[S2 – Eps. 64] Che Guevara was EXECUTED right here..

[S2 – Eps. 64] Che Guevara was EXECUTED right here..

When they.. when they.. how do you say it.. killed Che Guevara you were.. I was here.. Good morning internet! It is 08:55 in the morning and welcome back to the channel! I am in Tomina, in Bolivia and today I am riding to a place with a lot of historical significance Because I’m riding to a small placed called “La Higuera” which is the place where Che Guevara got killed so there is Dhanno all waiting for me So I’m going to .. I’m going to pack up Dhanno and then hit the road Okay, quick look on the map.. I’m now in Bolivia in Tomina which is over here and La Higuera is somewhere right here, in the middle, there is no road indicated, so it’s a dirt road which leads to the tiny town which is somewhere around there Good bye! I wish you all the best! Bye! So, I am on my way to the town where Che Guevara got killed so there is a lot of history in this area today I had a proper breakfast, lots of bread with honey coffee, bananas, so.. I’m a happy bunny and ready for todays ride, it is not so far my navigation doesn’t want to calculate, because there is a bridge somewhere, and Maps.Me thinks I cannot pass it.. But I should be able to. So it doesn’t want to calculate the whole route, but I’m guessing it’s about.. 175 kilometers Something like that It shouldn’t be too hard I’m entering a small town called.. Tierra del Charango, I think That was the town.. I’m pretty sure that that is the river that I have to cross and that Maps.Me thinks I can’t but actually, on the Garmin it did calculate my route That’s why I always have two points of navigation with me sometimes people ask me about that usually Maps.Me is better with the small tracks but in this case, Maps.Me didn’t want to calculate the route but the Garmin did and I just have Open Street Maps (OSM) on Garmin which are free for download all over the world, very simple and according to Garmin I can cross that river and I think I can, I don’t think it’s any problem but sometimes Maps.Me is not updated, or.. I don’t know what the problem is So that also means I’m going to descend quite a bit, down to the river what a stunning, stunning area! Oh, it’s gorgeous here the temperature is also increasing a lot! Probably because I came down. The altitude.. what am I? see? I’m only at 1200 meters so that’s not high at all and I’m going even further down, so yeah, with every 100 meters you go down you can almost feel the temperature increasing see? there is the river since I left the last village, I haven’t seen anyone but the trail seems to be pretty well maintained. There are people passing on this road. See? See Maps.Me! Here is the bridge! Not a problem Look at this I don’t know if you can see it down there is the river again and there is the bridge that I passed, so I’ve done a lot of climbing again temperatures are a lot better here Look at this place Check this out.. I’ve done a lot of climbing again Look at this view! Amazing Amazing I have reached the turnoff, to go to La Higuera I cannot pronounce it sorry So I have to take this road now yeah it’s about 10 kilometers Look at this There is a cloud here, see? See? You can barely see.. where the road goes That was not deep Welcome to La Higuera! I’m here See, here you already have the face of Che Guevara everywhere Oh there is a statue of him and his face Let’s see if I can stay here Watch out for those rocks there when you ride up here Okay That’s the museum which is also the place, previously the school and that’s where Che got killed There she is Hello How are you? Good? My name is Noraly Nice to meet you What is yours? What’s your name? – Noraly Ah Noraly! -Yes, and your name? Gregoria Montero Grandson? – Yes, my little grandson Do you have the key..? Do you want to enter the museum? Yes! It is possible? -Yes it’s possible, I’ll open the door Okay, thank you! Come on in.. Thank you These were his clothes? Yes those are his clothes When.. when, how do you say that.. when they killed Che.. you were.. I was here I was still a girl only 15 years old I am now 72 years old.. I knew him You didn’t know him? I knew him – Oh yes.. How much time was he here? Before the.. No he was passing through He didn’t stay here? He didn’t stay here He came from there There was combat here and Che was executed At two in the morning, they bring him and put him on that chair This was the place..? That was his chair That was the chair Ok, thank you Bye! thank you very much! Bye! So, that was the place where Che Guevara got executed this is literally a tiny, tiny town and it’s full of Che everywhere Look here Everywhere, Che.. Che Che So that was it for today, I really hope you liked this video, if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. I thought you might do something like this. You can change course and head for the execution site of Leon Trotsky in Mexico, you’re nearing politically sketchy countries in any case. You weather the elevation & temp. changes like a real trooper.

