Self-Care – Using Comfort Tools is OK! (Introducing Lambycat)

Self-Care – Using Comfort Tools is OK! (Introducing Lambycat)

Hey folks, it’s Finn [Intro music plays] So it’s little bit of an unusual vlog for me this week. You’ve all seen him sitting in the back of videos, on my Instagram, out on camping trips with me so I thought it was about time I introduced this little fellow There have been so many new subscribers on this channel of late I don’t know what’s happened, but the view count and the subscribers have rocketed, so I just want to say a massive Welcome to new Finn fammas It’s lovely to have you here, but you probably are all wondering what the deal is with this little man, so shall I tell you? Go on then. This little chaps name is Lamby cat he’s called Lamby cat because he’s a make of stuffed animal called a jelly cat and so we just adapted the name so that Jelly became Lamby, lamby cat It made sense at the time didn’t it No? It did but it’s a bit weird. Okay? I received Lamby as a present from my sponsor. For those that don’t know I’m in the rooms of alcoholics anonymous I’m clean and sober seven years from drugs and alcohol. So my sponsor bought this little chap for me on my first year sobriety date, which means he is now six years old six He was brought for me because I’ve got a fascination with sheep. I absolutely love sheep. No I’m not Welsh Love em when they’re lambs and they’re frolicking and jumping about and I love it when they’re fully grown sheep and they’re just waddling about like big happy fluffy clouds that have fallen from the sky and wandering the British countryside I love them. So he’s very special to me for that reason But as the times gone on he’s got more and more special and he’s featured more and more in my life because I split up with my partner over a year and a half ago now and I moved from Oxford to Devon in a flat on my own running my own life and if you watched my channel you know that I’m in Recovery for a lot a lot of mental health problems as well as the drugs and alcohol so it was a big deal for me to really start to take care of my own life without the support of somebody else and so this little chap has become my support He’s who I talked to he comes with me to strange places to stay with me overnight and it’s just all about the self soothing isn’t it it’s just having a bit of company and someone to cuddle and reassure me when I’m out and about But you’re 43 and you’re male. What are you doing with a stuffed sheep? Now I know he’s not alive Well, you’re not really are you? Not in the lamb sense, but you are magically alive He just gives me so much reassurance And it’s okay to do that Everyone that knows us both and sees him everywhere is really lovely and accepting of him And they do not judge me and I always get some lovely comments I mean he’s more famous than I am, let’s face it he really is and he’s quite a diva with it aren’t you. But occasionally I do get bad comments about the fact that I’m 43 and I have this stuffed sheep. I’m sorry I keep sort of calling you stuffed, but you are Once I even received a message to my private Facebook nonetheless To tell me that I was letting down the trans community by having this stuffed sheep, and I should grow up and man up, how awful is that to be told to man up? it’s dreadful, um I laughed and just didn’t even bother replying now I used to drink to oblivion, I used to self-harm, I used to take drugs, I used to starve myself And I used to over eat and binge nowadays a cuddler stuffed sheep. I really don’t care what people think. I mean, let’s weigh this up here so what I’ve got a stuffed sheep It’s far better than a pint of beer or a line of coke isn’t it? People shouldn’t judge, we all have our own ways of self soothing and this little chap is mine yes I’m a bloke so what it’s so difficult for men to admit That they have problems and that they need to do self soothing because of the pressure in our society and I feel it almost double because I’m a trans man, so I have to extra prove my masculinity but Luckily, I’m getting over that over the last few years I’ve stopped carrying as much and I’m quite happy to share pictures of me, and this lovely little furry man in bed We all need self-soothing and I guarantee you there are loads of people out there with stuffed things like this under their duvet behind closed doors that they don’t tell people about It doesn’t matter does it if the person you love happens to be stuffed that doesn’t matter So there you go, I’ve put myself out there with my stuffed sheep with my lamby cat Sorry darling. I’d love to see everybody else share their stuffed loves, too We could do that over on the Finn fam community page for people that’s new that’s what everyone here is we’re Finn Family I don’t like the word subscribers this is one big massive family so after I’ve uploaded this vlog I’ll start a thread over there, and if you’re up for it we could all share our different stuffed animals why they mean so much to us and how we don’t care what people think about us having them, and let’s do it over on Twitter as well Let’s get the hashtag trending stuffed love and you can tag me in it. I’m @The_finnster on Twitter so yeah it’d be lovely to see all your stuffies and lamby I’m talking darling. It’d be lovely to share that with you Thanks for watching. Everybody it’s bye bye from me, and bye bye from him. Bye Bye

