Sadhguru- Digging deeper and deeper and deeper into yourself..

Sadhguru- Digging deeper and deeper and deeper into yourself..

Vinita Bali: You know, in the spirit of a
freewheeling conversation, I’m reminded of a film I saw about
I think it was fifteen years ago the film was made
which was a series of conversations with quantum physicists and some mystics,
to use that word. And the whole premise of the film was that
the mystic and the quantum physicist is seeking an answer to the three basic questions,
which are, “Who am I,
where have I come from and where am I going?” I did not understand the film then (Sadhguru
laughs). I am hoping that you would be able to throw
some light on the three questions and you know, what the physicists and the
mystics are seeking? Sadhguru: So, you are asking me who you are
(Laughter)? Vinita Bali: Kind of. Sadhguru: (Laughs) See, it’s all right to
walk on the street, point at one of you and say, “Who are you?” It’s okay. You go to somebody and say, “Who am I”
(Laughter)? This happened in the Cincinnati airport. People had lined up to check in at the check-in
counter. One man came briskly,
jumped the line, went straight to the counter and thrust his ticket. The lady at the counter said, “Sir, there
is a line, please.” He said, “No, no, I’m in a hurry.” “Well,” she said, “Everybody is in a
hurry, you are all getting on the same plane. So, please stand in the line.” Then he raised his voice, “Do you know who
I am?” She looked at him, promptly picked up the
microphone and said, “There is a man here who does not know who
he is, can somebody help him, please” (Laughter/Applause)? So, you should never address this question
to someone else (Laughter). All this so-called whatever – I don’t know,
I don’t want to make comments they all picked it up because that Ramana
Maharishi’s book I think became famous in California, okay? everywhere you go, everybody is talking, “Who
am I? Who I… Who are you?” “Who am I?” is a question that should
be addressed within you, digging… every time you ask it,
digging it deeper and deeper and deeper into yourself. You never go and ask somebody, “Who am I?” That smacks of something else. I was (Laughs)… I was teaching a program in Los Angeles
and this is of… like maybe hundred and fifty, two hundred people. Half of them all are Hollywood types
and a whole lot of them look alike, many… especially women,
not because they are sisters, because they have the same doctor (Laughter/Applause). And I am teaching them an extremely simple
process that they need to do every day, which is just twenty-one minutes, extremely
simple. Just that, they are saying,
“Sadhguru, you’re teaching us all these things
but Ramana Maharishi said, ‘You don’t have to do anything.’” Tch,
ohh, Ramana came all this way from Thiruvannamalai (Laughter/Applause)? I said, “Yes, he is absolutely correct. You don’t have to do anything and he did
nothing. He simply sit… sat in one place like this
(Gestures), fourteen years. Rats came and bit into his thighs,
festering wounds, worms came out of it but he did nothing,
simply sat,” I said, “You people are made like this
if a mosquito bites you, you’ll call 911 (Laughter). You don’t talk about doing nothing” (Laughs). I said, “Ramana talks about doing nothing,
leave that, that’s not your business. You are made like this,
you don’t talk about doing nothing.” Ramana talked about “Who am I? who am I?” You never utter this to anybody. Don’t ever go and
Please all of you (Laughter), don’t go somewhere and ask them
someone, “Who am I?” You can ask them, “Who are you” (Laughs)? So, “Who am I?” is not even a question
that you need to articulate. When… I just said,
the more you know about it, the better you can exist here. Not necessarily
Don’t always think about a human being like he is some kind of a machine,
how much he has to produce, there’s no such thing
but how he exists is important. When you sit here, how are you within yourself
is important, what you wear may be socially important,
what you drive may be important somewhere else,
what you… what kind of home you live in may be important
for some other reason but existentially, there’s only one thing
important how are you within yourself? Are you pleasant or unpleasant every moment
of your life? In twenty-four hours,
how many moments of pleasantness, how many moments of unpleasantness
and how much support does it need to keep you pleasant
that’s the question. Right now, in pursuit of human well-being,