  2. Great job on your videos. The bike is spectacular, I wish I had one. You are definitely getting better all the time.

  3. as always a beautiful video, the choice of roads and places is always the right one, each video is a dip into the realities of the countries you cross! thanks for everything Noraly 🙂

  4. I've heard the term "epic" overused by people who really degraded the word. But your travels are truly epic.

  5. This video is very emotional to me, I'm watching you for a long time, but this video is very special to me, because this man on my lockscene too.
    #lalsalam. Comrade.

  6. That was a good historical Lesson! Tche Tche Tche, a big story for this huge man! Do you hear about covid 19 in Bolivia? Best wishes to you Noraly!

  7. Another great video, although I know some of the Che Guevara story, this made me do some more reading into his life and death, and the impact he had on Latin America. Thank you and as usual, keep the rubber side down!

  8. Another incredible ride with Noraly, and another history lesson for the books. Che Guevara. A man of the people, so it is said. Clearly the little village of La Higuera seems the most unlikely place were he would meet his end. His thrust for blood in the name of the revolution even surpassed his once believed friend, Fidel Castro. And from what I understand, is the man (Fidel) who turned on Che and outed him to the CIA. Thank you Noraly for the breathtaking scenery and episodic music. Speaking of which, where do you find that music? I simply love the track you picked for this episode. There is a moment in this ride where you stop and say, "Isn't it amazing?" Yes, it most certainly is, but you what's more amazing then that? You. You because of what you do for us. And you don't even know it because it's what you love doing. Thank you hermanita. Again, we are deeply humbled.

  9. That was quite a moving visit to the Che Guevara museum. Very well presented. In your own graceful gentle way, you are a bit of a revolutionary yourself. But alas, you have cost me money. I have just gone on the internet and bought " The Motorcycle Diaries". I have been meaning to read it for years.
    God bless you and enjoy the journey. Gxx.

  10. Poor innocent people, Che Guevara was a stupid thief like his friend Fidel Castro. In some Latin American countries, the government brainwashes people into worshiping communism, keeping them in poverty for the rest of their lives.

  11. Hi Noraly, my husband is a bit worried about Dhanno, he says in this latest video she sounds like she is knocking a bit on tick over and hopes you're able to get her checked over sometime soon. Safe travels ? ?

  12. i love your videos, I love what you are doing. Please do your self a huge favor. Suspend your current trip just for the time being, and head back home. The governments around the world are starting to shut down travel. Please get back home while you still can. Again I love your videos< but you are way more important to us if you can comeback in a few months and pick up where you leave off. Within a couple of weeks you will not be able to cross borders and you do not want to be caught in some little south American border town when the borders are closed and all International travel is banned.

  13. Fortnine from Canada gives great advice how to get the bike out if it gets stuck in mud, sand, etc

  14. Too bad they weren't able to kill Che and exterminate his outlaw band sooner. A lot more innocent people would have been able to live to see old age.

  15. Enjoy all your side trips, but you will not make Alaska before Winter sets in at this rate. Now we have the Corona virus problem and the border may close up. Travel from Europe will be stopped tomorrow here in the USA. Not sure yet about Mexico.

  16. The first time I marked the video as I didn't like it, but then I thought better and marked it as I liked it because Noraly just showed the place, which is important as a historical fact. She did not comment on her political position and I am not going to make any comment on this as this channel shows us beautiful videos and the courage of this woman to make this trip alone. Be very careful Noraly, we accompany you wishing success always.

  17. How do you thank people for moving over for you or letting you pass like the lorry at the beginning of the clip? Do you wave or use the French system of le Leg or something else?

  18. Noraly, Your version of motorcycle diaries from the land of Che, fantastic. The drone shots were out of this world, spectacular. Beautiful, stunning nature. Happy riding ??

  19. You take care young lady, there is a lot of political unrest in that country. And thank you for sharing something I wish had done when I was fitter and younger

  20. film must see "Che Guevara donde nunca jamás se lo imaginan" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJqcyiERWZM (RUS) or https://youtu.be/d_KA3Rsc85c (ESP) – It is interesting that when Ernesto studied in medicine in 1950, he and his friend Alberto Granada went on a motorcycle trip in Latin America ..Perhaps that is when he finally understood his mission, his life goal.