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  1. i have a cup holder on my wheelchair that makes a perfect seat for milo since it has holes on it that his legs hang through and i take him everywhere sitting in that cup holder. he also wears clothes mainly because he is going a bit balled on his chest so it protects that but also because its adorable and my mum says he is my alter ego as he has furniture and lots of stuff i made or bought for him, my dad is an antique dealer so when he buys lots at auction if there is something small and random that is milo sized he gives them to me for milo, the latest thing is an earring since i pierced mio's ear a while ago but he also game him a tiny compass that was made out of a bullet shell in the trenches of the 1st world war.. i have had him since i was little and he has been to school with me, in and out of hospital and has traveled everywhere i go and now i never leave the house without him

  2. Ive created a thread over on the FinnFam page, come over and share your #stuffedlove!

  3. Oh Lamby I love you to bits and how dare someone says such horrid things about you both I used to have a stuff golden lab "ozzie" who came everywhere with me but i lost him while traveling to the states once i was devastated Finn and Lamby i still miss him everyday and i've not found anything new to not replace him per say but to join the family of me and Charlie boy I guess i got charlie just after i lost ozzie he's not a golden lab but he is half a lab and half collie. Anyway enough from me lol big hugs Finn I love you you both very much.

  4. Aw man I love jellycats! They're always so soft <3 I've got a little Scottish terrier one on my shelf of animal statues, but that display isn't quite as big as my dragon/dinosaur shelf haha

  5. Ah Finn. Another video to brighten my day. I really love your videos, you’re such a genuine, positive, kind man and your videos really calm me and make happy. You always leave me in a calm state which is not a yet a familiar feeling for me. Of course I see nothing wrong with you loving lambycat and having the relationship you do with them. You’re just taking care of yourself and I can see how Lamby soothes you and keeps you calm and collected. Keep smiling and spreading positivity. Thanks as always buddy.

  6. I unabashedly still collect "stuffies" (stuffed animals) and "fluffies" (super fuzzy soft blankets) no one expects the short gender neutral tattoo covered one to have a massive collection! I do, and I love it! I have my own lamby collection. No shame! I'm also a huge Eeyore collector. He's my mascot lol.

  7. I have many stuffed animals. The majority of them are sheep, the one I sleep with is called Eda. I also have a really big teddy bear who is just called Ted and he is legitimately the size of another person.

  8. As an autistic trans man I completely understand. I'm a blankie man myself although it's evolved to cloaks and sweaters nowadays. I do catch more heat when I bring my chewy necklace anywhere public vs even a blanket but people can just stuff it. πŸ˜„

  9. I think its ok to love Lamby Cat, but what happened to the black sheep? Thought he was a cutie as well. Never see him in the back ground. Have a great day , and for what its worth , i think your doing great.

  10. I love that Lambycat is an integral part of the FinnFam family. Lamby definitely adds to the character of what the FinnFam is all about, which is lots of fun, laughter, cuteness, healing, imagination, magic, transcendence, and the expression of your inner child. My inner child really adores Lambycat a lot.

    Whoever wrote you that nasty message must have had their inner child stopped from playing. They say that sometimes people try to stop in others what they've had stopped in them, probably unconsciously. So glad you gave that person the flick.