we’ve ripped the planet apart and still, well-being is not happening. Comfort has happened,
convenience has happened, well-being for sure has not happened, isn’t
it? As a generation of people,
we are the most comfortable generation ever, never before anybody could even imagine these
things. But we cannot say we are the most joyful or
blissful or ecstatic generation. No! Are we worse than others? I don’t believe so,
every generation – same nonsense. Some people lived fantastic within themselves,
others went through all the nonsense they had to go through. This is not because of what’s happening
to them. See there are two kinds of suffering
physical pain can happen to you because somebody may cause something to you,
somebody has no food, you’re in a war zone or somebody is poking
you. I’m asking all of you
in the last twenty-five years, how many times it happened to you,
somebody took a knife and poked you? For most of you, it didn’t happen. Maybe when you are in… in your school,
somebody poked you with a pin at the most or you were not even worth that,
nobody poked you (Laughter). Vinita Bali: They simply poked fun. Sadhguru: Hmm? Vinita Bali: They simply poked fun at you. Sadhguru: Whichever way. Physically, how many times suffering entered
you from outside? Very, very minimal,
rest is all self-help (Laughter). You know, in Tamil Nadu, the government has
a scheme, “Namakku name” (Laughter). “Namagae naavae” (in Kannada), it means. That means people are on self-help, busy,
causing suffering to themselves daily (Laughter) –
sit, stand, whatever happens. See, you will see people, most of them are
driving their dream machines on Bangalore streets, all right? How many are driving joyfully? If we… If the traffic light takes ten more seconds,
they are freaking in their dream machine (Laughter). Is it not a blessing that you bought this
dream machine after working for whatever number of years,
why don’t you The traffic is making sure, you stay in your
dream machine for a little longer, what’s your problem (Laughter/Applause)? I am saying, just about anything people are
suffering. So suffering is not happening because of something
else, it’s simply because
people do not know how to manage their body, their mind, their energies, their emotion,
nothing because no attention has been paid. No attention to the nature of who you are,
has not been paid. So who you are,
“Who am I?” question is internally
entirely internalized question. Never to be uttered,
never to be written down. Unfortunately, somebody printed it and the
whole world is talking, “Who am I? Who am I” (Laughs)? You (Laughs)
This is okay if you’re a (an?) inpatient. If you’re an inpatient, in NIMHANS (Referring
to National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore)
you ask, “Who am I?” (Laughter), that’s allowed, that’s allowed. If you are out on the street, you are not
allowed to ask, “Who am I” (Laughs)? You get me (Laughs)? Vinita Bali: You’ve also talked about
Sadhguru: No, there are other two questions in that (Laughter/Applause). Vinita Bali: Yes. Yes, yes,
I’m waiting for those two questions. Sadhguru: Where are you going (Laughter)? There’s only one way to find out, you must
go and see (Laughter). As I was saying just now, some things are
best known only by experience. People want to know, “After my death, what
will happen?” I tell them, you must know by experience (Laughter). Are you ready? No. Then don’t worry, wait (Laughter). “Where did I come from?” See essentially, what you are asking is,
all three… three questions put together, you are asking
“What is the nature of my existence? Am I this body,
am I this, am I that,
what am I, what is the nature?” Because whichever way you look at it, you
can prove “I’m that”, because for everything there’s some substance. You can prove yourself to be a woman,
you can say, “I’m not this, I’m a human being,”
you can say, “I’m just a piece of life,” you can say, “I’m god,”
somebody may think you are something else. Doesn’t matter (Laughs) but
for everything, there is some substance, so you can argue for it but that’s not the
point. Really, what is the nature of your existence? Don’t take this as some kind of a great
philosophical or spiritual question. Please see it as a practical thing. If you want to know how to use this camera
well, the more you know about it, the better it
is. You agree with me? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Similarly if you want to use this
