20 thoughts on “Sadhguru: “Developing an Inclusive Consciousness” | Talks At Google

  1. Who is this host, how come he named Mohammed, that sick mindless fellow, reason for foolish conversations and senseless killing and raping women in the name of fucking Allah.

  2. Can someone please answer this burning question of mine:
    Does Sadhguru shave or trim his beard at times or does it just stay this perfect when you are enlightened?

  3. Sadhguru, are you practicing conscious inclusiveness by taking the land of people that rightfully belongs to them?

  4. The karma of Google disrespecting its customers, won’t go away by inviting Sadhguru. No employees of Google will ever reach enlightenment for hundreds of thousands years anyway.

  5. "Everything is one and everything is separate at the same time" "do not look up at anyone and do not look down at anyone" Truth, I love love love your wisdom Sadhguru. Thank you so much and a thank you to youtube that made it possible for me to hear your words and see your physicality. I prayed for God to align me with those who's energies were similar to mine and your videos showed up on my computer. Much of your understanding resonates with me and my knowing about being human and life itself as well as I am in my life. 🙂 so happy!!! I don't feel alone in my understanding of life anymore. Namaste

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