Script Writing for Beginners in Hindi – नए लेखकों के लिए टिप्स | Joinfilms

Script Writing for Beginners in Hindi – नए लेखकों के लिए टिप्स | Joinfilms

Hi, friends my name is Ravi Bhushan Kumar I am a writer I am in the Mumbai, as a writer since last 7 years, and started my career in a reality show, comedy show, by Laughter Express. In this I was a writer, after this I wrote some gags for Masti Channel for around 11/2 -2 years, in which I used to write in 3 formats satirical comedies, Raju Ki Adalat, Gajodhar and Neta ji Ka Inteview. After that I joined writers of films like Sachin Sharma who wrote My Friend Ganesha, I was associated writer with him in My Friend Ganesha IV, after that Sanjay Massom who wrote dialogues of Krish, with him as a associated writer, I wrote some films. After that I wrote a filme – The Dream Job, I am in Screenplay which is going to be release this year Except this, my pitching is continously going on in which there is satirical comedies and films of every type Writer to say writer is a small, a collection of with 4-5 words, but it is very difficult. In movies, TV or any other series, any other audio-video format, writer is the cream of the show. But, when I started my career, there was very much confusion, whom to ask, what to know, what is writing, because, actually to write anything, getting any idea is not a writing. There are some techniques of writing, like there is idea, how to write idea, how to write screen play, how to write dialogues, there is format of that. Knowing this is very important to anyone. What should be the first thing for you, one basic, normal training. Multiple institutes are opened where, writing, direction, acting where you can learn any format of the movie. You can get an admission there and by going there learn technique it will be better. You do not have to assist someone 4-5 years and get experience. You will get a basic idea, that how can you do writing. Friends as a writer I want to give you some suggestions, one advise that industry, this film industry is a war of Kurushetra. Here, every person arise by his own talent, comes talented. There is necessity that you ready yourself, need to get prepared, because here is the scarcity of a writer, a good writer. Writers are many, but scarcity of good and talented writers. Many projects, nowadays, internet has started, in which you tube channels, many things, many opportunities are there in which getting ready, need to get ready. Friends, in writing, the most important thing in it, is dedication in you It is not like seeing any brother, see Thinchu brother, Mintu brother and become writer, because they do writing, write poetry. It should not be like this. If you have truly dedication in you, you write something. No matter, poem, poetry, story, anything. Tell 10 people. Then you will get to know that you truly are dedicated, have good sensibility, good writing skill, then you can write. With this you do not have to get disappointed, gone those era when writers roam with a bag wearing shirt and dhoti. There is a world of writers, industry and writers are cream now. In the time upcoming, writers are going to be on the top. Because except cinema and TeleVision, there are YouTube channels and many digital platforms, there is a need of writers, need of good writers. Secondly, you write anything in life; whether it is poetry, story anything. Work as believing that this is your last project, need 100% dedication in it.

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  1. Sir mere pass gzal kavita nzam doha song script totle more.sir help me filhaal mere pass 100 song and 9 script he1.the farmour
    2. Aajad prinde
    3.hate story.
    4.coulture effect
    5.pundit g ki dulhaniya a writer
    7.bnarsi banno
    More story easi hu nayab mere piche pde khan.
    Please any time contact [email protected]

  2. Sir I have already published my poems, shayaries etc. but for writing. I don't want to publish it online , I want to make it my career. From where should I start or is it compulsory to do a course

  3. Sir ji I am writing a song in hindi, punjabi and also in dogri kabhi kabhi stress may aay jata hun ke jay likho ja bho please give me your opinion

  4. I am write I want to write storeys as in Tv shows please anyone help me bec it so difficult to let people know how talented you are

  5. Writing ke liye institute kaha h.?
    Me shyris likhta hu Songs ol poems
    Me movie ki story likhne ke liye format and kuch basic janna chahta hu….

  6. help
    Dear Friend I m actor from pakistan.
    I need a writer for comedy YouTube videos
    Starting freelancing
    Now I can't pay because I have no earnings but main apko filhal free promotion don gha taky apki publicity don gha.. apka name or email mentions karon gha. Or sb earnings ho ghe to apko b payment milay ghe..
    I want a brilliant writer qk duniya story or dialogue ko pasand karte hy…
    Whatsapp 03346548821
    Please contact

  7. I m also a fwa fellow member.. I have a nice story.. which may be big hit how can I approach to a director or producers

  8. Sir Mai khud writer hu par bahut Kam logo ki baate mujhe पसंद आती है । Bt aapki बाते बहुत ही jada दिल को टच की

  9. sir I am writter but I have no any platform to present my talent and I am sure that I write a story for big movies like 2.0 , and bahubali historic or technological movies.
    please give me any solution..

