Satkhira Travel Video Blog | Bangladesh

Satkhira Travel Video Blog | Bangladesh

We just arrived Satkhira We will travel around Satkhira all day long! Rabbi with me… & lots of other people. [Vojon Bilash Restaurant] [Hotel Saudia] We are looking for a Hotel (res) & One single room to keep our Bags then we will take our breakfast. Too much hungry! & the travel agency thet brought us in irresponsible! We taking breakfast by our own. this is the menu. Now going Montu Mia’s Resort. Satkhira Local Van Journey! We just arrived to Montu Mia’s Resort! This is the entrance This looks like a picnic spot or resort! We just entered to Montu Mia’s Garden! & lots of birds inside!! [Deer] Playing with Monkey! [Laughing] Nitol: Labib is now playing with monkey… at Montu Mia’s Resort, Satkhira [Peacock opening its feathers] [Bear] We are checking out from Hotel! A nice tree behind me [Local Bus] Now at Kaliganj Upazilla of Satkhira District Going for a walk Satkhira, Kaliganj, Indian Border, etc to see what’s there. The River behind me is naames “Kakshiali” we will hire a boat to look around. Boat running, sitting in a border! & our another team is at opposite side. Now surfing at Kakshiali River. & Sun is going down at one side. & we are talking, singing, taking photos in another side. & the River-view is too awesome!!!!! I’m just unable to explain in words! Unbelievable Fun! [Sunset scene at Kakshiali River] We 3 friends are lying on boat None of other is doing that! [Azan going on] I’m in Imran’s Belly 😛 Imran in Duke’s Belly! 😀 We are close to the India-Bangladesh Border! this There’s a little island between Bangladesh & India. Shakra Bridge We have hired motor cycle today me, Rabbi & 2 others behind me. now going to “Vomra”! to met a friend! We never met before, a online friend! & enjoying the motor cycle in this summer! Vomra is a border area of Bangladesh. We must go there. Let’s go! Now at Vomra Border! and looking around! & just met my friend His name is Raj We met after 9 years of intro! I’m sitting behind me on his bike. now going to India-Bangladesh Border. We will talk after going there! too much fun!!!!! RAJ: Too much Fun!! Now we will travel this border area. I mean, Satkhira Zone! this side is India This side is Bangladesh! & the Road in middle is also Bangladesh so, no restriction to a bike journey! Strange feelings! [Left Hand Side=Bangladesh & Right Hand Side=India] Now sitting at the last border of Bangladesh! India is right behind me! This is a Platform of BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh). This is the Border (officially) & right to my opposite there is a watch tower. mmm Ths is the end line. If I cross this line, I will shoot me down. & I have no plan to take this bullet today… I thaught BGB will be rough like Police. But they are very much Polite & well mannered. I didn’t expect that. We thought, they will be bullying like Police. Bla Bla Bla Bla But No Truly! Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Thumbs Up! Mainly After this road is India That canal is India & that is NO MAN’s Land. The place wehre I’m standing right now. is very special for me & all. because, this is the bank of Ichamoti River!! Bank of Ichamoti River! This Side of Ichamoti River is Bangladesh where I’m Standing now. & right to my opposite side is India. I can go to India by crossing the river. & Too much Air! & a long road touching the River bank. Green road We already passed 3/4 KM by this Green road to come here. it was good. fresh natural air from fiver. though this is too hot in Satkhira. around 36/37 C temperature but for this fresh cool air, heat felt nothing. Even, this was too much fun! [Brick-field of India at Ichamoti River Bank] Imran is with me now. Rabbi & others are waiting over that tree. they don’t want to come here because, they can’t swim. & this place is slippery. Look at that boat, they are going India from Bangladesh to bring brick! This place opposite Ichamoti river is Named TAKI This is a holy place for Hindu People. They take holy bath there. Now at Switch Gate of Satkhira. listening to water…. Smoking Local Cigarette! (Patar Biri) Satkhira’s Local Cigarette. This is available only at border area. too hard! No filter! our tour is just over 3 days at Satkhira. now we are going towards the bus. and enjoying the van journey for the last time. [pinching friend] Tour Over! Now going to Khulna Khulna to Directly Dhaka. [Padma River]

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  1. ভাই একটা অনুরোধ। দয়া করে, আমাদের কাপাসিয়ার অ্যাকসেন্টে কথা বলবেন না, শুদ্ধ বাংলায় বলবেন।


  2. Awwwhhhh! Beautiful scenery everywhere. Thanks for sharing this after a long. Love this video, you just different Man! Go ahead

  3. Very good video bro come to India i will take you around all the good places.Keep posting more videos i love your voice and your beautiful accents.