    We love Lamby. He's so gorgeous and adorable πŸ‘β€πŸŒΉ xx

  11. I have a panda bear that I've had since I was 2 that is that special to me. She's my Lamy Cat, but her name is Pandy, and though she is still super special to me I've had to put her away in a safe place because the poor thing was falling apart. I loved stuffed animals they are not only cute but cuddly but non-judgemental and love unconditionally. Definitely better than any vice a person could get addicted to, as far as self soothing goes. πŸ™‚

  12. Stuffed animals are great! I have several, but I can't say which is my favorite or the others will be jealous. Hug Lamby Cat for me Finn.

  13. *Puts hand in air*. Plenty of soft toys here. I’m an autistic trans man. I loved soft toys before coming out, so I see no reason to suddenly stop loving them. I sleep with eight and have loads more around my room. I even bought a new one earlier today. Some have sentimental value, some I find the texture calming and some just look awesome.

  14. I keep my stuffies, some in my spare bedroom & my room. I keep my favourite & most important one on my dresser. Funny thing it is a Lamb that I called Lambykins or Lamby, I got him when I was 2 from my parents. It plays music bit when I was 14 my parents were away on vacation & I have separation anxiety I turned the music key too far & it doesnt play unless you manually turn it.

    No shame bro!! Love Lamby!! #lambyforlife #stuffiesforall #noshame Keep doing you & Lamby, you are both awesome!!

  15. I have an elepphant called Edward and I wouldn't be without him, my previous partners have also learned to love him, they, like pets, friends and family, become part of your lives and I also being a transman have recieved various comments on having Edward but I'm with you 100%.
    Positive vibes, love and hugs as always mate,

  16. I'm a 19 year old trans man with loads of stuffed toys and fluffy blankets, anyone who has a problem with it they can stuff it! Two of my stuffed toys I've had since I was 4. I was always insecure about it and doubted if I was trans because of it as it wasn't "a male thing" seeing you with Lamby cat has helped me realise it's nothing to be ashamed of which is great as have Asperger's syndrome they have always been a coping mechanism for me and they always will be.

  17. I watched this whole video cuddling Big Teddy, as I tend to do the vast majority of things at the moment. Having a bear to cuddle whenever I need some kind of support or reassurance is great, and really comforting, and as I write this I'm looking at my bookshelves strewn with cuddly toys – including the little ones I have over 60. Plus, I collect ducks, and they come into school with me every day, and if I've having a particularly bad day then quietly hugging one during a lesson helps a lot.

  18. What?! People had the nerve to judge you over having a stuffed animal?! Please! I think it's adorable, healthy, and engages all that's wonderful about being a child. I think we all need to tap into that part of us that is childlike. Lambycat reminds me of my childhood friend Mr. Whittaker (a large stuffed mouse); I still have him, and still love him. Hugs to you and Mr. Lamby!

  19. Folks are crazy having any sort of opinion that is worth two fucks when they barely know you and what it took to get thru what you've been thru. Love the πŸ‘… at them!!!

  20. I'm a 40 year old enby, and I sleep with a stuffed bunny. I've had him since my 1st major surgery when I was 16. Bunny has been with me through countless moves, relationships, and cats. He even went to Australia with me.

  21. When my uncle was 16, his mother threw away all of his stuffed animals. His husband found out, and now gives him a stuffed animal every year for his birthday. They've been together over 20 years now, and the entire collection lives on, and threatens to overflow, the shelf above their bed.

  22. You should live your life the way you want to. Cuddling a stuffed sheep isn't my thing, but never thought out bad about you having a stuffed sheep. I'm getting some real sheep next year lol.

  23. OMG what total tossers people can be. Lamby is precious and will always be with you, bless u both… from all of us in the land of πŸ‘ and rugby Nz…love and lambs, Lee, Cass, LT (little ted) and Alice….ps we β€˜grownups are 53 and 50πŸ˜›πŸ˜Žβ€οΈ

  24. Lamby is lovely. If someone is judging you over a stuffed pet, then they should get a mental check for themselves, yeah? Nothing wrong with it.

