Rudy Giuliani Associates Arrested as Support for Impeachment Rises: A Closer Look

Rudy Giuliani Associates Arrested as Support for Impeachment Rises: A Closer Look

-Two of Rudy Giuliani’s
associates were arrested last night as support for impeachment
rises in the polls. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Over the last few weeks,
we’ve seen support for impeaching President Trump
skyrocket by double digits, and it really feels like a potentially seismic
political shift is happening right now. In fact, even Fox News, the network Trump
loves the most, released a damning new poll
yesterday showing that a majority of registered voters
not only want Trump impeached, they want him removed
from office completely. -A new Fox poll just out shows more than half
of registered voters who were asked
support impeachment. -Our brand-new Fox News poll,
the headline, more than half of those polled, 51%, want President Trump
impeached and removed from office. -Damn, that’s a Fox News poll. So you know they only called
land lines, CB radios, and VFW halls.
[ Laughter ] Fox news — Fox News
is what Trump watches to feel good about himself. That’s like if a kid
turned on “Sesame Street” and Big Bird was just
smoking a cigarette going, [ Gruff voice ] “Face it, kid, you’re never going to learn
how to spell.” [ Laughter and applause ] Now, of course, to make himself feel better,
Trump likes to periodically hold a campaign rally
with his remaining fans where he reels off
a bunch of unhinged nonsense. And that’s what he did tonight after we taped this show
in Minneapolis, or at least they think
he went to Minneapolis. Yesterday, he had some trouble
saying the name of the city. -I want to also thank the
Minionapolis police department. -That’s right, he’s going to
Minionapolis, which I believe is in Mindiana. He sounds like Siri
giving you directions after having a few too many
glasses of wine with dinner. -You have arrived in
Minnemanapolis. [ Laughter ] -But when he’s not basking… [ Cheers and applause ] When he’s not basking
in the adoration of his most fawning admirers
at his unhinged rallies, Trump is apparently freaking out
about losing support among Republicans in Congress. In fact, he’s so worried
about Republicans in the Senate turning on him that he’s been
calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell nonstop
to lock down Republican support. -New indications suggest how
seriously President Trump is now taking the impeachment
inquiry and how seriously he’s pushing
to keep Republican Senators, potential jurors, remember,
in line. -One of the things we’ve learned
is that the president is so consumed with
this impeachment inquiry that he’s now calling
Senator McConnell as many as three times a day. -Three times a day? He’s trying to keep McConnell
in line, or stalk him? [ As Trump ] “Mitch! Mitch, we’re best friends,
Mitch, aren’t we, Mitch? Mitch. Do you like my new
haircut, Mitch? I’m just like you, Mitch.
I’m just like you.” [ Laughter and applause ] [ Normal voice ]
Trump, of course… Trump, of course, is freaking
out because every day, we learn more about the scheme
Trump and his gang of Mafia-themed Pez dispensers
concocted to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Now Trump has been insisting
that his phone call with Ukraine’s President
in which he dangled hundreds of millions of dollars
in military aid, and in return told the president
of Ukraine, “I would like you to do us a
favor, though,” was not just appropriate,
but perfect. He’s literally said or tweeted that specific word
dozens of times. -The conversation I had with
the president of Ukraine was absolutely perfect. The conversation, by the way,
was absolutely perfect. It was a perfect conversation. It was perfect. The call was perfect. That was a perfect conversation. Just so you know,
the call was perfect. It was perfect. It was perfect. The call was a perfect call. It was a perfect call.
