Selecting Layouts for the New Wix Blog

Selecting Layouts for the New Wix Blog

hey I’m bloggin Brandi and I’ve been
using wix to design my new website and in this video I’m showing you how to
change the layout for all of your posts and category pages in your new Wix blog
the easiest way to access your blog is either from your live site if you’re on
your live site then you can select blog from your navigational menu and this is
going to take you to this main blog page which shows all of your posts and if
you’re signed in you’re going to see the option to go to your Wix website editor
and that’s what this page actually looks like so if you’re in your editor then
you can select blog from the drop down menu at the top of the page and that’s
going to take you here now once you’re actually in your editor
you’re gonna select the page just by clicking it and you’re gonna see some
options pop up to either manage posts or settings I’m gonna select settings and
then you can choose layouts now right now you can see the layout on
the page is side-by-side but maybe you want it to look more editorial so you
have the picture on the top and the text on the bottom versus side-by-side where
you have the text to the side and the picture or to the side now you can also
choose things like magazine or postcard or some other options and this is just
going to change the way that the font is looking according to the picture either
over the picture or with editorial you can see it’s under the picture and then
some of these are going to stretch the full width of the page depending on
which of these options that you choose now also if you have category pages set
up or categories set up for your posts you can do the same thing for those
pages the only catch is if you change anything on the categories page it’s
going to change it for all categories pages
so you can make the categories pages different than the alt post feed but you
can’t change each individual category page looking till so you can do that on
all posts or the category pages so we’re gonna leave this as side-by-side because
I kind of like it side by side but if you wanted to change it all you’re doing
is going to settings layout editorial and you can see what it looks like that
way so either way whichever you choose is fine but it’s very easy to do and
then once you’ve made these changes a lot of your changes are automatically
saved as you’re going along with the Wix website editor which is great but if
they haven’t saved you can always choose to save them up here but that if it
doesn’t say save it’s gonna say save so you can choose that option then you can
preview your changes that you’ve made before you publish them and see what
they actually look like on a live website with the preview button and then
once you’re ready to publish those changes you want to actually hit publish
or no one will see you all of the beautiful work that you just said you
can view your website that you’ve created this is the live site after the
changes have been implemented you can go to blog and see any changes that you’ve
made so now you know how to change the layout for your new blog if you need
help you can watch more tutorials just like this one and check out the
description below this video or visit Wix comms Help Center I’m bloggin
brandi you can reach me on social at @Blogginbrandi or find out more about
me on my website

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  1. Thanks for watching! Let me know what questions you have or you can START DESIGNING YOUR OWN WEBSITE

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