I’m almost 100% sure this doesn’t belong to the piece of work. I guess it has been placed there by someone. HARCO 2020 Good morning! I am in “FLECHA” (meaning: arrow). This is the first art fair I am visiting during this project “HARCO 2020”. This first fair is hold in a shopping mall. It is a bit odd. I’ve seen already some pieces of work placed randomly. This fair started as a response to this other fair called “Arco” (Meaning: Bow) So, of course, now we have the bow (Arco Fair) and the arrow (Flecha Fair) It started in 1992. I believed it was 10 years later after the ARCO fair started. Well, let’s take a look at this alternative they came out with. Look at this. These sculptures are already sold and their prices are right here. This is the first cool thing I’ve seen. However, I find it strange that people are havindg coffee over there and walking around while the artworks are placed just here. They are interacting, kind of. These look like tiles but they are not. The technique is xylographic engraving. It is not very Banksy-like but it is similar regarding the black and white style and also the fact that it is an engraving. Well, I can see there are sales in this fair. There are. Also, they are affordable prices. This piece of work by Antonio Barahona is 750€. Without the frame is 700€! Curious fact there! Look at the contrast: the artworks are here and shops such as Zara Home are next to it. Here there are objects which if they are highly priced they could be labelled as well as pieces of work They could be Hamparte pieces. (Hamparte* definition in the description box down below) One of the things which bring my attention but I like from here is this fair has very warming feeling There are many red dots, meaning there are sold artworks They are affordable They are very decorative. Art can be decorative Then, there are pieces like this one which I have honestly been looking but I don’t find a lot of depth or content in them They are like a collage of red tones and pieces of fabric I am not sure which the anylisis is It happens the same with this one. They are nice. I mean, they are not hideous Although, these ones look like scars These paintings get tiresome pretty fast for me I look at them and five or ten minutes after I am not longer interested. However, I like this sculpture a little bit more. Not really.
Let’s go out of here. Let’s go. Let’s take a look at this piece, for instance. These candles are…wait, this is Zara Home. There is something which really brings my attention: The artworks share the space with for instance, a bank.
I am seeing one right now next to a Bankia bank. There is also a place there to do your nails. It is a strange feeling to see pieces of work next to these establishments. They are not mixed up, though. You know which one is the piece of work and which one is the cash machine. Hi, there. How are you?
DIRECTOR OF FLECHA ART FAIR Director: You want to buy the cash machine, don’t you?
Antonio: I don’t. Perhaps,if I was in the ARCO fair. This fair started in 1992, right? It started in 1991 You have to update that on Wikipedia. I think it says 1992. I organized it during the Madrid Scene (Movida Madrileña) I did a collective exhibition and it was a success Then, around 1990 this shopping mall was opened up and one of the owners knew me He told me about this shopping mall and he suggested me to organize an exhibition similar to the one I did I accepted. Also, I had just started painting so that way I was able to exhibit my own pieces of work. We realized it happened to be at the same time as the ARCO fair. So, as we were going to be a complement for ARCO (bow), we named our fair FLECHA (arrow) Antonio: I’m seeing plenty of sales Director: Well, if there are 20.000 people attending and just one of each 1.000 buys something then it is worthwhile. Antonio: And, where are the gallery owners at?
Director: They are probably setting up ARCO. Look, we saw this piece last year. Violeta Mcguire (Artist): I like this fair because it is opened to everyone, it is not restrictive at all. Is this one yours? Look at that! Antonio: Have you studied Fine Arts or…?
Violeta: I have Antonio: It looks like the suspended sculpture by Alexander Calder but under water.
Violeta: That’s right. Director: I am not sure if I should give you the first news of what has happened with the awards Antonio: What happened? It is an award chosen by people, isn’t it? The artists who participate choose it. For the first time, it is a tie among three people. They are three women. They are sculptors Director: It is something unusual. They are like ‘The Three Graces’
Antonio: Really? That’s cool. Who are they? Well, Violeta is one of them. So, this has been chosen by the artists.
Director: that’s right. Antonio to Violeta: Have you voted too? Are you sure you haven’t voted for you?
Violeta: I haven’t. Director: It is forbidden Antonio: That is only done in ARCO. Director: Why are you wearing that nail?
Antonio: Just in case. For protection. Hi there. Man: I’m a follower of yours on Youtube.
Antonio: That’s nice. Man: I just wanted to say hi, congratulate you and thanking you.
Antonio: Thank you very very much. Man: I learn a lot.
Antonio: Thank you. Thank you very much. Director: these are some drawings I had around, I’ve chosen three of them. Antonio: These are very good. You have drawing control. You really do. What is this? What is this? Is this yours? Did you make it? Director: They are mine. This is a sculpture and this is an engraving. I don’t consider this Hamparte* (definition in the description box) I don’t see a magnificent quality. I don’t see here the 21st century art piece Could you explain me what is it? Director: It is Santarder’s Bay Antonio: Which material is it?