(Referring to oneself), if you want to use this human being properly,
the more you know about it, the better it is. So, self realization is a very practical thing,
not an esoteric thing. What you think is esoteric is
All the things that you don’t have an understanding of,
you want to make it esoteric or you want to make it mystical. Let’s understand this word mysticism or
mystical. Anything that you don’t understand will
look mystical to you, isn’t it? Suppose you don’t know what’s electricity,
you have no concept of that, now I press something here (Gestures), boom,
lights come on. Very mystical for you, isn’t it? See, if I just had a light bulb a thousand
years ago, I could have claimed, “I am god” and it
would have worked. Tch, came too late, you know (Laughter)? So, the more you know about it,
the better you will live. This is not something that you seek at the
end your life, this should be the first step of your life,
if you value your life. Yes? Knowing this (Referring to oneself) should
be the first step of your life. Very beginning of your life, this question
should be asked. Can I tell you a story? Vinita Bali: Please. Sadhguru: There was a… a Bishop in the Greek
Catholic order. The Greek Orthodox church believes they are
the only real Christians, others are not really Christians. They think they are the only pure Christians,
others are not really that. They have their own pope in Istanbul. So, it became a very small group over a period
of time (Laughs) for whatever reasons. So, being on the Silk Route,
many fantastic stories from India are wafting across the Bosporus
and these stories are going on about the mystics and the yogis and the magic of India,
which the Indians have not seen and everybody else has seen (Laughter). So, he always wanted to go to India
but being a man of cloth, he could not really choose where to go. After sixty years of age, when his… when
he is semi-retired, he got an opportunity and he came to southern
India and he found the right kind of guides,
somebody told him, “You go up this mountain,” and they gave him the landmarks and
“Here, there’s one yogi, he is the right one to meet for you.” So he climbed up the mountain. The man is not made for mountains, you know? Mountains demand certain things from you (Laughs). So, he went up and as they had said, there
was a yogi, sitting in front of a cave, blissed out. He went and he had heard that if you see a
Indian yogi, you have to prostrate, tch,
but for that also you need some fitness. This is a part of the Indian thing because
that’s the only exercise most Indians do (Laughter). So, whatever you see, you just bow down
but now they have learnt (Gestures) (Laughter). Vinita Bali: A short cut there too. Sadhguru: Yes, the idea is to touch the floor. Every time, every time you keep doing it through
the day, it’s a good exercise,
you don’t have to spend extra time for exercise. So, he struggled and scraping himself and
sat up. All this commotion,
the yogi opened his eyes and smiled. So, the bishop asked, “Can I ask you a question?” The yogi said, “By all means.” The bishop asked, “What is life?”
this is after sixty (Laughter), the damn question you should have asked when
you were six, at least sixteen. you must have asked. No,
sixty, all right, better late than never, some time you asked. So, when he asked this question, “What is
life?” the yogi went into raptures and then he said,
“Life Life is like the fragrance of jasmine upon
gentle spring breeze.” The bishop looked like this (Gestures),
“What! Fragrance of jasmine on gentle spring breeze
but our teacher told us, ‘Life is like a thorn. Once it gets into you. If you sit, it hurts,
if you lie down, it hurts, if you stand up, it hurts’ (Laughter)
and you are saying it is fragrance of jasmine, spring breeze and all this stuff.” The yogi smiled and said,
“Well! That’s his life” (Laughter/Applause). So, we have never paid attention to the most
important dimension of who you are and you do not know life any other way than
the way it happens within you, yes? You are the only doorway to the existence
for yourself, you can only experience through this mechanism
and no other way. If you don’t know this (Referring to oneself),
what the hell are you doing here? And just because you know this (Referring
to oneself), people label you as a mystic, as this,
he is that and many people mispronounce it (Laughs),
as a mistake, you know (Laughter)?

