Gavin: My cat was in heat! *audience laughs and uhh, I’d never seen a cat in heat before, ’cause I’d only had a neutred cat, but uhh… they kinda crouch their head down, and uh arch their back up and do, like, a little… vagina dance in front of you… *audience laughs* and I was ru– really weirded out by it and like, I would try and pick her up to move her, but she would just go stiff, and I would just be like: “What the hell is goin’ on with–” Gus: (interrupting) Don– Don’t you wish it was that easy? you– like, if– if– to tell if a girl was into you? She like, bends down and does a vagina dance in front of you? *audience laughs* Burnie: Yeah… [Outro Music]

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #3

  1. Can I just ask Gavin how he can possibly resist these advances? I mean, how can he turn down this alluring creature, with her majestic stiffness?

  2. This is why I live for these.. So funny. also poor Gavin.. Btw my father used to bred dogs and the dogs dragged their asses when in heat.. So nasty..

  3. Perhaps it's because I would think of the cat, but I prefer the current way women show they are into you. There's lots of variety and when they are drunk it's usually hilariously bizarre.

  4. The other day I heard someone ask what to do when they accidentally killed a God.

    I was horribly tempted to just leave that sentence there with no context, but screw it, I'll explain. It was a Let's Play of Dark Souls, and the guy managed to find the entrance to Gwyndolin's room. He made a covenant with Gwyndolin before proceeding to enter the room and kill him simply because that's what you're supposed to do to bosses. He only realized later that killing the God you just swore undying loyalty to might have been a bad idea.

  5. I picked bookshelf. Maybe gavin was doing something on minecraft, or something went wrong with computer codes?

  6. When my cats in heat they stare at me intensely doing an eyebrow dance slowly but surely consuming my innocence.

  7. I feel you Gavin cause I have a cat that goes in heat once every two weeks and I literally get so uncomfortable when either my sister or I call her name and then she does that position but good thing for me is….she got surgery for it so she doesn't do that anymore 😂😂😅

  8. I love how Gavin's shell-shock curves next to his eyes are the exact same ones they would use for Charlie Brown in the Peanuts comics.

  9. I take back a comment I made on another RTAA. This one is funnier. Gavin's reaction to his cat's vag-dance is hilarious, as is Gus' to the girl, plus the bartender noping out in the background.

  10. Has anyone else realised how many languages the subtitles can be put into? usually with English speaking channels it's either English subtitles or auto generated English

  11. "and then you pick her up… and you get all stiff… and you don't know what to do…"

    I have a feeling my jokes might be a little weirder :/

  12. Gavin or google should have three responses, one of which is Gavin's and the other two are Google's. would make it more interesting

  13. Why wasn´t Joel in this RTAA he was on the podcast, i mean sure he didn´t say anything through out this video but still

  14. "What do I do when I accidentally build a bookshelf?"

    "Oh God what have we done?!"

    "We need to hide this."

  15. One does not simply accidentally build a bookshelf..


  16. Me, three years ago: "Ha ha, Gavin's so silly!"
    Me, now with a cat that hasn't been neutered yet: "This is my life right now."

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