  25. Me and my partner share a love of stuffies, I have a triceratops called Tank and he has a ginger cat called Simba. As a result of my mental health I age regress without even realising it and Tank helps me in those situations where I can’t bring myself back out and be in the big wide world and be the adult man that I am. With responsibilities can be over whelming I tend to age regress a lot. When I was a child I had a big jaguar, an orang-utan and a big duck, and a wardrobe top full of stuffed toys. My partner bought be a big teddy bear for our year anniversary. Lots of love for Lamby cat such a a character! Do whatever makes you feel stronger Finn.πŸ’•

  26. I hate the idea that anyone sent you a rude-ass message! Regardless of their opinion if Lamby makes you feel better what the bloody hell does it have to do with them! You're certainly not letting anyone down Mr πŸ™‚ sorry to sound grumpy I've spent a lot of time alone recently, cuddling my stuffed animals because there's noone else and I understand how much it can help. Also the "no I'm now Welsh" comment creased me! When I get home I'll send you a picture of Fry (my panda buddy) and I have Rob who I keep in my car as a safe guy (he's a fox πŸ™‚ ) sorry to ramble! Love love xxx

  27. Clean and sober takes tremendous strength as a man or women. What does gender have to do with it. I'm referring to the man up comment. You are a strong man for all that you have done to make yourself whole. Your transition, sobriety, recovering from toxic relationships, dealing with a sick parent. You have a reservoir of strength. Keep moving soldier. Your my hero. πŸ™‚

  28. I love this video so much! Thank you for sharing! You're fluffy little man is so adorable and it is very important to have something to pour your feelings on to. I have a stuff bear I've had since I was small that serves as my buddy too!
    Ps love your videos :*

  29. I have a soft toy rabbit called Chestnut that keeps me company at university when I feel sad and lonely! Soft toy love for adult men! Would rather talk to her than a human being πŸ™‚

  30. Stuffed friends are wonderful! It's sad how some people think we're supposed to "grow up" and forget about them after some arbitrary age. Unfortunately, I was forced to move back with my parents at the beginning of June, and my mother refuses to let me bring my giant stuffed frog Simon into the house. She claims he's dusty and dirty, as though he can't be vacuumed with an attachment and have any dirt wiped off with a damp cloth. She's also convinced there wouldn't be room for him, though he'd easily fit where he's always been kept, on my bed. I miss not having him to cuddle, particularly after awakening from a strange dream.

  31. Finn- Long live Lamby Cat!!! Long live Finn!!! Sooooo what that you are 43 and male and love a stuffed animal!!!! If he is what gets you through the more difficult areas in life then I say Go for it LOVE LAMBY!! I'm a 47 yo female who's over in America positively drowning in stuffies!!!! I'm just a little sad that I can't unpack them because space at my mom and dads won't allow it. So I do keep a few out. Btw I can very much relate to caring for the parents (as you are caring for your mom) both my parents are alive- Thank God!!! My dad is 91 and my mom is 87. I'm an only child and also their primary care giver!! ITS NOT EASY!!!!!!! So even I need to hunker down with a lovely stuffy in difficult times !! My pet dog Ginger is another of who I choose to cuddle with after a very difficult day.

  32. Why do i get a sudden urge to watch Lamb Chop's Play-Along. Wonder if my VHS still works, lol. Cute stuffed animal by the way. πŸ™‚

    Do what you got to do. Who cares what anybody says. Long as it works for you that is what important. Never give up, never surrender! Keep moving forward!