Perfect call. Had a perfect phone call with
the president of Ukraine — like, I mean, perfect. The call was a perfect call. The conversation was, I think,
a perfect conversation. That call was perfect. -I think he’s trying to drive us
all insane. Hearing — hearing a grown man
describe a phone call as perfect over and over and over again feels like an elaborate form
of torture. I feel like I should be strapped
to a chair in a basement with voices whispering
from the shadows. -[ Whispering ]
The call was perfect. -[ Whispering ]
It was a perfect call. -[ Whispering ] It was perfect. -[ Whispering ]
It was a perfect call. -[ Whispering ]
The conversation was perfect. -[ Whispering ]
It was perfect call. -All right! I’ll tell you
what you want to know! Just stop calling a phone call
perfect. Nobody says that. Seriously, I’m almost certain
that no one in the history of the English language
has ever called a phone call perfect before. Think of the greatest phone call
you’ve ever had in your life. You’ve never hung up the phone
and gone, “Damn! That was perfect! Whoo! Whoo!” [ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ] I mean… I rescheduled that dentist
appointment like a mother[bleep]! [ Laughter ] I mean, he’s talking about a
phone call like it was an event at the Olympics. [ As Trump ]
Okay. Talk to you soon. Judges? Yes! [ Normal voice ] So Trump has
insisted the call was perfect, and yet once again yesterday, Fox News’ poll showed that
the vast majority of registered voters definitely
do not think it was perfect.>>The Fox News poll also gauged
voters’ reaction to what President Trump said
on his phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart
regarding possible pressure put on Ukraine to investigate
the Bidens. 43% say it’s an impeachable
offense. -If Trump can’t rely on Fox News
to make himself feel better, what can he watch? His aides are going to have
to replace his TV with a mirror and hope he doesn’t notice. [ As Trump ]
Have you guys seen this show? It’s pretty good. Wait, what were you looking at? Get in here, guys! [ Normal voice ] So now that
Trump is freaking out about the growing support
for impeachment in the polls, he’s throwing as many people
as he can under the bus. Last week, for example,
Trump tried to pin the blame for the Ukraine phone call on
his Energy Secretary Rick Perry, claiming it was Perry’s idea to make the call
in the first place. But then we found out yesterday that Trump order Perry and two
State Department officials to coordinate with his personal
attorney, Rudy Giuliani, as part of the scheme
to extort Ukraine and get them to gin up politically motivated
investigations. -Two sources tell CNN that
President Trump directed his Energy Secretary
Rick Perry and two top State Department
officials to circumvent official channels and to have his personal
attorney, Rudy Giuliani, deal with a potential meeting
with the Ukrainian President. -So Trump concocted a scheme
to dangle hundreds of millions of dollars
in military aid to Ukraine as part of a quid pro quo
to get them to dig up dirt on a political opponent,
and to carry out this plan, he chose as his henchman
Rick Perry and Rudy Giuliani, who are famously two of
the dumbest people in politics. It’s like if Lex Luthor
hatched a plan to kill Superman and chose as his assassins Mr. Bean and Woody
from “Cheers.” [ Laughter and applause ] [ As Woody ] You ready to do
this? All right. I’ll take the front.
You take the back, Bean. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] And then today,
things got much, much worse for Rudy when
two of his associates who’d been working with him
as part of the scheme to dig up dirt on Biden
were arrested and charged with breaking
campaign finance laws. -We begin with breaking news
this hour. Two associates of Rudy Giuliani
arrested this morning due in court in Virginia
later today facing criminal charges for
violating campaign finance laws. And, really, it all has to do
with Ukraine. -Their names are Igor Fruman
and Lev Parnas. And they were arrested
at a Washington airport with what prosecutors say were one-way tickets
out of the country. -Rudy Giuliani has previously
stated that he has worked with the two men on efforts
to get Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. -I can’t believe a guy
who looks like a vampire had a henchman named Igor. Is this a Mary Shelley novel? What was Igor’s job,
to open Rudy’s coffin? Master, arise! [ Laughter and applause ] Now, the danger for Rudy
and for Trump is that these guys
might flip on them and give prosecutors more
evidence about their scheme. And now that two
of his closest associates have been arrested
and charged with crimes, Rudy might be regretting
the fact he’s been all over TV blabbing about his involvement
in all of this. In fact, here are some
of Rudy’s greatest and most nonsensical highlights
from just the last few weeks. -Did you read the transcript? -Uh, let’s say
it was read to me. -It was read to you, the whole
thing? -Uh, I hope. Shut up, moron. Shut up.