  4. Bro apnar Video gula obosshoi valo & ami follow kori. Coz Ghura-ghuri amr o pochondo tai kaje lagbe bole asha kori.. 😀
    but Kotha bolar shomoy Camera ta bar bar apnar face e na dekhiye chardik dekhale aro better hobe bole mone kori.. (y)
    apni shundor, tai bar bar apnake dekhanor karon ta ki? 😛 keep on bro…! 😀

  5. লাবিব ভাই,আপনার vlog দেখে দেখে ভার্চুয়ালি অনেক ট্যুর দেয়া হয়ে গেছে।আপনার ভিডিওগুলাতে মনে হয় নিজেই যেন ঘুরতেছি!!! আপনার গাজীপুরের উচ্চারণ দারুণ লাগে!

  6. Can you add the detail of how much you paid to hire the motocycle? Plus if you could add where you are staying while in Shatkhira or how much it costs to stay in a hotel there would be great.

  7. Darun hoyechhe, feeling nostalgic, ei ichhamoti nodi periye amar ancestors 1947 e India esechhilo, na hole amar father aaj Satkhira tei thakto…..dekhkte dekhte ..duti chokh jole bhore gelo,…e tai ki….bhiter tan ? Bodh hoi tai..aaj ami onek boro hoyechhi, kintu tobu mone hoi, keno sob haralam ?, khulna amar Mayer bari chhilo

  8. WoW……..Our country is truly beautiful…..😍 Thanks…we can see the most beautiful Place of bangladesh for you…😊

  9. Khub e valo lagche apnar video guli. Ami India te thaki. Amar purbopurusher bari chilo bangladesh e. To sei jonno bangladesh er upor barabar e ekta akarshan ache. Apnar and youtube er duolate bangladesh ghurchi, khub valo lagche.

  10. Love your video's Labib Bhai.  I left Bangladesh in 1989, when I was just over 13 years old, and immigrated to Australia with my parents.  My memory of Bangladesh is of a child, and it is slowly fading.  However, when I watch your video's,  it reminds me where I came from.  It is very educational and It feels like I am back in Bangladesh.  Thanks man.

  11. অনেক অনেক ভাল লাগছে। ভাইয়া আপনাকে অনেক স্রবেচ্চা। ভাল থাকবেন।

  12. vaiya tmr video gula amr onek vlo lage ami ar amr ammu pri dekhi !! i have  a question  tomra 1 jon er koto kore taka lage?

  13. ভাই আপনারা তো বাংলাদেশের সব জায়গায় ঘুরতে যান তবে আপনারা নাটোরে আসতে পারেন
    আমার বাসা নাটোরে আপনারা যদি আসেন তাহলে আমি আপনাদের নাটোরের সকল আকর্ষণীয় স্থান গুলো ঘুরে দেখাতে পারবো
    আপনারা যদি আসেন তাহলে আমার সাথে যোগাযোগ করতে পারেন. আমার নাম্বার 01767270345

  14. ভাই আমার বাড়ি থেকে টাকি 1ঘন্টা লাগে আমি আমার বন্ধুরা বাইক এ করে ঘুরতে যায় ।আগে জানলে দেখা হতো।

  15. শুধু আপনার সেলফি ভিডিও না দেখিয়ে প্রাকৃতিক দৃশ্য গুলো বেশি দেখানোর চেষ্টা করুন

  16. ভাই আপনার ভিডিও গুলো খুব ভাল লাগে আমার ।I'm from kolkata

  17. ভাই আমার তো বাংলাদেশে যাওয়ার ইচ্ছে আছে ।কী করে যাব।একটু বলবেন প্লিজ ।

  18. ভাই, আপনার জন্য বাংলাদেশের অনেক দর্শনার্থী স্থান দেখা সম্ভব হচ্ছে। অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ রইল আপনাদের জন্য, সবাই ভাল থাকবেন।

  19. ভিডিও ক্লিপে কি সাতক্ষীরাকে উপস্থাপন করছেন না আপনার চেহারা কিছুই তো বুঝলামনা…..!!!!!

  20. Mr. Labib can u plz tell me which bus better for Travel for Satkhira. And which place to start journey N must be bus fare plz???
    Thanks nice bro nice video.

  21. আপনারা যে হোটেলে ছিলেন তার নাম এ বং ভারা কতো???

  22. কালিগঞ্জের বিজিবি রা তোরে দাবড়ানি দিয়েছিলো নাকি.?
    এই জন্য বোধহয় ভ্রোমরা তে গিয়েলি 😁

  23. আমার বাড়ি থেকে ইছমতি নদীতে যেতে ৫ মিনিট লাগে অনেক মিছ করছি গ্রাম টাকে

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