  10. Hello sir, My name is bulbul Sikdar.
    Mein assam ki hu.
    Mein ek drama likhna chahata hu. Par kaise likhu samajme nehi ah raha hai. So.. Please mujhe help kar sakte ha aap. My phone number.. 7896963936

  11. Bilkul Sahi..sir..Maine ek fincer ko apni script sunayi..unhone MERI story ko..acpt KR Liya..aur mujhe 51 hajar rupye Ka cheq v Diya…par ab wo bol rahe film me apko writer Ka nam nhi Diya jayega…Mera writer asosiaion me registration v mjhe script regst…Karne se mana Kiya hai…kyoki short devison koi aur krega…to sir ye sort division kya hota hai..kya mjhe unki beaten Mani Chahiye?

  12. सर मैंने कई storis लिखी ह।जो आज तक किसी फिल्मो ने नही दिखाया गया है सर मैं आपके पास आना चाहता हू।कुछ टिप्स के लिए

  13. Hello. Ravi sir. Mera naam babbu akhtar h or mene 1 movie or 5 gane ki bhut hi achhi story likhi h magar mujhe samjhe nhi aaraha ke mujhe kya karna chahiye. Plz help me. 9990987593…. New delhi…??? Mere andar itna talent h ke me only 3. Month me 1 movie ki puri story likh sakta hun or ek dam new..

  14. Sir mere pass कई Bollywood songs h, film तक कैसे भेजे, please bataye please, my contact number, 8576084690

  15. कैसे आउ मै सोंग राइटर हु थ्री सोंग लिख चूका हु तो आप कोई रास्ता बता दे तो आपकी महान दया होंगी मुझे राइटर बनना है नहीं तो ऐसा किसी का नम्बर दे दो की मुझे राइटर के लिए बुला ले कोई मैंने तीन गाना लिखा है मई नम्बर 9026825007 व्हाट्सप्प या कॉल

  16. Main taiyar hu writing krne k liye
    Kuchh bhi likhwa sakte ho jaise love story films song shayari natak vines video scripts.
    My WhatsApp number 7906647139

  17. Writing me jane se pehle jarur sochna ki aane wala future bright bilkul bhi nahi hai. Better rahega koi esa profession choose karo jaha sala mehanat bhi karna pade to khud ka aur apne biwi bache ko acha lifestyle de sako. And writing is not that profession.

  18. Kese start kre film ki story likhna … Ye apko koi bhi khul kr nhi batyega. Kyuki ye ek talante ho jo log kisi ke sath share nhi karte …. Thak jaoge you tube pr dekhte … Dekhte ..l iam in writer sunil jangid … l.

  19. [20/03, 11:31 AM] દક્ષા: राजपुत घराने अमीरजादे राज को कोलेज मे पढती सीषटी से प्यार हो जाता हे सरु नोकझोक के बाद सीषटी भी राज चाहने लगती हे अपने जन्मदिन की पार्टी मे डेडी भेट सवरुप सीषटी को डेडी बहु के रुप मे स्वीकार करे ये तोहफा चाहता हे बट नियति को शायद मंजुर नही सो राज अपने पयार का ईजहार करे उस से डेडी उसे सरपाइज देते हुए भरी महेफील मे घोषणा करते हे की राज की सगाई अमरीका से आये अपने दोस्त अजगरसीह की रवीना से करते हे राज सीषटी केअरमान जलकर राख होते नजर आते हे बट कोई ये नहीं जानता की रवीना के रूप मे आई लड़की आतंक वाद की दुनीया की सबसे बड़ी डोन हे जो भारत देस को तबाह करने खास मिशन से रवीना के रूप मे आई हे यहा से शरु होता हे दील घडकाने वाला स्नेह संघर्ष राज सीषटी को पाने के लिए हद से गुजर जाता हे रवीना के रुप मे छुपी मेडम केलवीना भारत मे आतंक मचाती हे उस चेहरे को बेनकाब करने नीकले पुलिस अफसर निल अरोडा की हत्या करदी जाती हे अपने देश के लिए मर मीट जानेकी भावना ओर बेटे की हत्या के बाद भी मा का देश के प्रति पेम लाजवाब हे सीषटी स्नेह के पागलपन मे कुछ भी कर जाती हे आतंकवादी मेडम केलवीना के हाथ का मोहरा बन जाती सरे आम भरे बाजार पयार बीक जाता हे ये कहानी हे स्नेह संघर्ष की
    [20/03, 11:31 AM] દક્ષા: Hello I am devika story writer of gujrati film I want to talk you about my new love story affection and conflicts
    [20/03, 11:31 AM] દક્ષા: स्नेह संघर्ष. ये नोवेल लवसटोरी हे राजपूत घरानों के रीतरीवाज दीखाये गये हे इस में प्यार हे तकरार हे स्नेह हे संघर्ष भी हे देशपेम आतंक भी हे ससपेनस खौफ के बीच पले सच्चे प्यार की कहानी हे स्नेह संघर्ष।
    [20/03, 11:31 AM] દક્ષા: मेडम केलवीना_ आई एम मेडम केलवीना हाईली इफेकटीव परसन ओफ अवर वलड जो चाहु तो रेत को पीस के तेल निकाल दु तो साले इनडीयन कया चीज हे।