-Okay. Hold on. Hold on. -Shut up. You don’t know
what you’re talking about. Bill Clinton asked me,
what’s this guy, Romney, like? You know what I told him?
He’s our Al Gore. -All right, Rudy,
hold that thought. -Here’s Kurt saying, “Great,
I will tell Yermak, and he’ll visit with you there,
thanks.” -Arms, border crews.
Arms, border crews. Whoo-whoo. -By the way, Biden’s been off
the trail. -They’re supported
by three affidavits. The guy was under investigation.
The guy bankrupted a — He’s been selling —
How about this? -No, no, I don’t want to move on
yet. -Here’s another one. “I don’t know about it.
I didn’t hear it.” -We got the whistle-blower, we have the transcript
of the call, and the president’s remarks.
-Shhhhhhhhh! Shhh! I want you to keep your eye
on Romania. Just watch Romania.
Just watch Romania. We go to China,
I told you about Romania. We haven’t moved to Romania yet.
When should we get to Romania? -Well, I definitely can’t wait
until you get to Romania. [ Laughter ] There’s probably
a short trip from there back to where you live
in Transylvania. [ Applause ] Also, by the way, remember — remember those papers
Rudy was holding up in that one clip claiming
that they were affidavits that proved his allegations? Well, according to BuzzFeed,
they weren’t. They were pages printed from an obscure right-wing conspiracy
theory website. So the president’s personal
lawyer, a man who is at the center
of an impeachment inquiry and an allegedly criminal scheme to extort a foreign country
to dig up dirt on a political opponent
is an insane old man who goes on TV
and waves around printouts from conspiracy websites. Next time he’s just going to
bring the printer test page. [ As Giuliani ]
Now, t-the yellow line is Ukrainian military,
and then the red line is money that Hunter Biden made.
It’s all right here! [ Grumbles ] [ Laughter ] -And while Republicans
entertain… While Republicans entertain
these insane fantasies, the whistle-blower
who first alerted us to Trump’s phone calls
keeps coming forward with more actual evidence, as we
found out yet again yesterday. -CBS News has learned
that according to a memo by the whistle-blower, a White House official
who listened in on the call to Ukraine’s President described
the call as crazy, frightening, and completely
lacking in substance related to national security. -The official was visibly shaken
by what had transpired. And in the official’s view, the president had clearly
committed a criminal act. -Wow, that is damning.
When he heard that, Trump immediately
ran out of the white house and tried to escape to… -Minionapolis. -Now, seeing more evidence
is emerging that support for impeachment
is rising in the polls, Trump is trying to take
as many people down with him while his inner circle
tries to do everything they can to distance themselves
from the scandal. For example, you might remember that Trump dragged
Vice President Mike Pence into his mess when he told
reporters to look at Pence’s conversations with
the President of Ukraine. And then
“The Washington Post” reported that Trump involved Pence
in his efforts to pressure Ukraine’s leader. So yesterday,
reporters asked Pence how much he knew about
the scheme, and Pence wouldn’t give
a straight answer. -Were you ever aware,
Mr. Vice President, of the interest in the Bidens, the interest in investigating
the Bidens was at least, in part, of the reason for aid
to Ukraine-based help? -I — What — I never
discussed the issue of — of — the issue of the Bidens with President
Zelensky, and… -But with the administration? Were you ever aware of it
in the administration? -What I can tell you is that all
of our discussions is internal and corruption.
-But you are aware of the interest in the Bidens
being investigated and that being tied to aid
to Ukraine being held up. -Well — Well, that’s your
question. Let me be very clear. The issue of aid… and — and — and our efforts
with regard to Ukraine, uh, were from — from my experience,
uh, in no way connected. -[ As Pence ]
Oh, oh, what you… um… What you need to know from me
about this is I don’t want to go to jail. [ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ] [ Normal voice ]
Hey. Hey, Mike Pence. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe you should let
Rudy handle this one. I mean, he’s probably working on
his Pence impression right now. [ Laughter ] In fact, given that two people
have now been arrested and the support for impeachment
is rising the polls, my legal advice for all of these
guys would be very simple. -Shut up, moron. Shut up. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

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