Director: It is copper I mean, this right here is really beautiful. I find this very random. I can look at it as if they were little fishes but I find it very IKEA-like. It happens the same with this. It is from the same artist, Violeta. Me no likey. I’m sorry, Violeta. It cannot be liked by everybody. You have won an award. I hope you didn’t vote for yourself. Then, it happens the same with this type of piece of work. The esthetic is not bad but I find them a bit insubstantial. Look at this. We are going to give the worst work award to these ones. There are many pictures as well. Bucolic photography. These look like centenary olive trees. Then, there are other types of sculptures which…this is a plant. This is a good spot to reflect about contemporary art. What is art? What is Hamparte? *Reading label*: Go-go pony. Insert coin. Well, here there are some little landscapes. Perhaps, what I am missing not only from this fair but from contemporary art alone is that there is lack of message. There are things to say and some disourse missing. These ones look like sketches. If at least they tell me this represent CoronaVirus or something then it is more conceptual. Look at this. It is an artist’s book. If you close them, they become a book. So far, we have to give the “Free-hamparte” distiction to this art fair. We haven’t found any. So far. This is another type of landscape. Very interesting and bucolic. With plenty of space. They are really nice. It reminds me to Zóbel. Doesn’t remind you to Zóbel? These are 260€, 250€,1200€…they are really reasonable. Affordable art. This type of piece bores me. The tormented man or woman in this position I’ve seen it too much. Look how tormented he is. He is so tormented. Look at this one. This one is even more tormented. I am sorry José Ignacio Hernández Larguru. This is very Hopper-like. The solitude of the individual I am seeing in this fair something symptomatic It is something I am seeing lately within the art world The XX century avant-garde has not been fully developed. Today artists are trying to make similar pieces of work.
However,I am not against it. Whose house does this remind you to? Hitchcock’s, right? There is a paradox here: This house reminds me to the Hitchcock’s one but Hitchcock took the idea from Hopper And, this one reminds to Hopper’s work. I like this lion. Engravings by Dalí. We will never know if these engravings were truly made by Dalí or not. Which of Dalí’s assistants produced these engravings? Tell me Dalí. Who produced these? Who?! They are very cheap, aren’t they?. 400€ for a Dalí’s engraving? So, everybody can own a Dalí’s in their place. Reasonable. They are a piece of sh***. Again, this type of sculpture is similar to the ones made by Chilida or Oteiza They are still renovations or reinventions. Reinventions. I’m already saying things which we will see later what happens. Salvador Dalí. Another Dali’s. So ugly. Well, Hamparte detected. It is not so much Hamparte-like because it is quite cheap. I have sculpted stone myself and making this is really difficult. I am speaking about technique However, I personally dislike the result. Nothing at all. So, the Hamparte pieces were here. These are air filters and acrylic paint. Good job Michaela. Ok. Look at this. This look painted by a child, right? I don’t think it is but it looks like it. What’s this? What’s this? Antonio López! My pal! Digital print So…it is a photocopy. Dalí and Antonio López… In the past, posters were sold now there are copies with a better quality and resolution However, they are still more expensive because they have this silly detail which is the author’s signature. Why is that useful for? A little horse! Well, this is very interesting. Here there is Flecha’s artwork and behind it there is an art store. Also, there are on sale. Me no likey. A bit more of pictorial Hamparte They are really cheap so we cannot call them Hamparte. They are very cheap. This picture is interesting. I get vertigo with this It looks like I am about to sink in here. There is also a reflection and this is dirty, too. Here there are metal colours, kind of. I think Claudia (girlfriend) might like this. I’m almost 100% sure this doesn’t belong to the piece of world. I guess it has been placed by someone here. This is what happens when an art fair is hold in a shoppint center People get things mixed up.Although this is pretty clear, right? This is from a man who has placed it there because it was on the floor. Woman: I’m taking it over there.
Antonio: All right. Thank you This sculpture is really contemporary because all spaces are connected together…what is this? I just went out from the fair. As a conclusion I have to say it is a very friendly fair. There isn’t any grating or scary piece of work. There isn’t either any incomprehensible piece. I believe is a needed fair. I will explain why: People are able to come here, seeing affordable artwork and understanding easily this type of work. That way, they can be introduced to the world of art. Later on, they are able to continue visiting fairs and investigating about art So, like I said, it is a style of fair which is really necessary Also, I consider these pieces of work are within XXth century classicism. Not only this fair, there are many others like it. I haven’t found almost any Hamparte style pieces. I’ve found plenty of revisionist art And,honestly, they are not bad at all. They are decent. I have to mention as well there is art made by renowned artists Well, “renowned”, I mean, I am talking about Antonio López and Dalí. There are engravings but Dalí and we already know we are not sure if they are authentic. They were not anything great anyway. The pieces of work by Antonio López are copies of his own work. They didn’t bring any outstanding piece. Although, I wouldn’t have cared either. To end this, I will say it is a fair to awaken interest It is easy to go through it and there is no ticket for it.
You can come for free. Look at my team Subscribe Careful! “The task of art today is bringing chaos into order.” Theodor Adorno.


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