Rooting ROSE Cuttings the EASY WAY with Newspaper Growing Roses

Rooting ROSE Cuttings the EASY WAY with Newspaper Growing Roses

For rooting our Rose Cuttings we will use
Clonex Cloning Gel in this video. The link to get yourself a bottle shipped
to your door is down below the video. First you will want to trim your rose of choice
cuttings down a bit. Get rid of the side branches, trim them to
look like pretzel rods or pencil sticks. Once you have trimmed your rose cuttings down
the next step is to apply the Clonex Cloning Gel. Here we are using another bottle lid to conserve
the gel and also eliminate contaminates in the bottle of the gel. Never dip your cuttings directly into the
bottle to avoid contamination. Apply the Clonex Gel to the bottom of the
cuttings. Now you will need some newspaper to wrap your
cuttings with. Start wrapping the cuttings tightly. You will want to cover most of the cutting
with the newspaper just leaving the tops of them exposed. Once you have the paper as tight as possible
around your cuttings go ahead and wet the paper with water only. Wet the entire newspaper and then squeeze
excess water out of the paper to create a tight mold around the cuttings so less air
can get in. We use a jar of water to dip the newspaper
in soak the newspaper thoroughly. This will be key as the roots will need steady
moisture before starting to form and emerge. At this point if your cuttings are too long
go ahead and cut them down a little more. Okay, now for the final step. You will need a cup and an empty water bottle. Go ahead and cut the top of the water bottle
off. You are going to use the cup to put the wrapped
cuttings in and then you will use the bottle to cover the cuttings creating a mini greenhouse. The cup of cuttings can be placed in a sunny
location with temperature never below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer the room temperature the faster
the roots will emerge. Do not let the paper dry out, you can place
water in the bottom of the cup if you will be away for a few days. Expect new roots within 30 to 60 days. Thank you for watching.

10 thoughts on “Rooting ROSE Cuttings the EASY WAY with Newspaper Growing Roses

  1. Love how .you spill more clonex on the table then on your hands .then% soak the paper in water .and it shows the color weeping thru
    Thanks for showing how to be rough at it .(as we say in New Zealand )being a cowboy,
    but thanks
    I knowNow if I just tip tip the clonex in the paper
    or the water I’ll save half of what you used thanks for video

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