  20. Story meri screenplay v mera structure report bologe vo v banaluga bus muje meri story ki sahi keemat mile to 50./. Aap ka vo v dono ke naam registered karegeVaise to har koi apni story sahi bolta h
    Lekin mai sahi isliye bol raha hu kyu ki underworld se hoke raw pe story phuchty h aur 70% yha ka h baaki bangkok pe h manjoor ho to call karlo ya meri phchan ke new actor h jinke paas finance h uunse aap baat karo 7738808979

  21. Partner bano meri screenplay ke aap ka fayda aur mera v Lunch me kvi v mil sakty h colaba ya bandra dadar

  22. Sir Mai scriptwriter Banna chahta hu . Sir kya AAP Bata sakte hai . Film ki script hero tak kaise pahunchai ja Sakti hai

  23. sir i have wriiten a story about el-dorado. now i want to give this to a film interview for script writting sir how i can do this

  24. Sir I am pintu. Sir film writers ke bare me mujhe jaankari bahut kam hai.phir bhi mane film story
    Likhi hai per mujhe Pata nahi story kasi hai. Aap apna number degia aapse kush janani hai.(plz………sir mera yehi request hai).

  25. what the fuck is it ? I know this before. the information which u have provided, that knows every writer, stop to creating these videos, do something valuable.

  26. Sir Mai as a writer आपकी मदद चाहता हूं मैंने बहुत से गाने लिखे है अब मै प्रोडक्शन हाउस तक कैसे पहुंच सकता हूं वहां तक कोई जाने नहीं देता पर मेरे song बेहद प्रभावशाली है ऐसा मैं नहीं काफी लोग जो सुने है उन्होंने कहां है क्या आप मुझसे संपर्क करके मेरी मदत कर सकते है

  27. Her kisi ko help chahiye her koi apne career aur struggel se ld rha h
    Mere paas ek achch idea h
    Hum jo knowledge chahte h aur hamare jo bhi sawal h un sb ka hme poora answer nhi milta
    Aur hum kisi pr vishvash bhi nhi kr skte aur hamari koi help kre yeh bhi nhi ho skta
    Kyo nhi hum sb jo bhi writter bn na chahta h ya apni story publish krna chahta h ya kisi aur talent se bollywood main entry krna chahta h wo sb ek – dusre ke friend bn jaye jis se hum sb ki help ho jayegi
    Hum sb kisi social networking side pr add hokr friend bn jaye
    One example — hago game me hum chat aur voice dono hi kr skte h aur hume ek – dusre ki personl jankari bhi nhi pata chlti
    Bs krna yeh h ki hago id banao aur apni id name comment me share kro aur fir friend bnao aur chat or baate kro knowlege lo
    Agr koi aur bhi social network side h toh us pr jud jao uske bare main batao
    Is se hum sb ko khin n khin bhut fayda hoga
    Bs aap apne idea aur story ya jo personal ho wo share mt kro bs jo knowledge chahiye whi baat kro
    This is the best idea for all new people.
    Thank you and best of luck….

  28. Sir ,Writing के लिए कहां तक की शिक्षा योग्यता होनी चाहिए?
    कौन सा सब्जेक्ट होनी चाहिए?
    क्या राइटर बनने के लिए सर्टिफिकेट का होना अनिवार्य है?
    Please help me sir

  29. Aur kitne writer ke script ko film wale sunkar bhaga dete hein yeh kehkar ki kahani ghatya hein, aur oussi kahani ko apna kehkar film bana dete hein , eysa meine suna hein.

  30. A film indstriz vale dikhte he ache LEKIN ache hee nhii kiyoki mene Bhot sare hindi film song.s or film story Likhi hee..? kisike pas bhi zata hu to milne nhi dete OR uprse Bolte hee chl bhag A..Log daya vale nhi hotee…?

  31. आदरणीय मुझे कुछ सलाह दीजिये |हमारे पास कहानी संग्रह है जोकि हिन्दी साहित्य एवं फिल्म कहानी हैं,और काव्य संग्रह भी |मै फिल्म एसोसिएशन में रजिट्रेसन करना चाहता हूँ| मुझे निर्देश चाहिये| आप का जाने अनजाने भाई 'धनंजय'

  32. I am also a script writer and Lyricist and I think that I can do everything what I want. Never give up. Bachpan se shauk hai

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