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  1. You are Divine consciousness..Individualized into separate conciousness Beings, and Made visible on your Earth, by means of electrical particals..drawn, and bonded together into elements, to give you visible form. According to a fundamental, physical pattern…To Understand the truth of existence, and the origins of your physicality, you must make daily efforts to rid yourself of limited earthly perception, that the body receives it's beingness, and is concieved and developed entirely, and only, According to unchangeable physical scientific law's…In place of your old limited beliefs, you must make daily efforts to develop a strong, clear realization that your personal reality, Your Soul..Is drawn directly from all reality… Source of being!..Your physical body also draws life from all reality, at the moment of conception.. But it is also tempered by the initial plane of conciousness vibrational frequencies, out of which your body was concieved. It is constricted and encapsulated ever more strongly as the years pass..By the magnetic emotional bonding rejection impulse's.. Which Control the Human conciousness.

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    ..divine selects the human thought layer if it is best …if not divine selects itself…..this is the essence of some books
    .ohm.athma itself having emotions and consciousness…. by this only we all are doing all things in a emotional way….doing in a detached. way but with happiness is possible only after enlightenment..

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  7. Like say Sadhguru it is a practical answer not mysticism , there is such a magical place however a space of yourself whithin. You discover it simply as you are fully in your body.

  8. And please don’t forget every day to take a deep breath, a long one. inhale as much as you can and feel inside exhale slowly more long and feel inside.

  9. a great video and Sadhguru proves his sense of humor once again. But I must say I missed the point of the story when the Yogi says to the Bishop after he tells him he was taught that life is like a thorn the Yogi replies "Well that's his life!" who was he referring to when he said it's "his" life. I seem to have a mental block but not quite getting it. Everything else in the video was quite clear. Can anyone explain to me that one part, it seems quite important. Thanks in advance! 😉

  10. For those who've misunderstood the Parable of the Bishop,mountain & yogi-
    The bishop is about YOU the unenlightened. The mystic or yogi is about God,Brahma,Elohim.
    The mountain is symbolic of height in reference to the distance between You the individual & the Creator. The pain & suffering & clumsiness of the bishop is about your compulsion,your urge to seek but with strings attached. Those strings are the so-called "thorns in ones side" you carry that are actually your beliefs,your assumptions,your biases & prejudices. These false creations you've manufactured in the form of prejudices are walls,hinderances,retarders to your wholeness, enlightenment or rather I should say more appropriately enlightening .
    Notice the foolish bishop & his frustration & disappointment to the response of the enlightened one. Better for you to not make conclusions as if you're all knowing, than to carry out such arrogance & be utterly ashamed.
    To the atheist- think not that there is NO God, you know not all things.
    To the theist- think not that there is God, you know not all things.
    Rather it is better a man say, "I know not", if he knows not than to proclaim false witness, for there is hope & opportunity for his unknowns to become knowns, rather than be that with great haughtiness make proclamations based on no experience, for he has walled himself into hopelessness.🙏🏽

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    Who am I? Where did I come from? And where am I going?

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  14. Sadhguru , you have appeared in my life at the right time. I always knew something in me was not right. After listening to you, I have made so many changes. You have saved me from myself. Thank you so much for all your wisdom.

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  16. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi suggested to ask the question, Who Am I within oneself to quiet the mind. Ask this question when any thought arises – who am I that is getting this thought or to whom this thought is applicable. If enquired deeply there does not exist a person or mind, but pure silence or stillness. Hence, Who am I is meant to be a potent tool or practice to quiet the mind as prescribed by Maharshi. Who am I is not a question to be asked to anyone else other than oneself. When the creator, Lord Brahma’s 4 sons were wandering everywhere with so many questions they finally found Lord Shiva in the avatar of silence, Dakshinamurthy who answered their questions patiently for 1 year. Their questions still persisted, he knew if he continued their questions would never cease. He went into silence which in turn made them enter into silence.
    Who Am I can be best answered as I Am That, or I Am stillness/nothingness from which all that which experientially exists arises and subsides into the same source.

  17. Sadhguru……
    Life is a paradox for human beings because they are not in the state of being….
    Being is in present, the present is omnipresent……
    Even if tomorrow comes it is only today only now….
    Human mind is always in dead past and unborn future….
    A silent mind is in the present….
    May call it pure consciousness, primordial energy….
    The essence of all beings….

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    Sadhguru worships Shevia. Idk as a diety or yogi. Adiyogi.

    He want you to value your mental and physical health.

    He is not too deep in your spiritual development. He welcomes all religions

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    Don't fall for gurus it is hoax I wish I could post it in hindi or all the languages of my India

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  24. The western world does not accept these things easily, because here, the attainment of things(houses, comfort living, money) is such a part of the fabric of existence, that when u start trying to explore these questions, and you start losing track of time and days, then people start worrying, they think you have gone mad, and all im thinking to myself is, im busy with more important things over here, leave me alone ;D ill attend to the money things and physical things when I have to, but they are scared you get lost in the thoughts, and stuck in the vastness of all that is life and its connections.

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    What is ”normal” for the magician is magic to the normal person.
    When you understand what Sadhguru (any Mystic) saysmeans it automatically becomes NORMAL and also not normal that others do not understand! understand?! lol. peace

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