Second Belt and Road Forum a Great Success

Second Belt and Road Forum a Great Success

Oh, I think it was a great success. It is completely consolidated. This is a new dimension to the world economy,
which exists even if the Western media pretend it doesn’t exist, or attacks it for no good reason. Thirty-seven heads of state participated,
600 ministers from I think 130 countries; then 5,000 participants, delegates, 100 heads
of international organizations, and many, many side arrangements, bilateral summits,
altogether $64 billion worth of new economic agreements of one kind or another. So I think this was quite a big, big success. And Xi Jinping in his keynote speech, indeed,
went into great detail through the great progress which was made in the last two years, since
the first Belt and Road Forum, and then he listed a long, long list of corridors and
projects, which I can’t even try to replicate here — about 20, 30 large, large corridors. And he named as the first one, which naturally
made me very happy, the New Eurasian Land-Bridge. Now, as people may know, this is something
we have been campaigning for, for almost 30 years, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. So this is completely the next, very big phase
in the New Silk Road becoming the World Land-Bridge, and also extremely significant is that in
the context of this Belt and Road Forum which the United States only sent some big dramatic
representation, but not a high-ranking government person, there were several renewed offers
by the U.S. Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai, and also Global Times, they had
several articles inviting the United States to join, and basically saying the U.S. should
not sit by, the U.S. economic, industrial potential is urgently needed for these kinds
of global development projects. So the hand is clearly stretched out from
the side of the Chinese, and one can only hope there will be a rethinking on the side
of the United States.

9 thoughts on “Second Belt and Road Forum a Great Success

  1. China investment for the next leap of economic growth in BRI countries vs. some country bombing others into stone age..! Such a sharp contrast between a modern socialist vs. a capitalist!!!!

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed of what is going on in the world. As to MSM I am watching only a few Hosts at Fox News. And I keep telling them, that I am tired of Muller, Russia Hoax, Comey, etc. And unless they change the disc I'll drop them as well.

    For World Peace a Slavic Canadian.

  3. Well, you know, I'm on China's side, but I'm not so optimistic.

    Yes, China tried very hard on BRI but the US pushed FRA within the developed world is going to be done around 2020, which will put China in a very hard position.

    And yes, tariff war will keep going, majorly target China's high tech sectors, as they told us today.

    On the strategically crucial ICT sector, like 5G, I think the Prague conference a few days before had made it clear.

    As the counterplan to BRI, the CSIS made last month, basically, let China do the infrastructure, but the US will take lead.

    Other things, you know, carriers to the Hormuz, guns on your head, robots take over labor, the poor keep poor…

  4. US wants bombs wars killing sanction embargo frozen as "enemy threat" asset and regime change.
    US could not for world's building better of common future prosperity together.

  5. IMF has joint OBOR.
    IMF = loan shark too ??.
    what if ADB world bank citybank HSBC std chartered etc ??. they are robinhood ??.
    the saint ??. free lunch ("grant aid") of the world ??.

  6. Well said and congratulation for your excellent contribution to Peace, Prosperity, Security and Success to all participating countries.

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