Ryan Seacrest Discovered Marilyn Manson Is a Jonas Brothers Fan

Ryan Seacrest Discovered Marilyn Manson Is a Jonas Brothers Fan

-You did discover something — and I will only keep you here
another three hours. [ Laughter ] You discovered something — that Marilyn Manson
is a Jonas Brothers fan. -So, this is another —
[ Cheers ] -This is another
one of these things that — that only happens
to Ryan Seacrest. -I’m hosting Wango Tango.
-Yeah. -And I know who’s on the bill, and Marilyn Manson’s
not on the bill. -Uh-huh.
-You know, he’s not performing. So, a friend of mine says,
“Hey, that’s Marilyn Manson.” I say,
“It’s not Marilyn Manson.” We’re backstage. I said, “It looks like
Marilyn Manson, but it’s not Marilyn Manson because Marilyn Manson’s
not performing tonight.” -“And I would know
if he’s here.” -“I would know if he’s here.” So I said,
“Let me prove it to you.” So I walk over, and I say,
“Hey. How are you? I’m Ryan.” He says, “I’m Brian.” I said,
“Well, I’m Ryan Seacrest.” He says, “I’m Brian Warner. I said, “Great.
Nice to meet you.” I walk back, I say to my friend,
“Not Marilyn Manson.” -That’s Brian.
-Brian Warner. -Yeah. -She says,
“That’s his real name.” [ Laughter ] “Be right back.” Went over, said,
“Great to have you here. What brings you out
to Wango Tango?” — The big Kiss FM show. He says,
“I’m a huge Jonas Brothers fan.” So, I guess Marilyn Manson
travels with the Jonas Brothers and watches from backstage. -He doesn’t travel
with the Jonas — But, dude, you went on to take
one of the best photos I think I’ve seen of the year. This is up there for
Photo of the Year. Here’s Ryan and Marilyn Manson.
Look at… [ Laughter ] -Would you recognize that as —
-Yes! -Would you recognize him? -You did not know
that was Marilyn Manson? -No! Not —
[ Laughter ] -What’s wrong with you?!
Who else would that be?! -People look different
in the wild. -What are you talking about?! -Listen, I —
-Oh, my gosh. -When you’re out in real life,
they look different. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my gosh. This is ridiculous.
-It’s Brian Warner. -I love that these things
happen to you because that’s what always
makes me laugh. That’s why people love you. But you just did this great
thing on the show with Kelly. And please give Kelly our love,
because we love Kelly Ripa here. -She’s the best. -Some kid challenged you
to a fight or something, right? -Well, no.
[ Laughter ] It was accidental. We had an MMA fighter on,
Juan Archuleta, and I was saying hi
to his family. And when his little boy came
out, he threw me to the mat. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -During the commercial where
the best stuff always happens. -How old was the child? -He’s about my size,
but he was like 4. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Here is Ryan Seacrest getting
taken out by a small child. Check this out. -You know, we look like twins.
[ Laughter ] Good job.
-Aww. So much fun.
Bye, guys. [ Cheering ] -Get him!
Get him, get him, get him! [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughing ] [ Cheers and applause ] I love it.
Congrats on everything. -Great to see you, Jimmy.
Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Ryan Seacrest!

34 thoughts on “Ryan Seacrest Discovered Marilyn Manson Is a Jonas Brothers Fan

  1. I have an aunt who looks just like a mini Marilyn Manson. Put a pair of hipster glasses on that guy in the picture, and it's a dead ringer for Aunt Sydney.

  2. 1:24 "…in the wild"

    Dammit, Jared. Jensen told you to stop saying that and now it's catching on! See what you've done?

  3. I fucking love Marilyn Manson. I’m so glad he talked about this. I was shocked to see the picture when it first came out lol 🖤

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