  21. Hey Noraly!
    I know nothing about Che Guevara. Sad he was killed. Every man needs another chance. But that is not my topic. I love to ride my motorcycle. I love to eat in every place where there is food. When I'm riding I enjoy every minute of my life. There are no problems only the road and me.

  22. Another super video, more fantastic scenery. I watched the film Motorcycle Diaries about Che Guevara, it seems your Royal Enfield is much more reliable than his Norton.

  23. well itchy boots lady your seem to have your finger on the pulse now well and truly and that drone filming was brilliant you keep up the fantastic trip we need your amazing super happy video's

  24. Another day, one more episode with the same good old bike and the same talented rider. Thank you Noraly.

  25. sos una genia Noraly, sobre todo por el valor de andar por donde andas, mi total respeto y admiración

  26. I had read and seen many documentaries about Che, but never new where he got too. I sure is kind of creepy, being right he was at his last. Even though he was a bad guy, he was still a legend. very cool video. Thank you for going there and sharing it. Very beautiful country.

  27. 9:23 your idle engine rpm is really low maybe less than 600 rpm/ while it should be 1250 rpm .Maybe you should check it at one point.

  28. Este che Guevara era um comunista safado. Você não sabe nada de história. Contente-se em andar até o Alasca

  29. If you want to learn about Che watch the great movie The Motorcycle Diaries, Written from Che's own personal diaries. Have you seen this Noraly?

  30. I Wikipedia'd Che Guevara, quite the guy.
    Fighting against corrupt forces that enslave poorer countries. Living morally rather than for profit.
    That rhymes with Noraly. Maybe not a coincidence. You cause us all to yearn for the good in life.
    I think I'm going to get his motorcycle book:)

  31. Che, who? I could ask 100 college students in the U.S. today who was Che and they wouldn't have a clue, Sponge Bob Square Pants, now that's a different story. Noraly is getting awfully competant in the dirt and that little R.E. is strutting its stuff.

  32. Hey Noraly, stay safe with your travels further. Lots of developments on the hour every hour with this global health hazard.

  33. Che was against capitalism so he's probably rolling over in his grave watching everybody profit from his name and image! He was only passing though that area where he finally met a bullet and yet there is a museum and statues? He was running around with a gun shooting people who did not have the same ideology. So what did you think was going to happen to him??? Why did he not go out fighting standing until his last breath if he believed so much in what he was fighting for?

  34. I commented on your last video about the wonderful scenery you captured and, once again, I find myself in awe. The views are incredible there and you are doing such a good job of presenting them to us. Thank you! I'm really enjoying your videos!

  35. And irresponsible – that's Noraly too.
    On her journey she comes into contact with many people, especially in the hostels. If she becomes infected with the worldwide spreading Covid 19 virus, she will not notice it at first and will carry the virus on, even in remote areas with poor or no medical infrastructure. And there it hits the poor people who have no help available. A possible realistic scenario: the potential death on wheels – that Noraly may become, too . And all for the price of her personal fun.

  36. Super Awsome, having a chance to see the Che's Place,, ??‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?????

  37. We have an image of Che that does not correspond to reality … I imagine he did good things, but he was also a murderer, he hated homosexuals and created concentration camps for them … he was not as good a person as many believe. ..but a myth has been created.

  38. I hope Noraly, that you left a little tip for that old lady guide! But beside that, this journey turns more exciting by each episode. I'm sure , that distant rural place is quite a place of pilgrimage for hopeless Leftists, and sundry history geeks alike from all over the world. As for Che Guevara? The controversy has not left that larger than life figure, which is idolized and lionized by the International Left worldwide. His split and argument with Fidel, was similar that of Trocky had with Stalin a generation earlier. The idealist Che wanted to carry the torch of Revolution first all over South America, with the final goal for a World Revolution, while Fidel wanted to consolidate their gain in Cuba first. To me, I have a hard time to decide, which one was the bigger and more dangerous fool, but I think at the end it must be Che, that's why he died earlier too and was privileged to have a captured enemy soldiers' death, who was tortured and martyred at the end, like Jesus was 2000 years earlier. The halo of martyrdom have radiates from the memory of Che ever since his untimely and violent death.

  39. I have been travelling in Myanmar for the last week and just caught up up with you. 2 episodes in quick succession and so much happened. Great rides. Weather is kinder too. Keep it going. God bless.

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