  33. Lamby is soooo cute and as long as he makes you feel better and gives you comfort screw what anyone else says.Much love xxx

  34. This helps so much! I'm pre-t/op but I'll be starting t soon. My art has always been very theraputic for me and some of it includes making plushies. I've been worried on how I'd be judged for having such a hobby, but your kind words have reassured me it's okay ^^ Thank you both so much! =)

  35. I never once questioned why you had Lamby. I guess I think it's normal for people to just have cute random things around them all the time lol. Knowing now how Lamby is one of your support buddies just makes me love the little fuzzball even more <3

  36. Ever since I was 4 I had a bear that was given to me by my grandpa. It's long since torn apart but I still have it. My friends think it's a nervous twitch that comes from my anxiety, that I'll find rough patches on the bear and rub my fingers over it or rub it on my cheeks. My family found it weird and often would harass me about it. I've had to hide the bear and was never able to bring it in public. I got used to not having it But I'd often get nervous and fiddle with my hands. My friends noticed it a lot and were a bit concerned. I would chew on my lip and bite at my nails. Although I can't bring the bear with me, often when my friends and I will stop by an antique store where they have these stuffed animals for $2-3 depending on size. We'll often get a small one for me to carry around. It helps a lot. The newest addition is a glossy red dragon. His coat has a velvety texture, he's very fun to cuddle. My favorite as of now though is a stuffed vulture! He's super soft but has these coarse feathers around his neck. They are really comforting to pet and the best part is his wings are long enough to wrap around my shoulders so it feels like he's giving me a hug. It's so reassuring and comforting. I always loved vultures too, they get a bad rep for eating dead things but without them around we'd be living in plague infested world. They are also so friendly despite their appearance. So yeah, I just wanted to share my story a bit. I'm 21 and my favorite stuffed animal is a vulture!

  37. I'm 22 and I sleep with a stuffed camel a lot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I love burying my face in her soft side and falling asleep smelling her(I wash her often and she smells like axe temptation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) I love it! Especially since I am very lonely a lot of the time, I don't have any friends and my boyfriend lives 11+ hours away from me :/

    I love you and Lamby Finn!!

    -all the love and hugs from the middle of America

  38. I came out a while back-ish… I had to come out as gay because someone outed me. I tried to come out and I couldn't explain my feelings however I've had stuffed animals for a LONG time, they helped me cope with my disability. I actually made one of my teddy bears agender because I was so mad that everyone kept telling me I should have taken the "Male" one. I also have a teddy bear named Ryan (he's a rhino) i put a necklace on him….To spite the fact I should have "grown out of them" because I'm about to be a teen, I don't really care and neither does anyone else. (And anyone who has told me this eventually stopped caring)

  39. No one should ever be ashamed of something like this. Having stuffed toys or blankets or anything for comfort is natural. How many people who judge you have pets that they cuddle and stroke for comfort? It’s exactly the same only one needs feeding and the other doesn’t!

  40. Really people can be mean sometime but don’t listen to them just keep having a stuffed animal it’s ok. Keep up the good work

  41. In my opinion a real man loves stuffed animals no matter what. all the best to you and your little sheep friend

  42. Hi πŸ™‚ I love your video <3. I am 22, and I really love rabbits and I've got rabbit stuffed toys with me. His name is Peter Rabbit and also I got Flopsy. They mean alot to me. I love them and I take them whenever I go to places. πŸ™‚

  43. I love the way you made lamby cat seem alive in this video! They got you through some very tough times. I think we can learn from stuffed animals, to listen and to care for someone or yourself.
    edit: I have a couple of dragon plushies, seems like I’m raising a horde of them and I love them a lot

  44. I'm laughing my ass of about the Welsh joke. I have a plush pug called Erebus which I use to walk around with in my backpack. I did get mocked by my niece for doing so but he was soothing in my teens.

  45. Sir, I'm a 45 year old man, and I was born with a birth defect, Im suffer from depression and l went through a period where I wanted to end my life. Something wonderful happened during that time that made me stop thinking about self harm, and the good Lord kind of have me a 2nd childhood, which I'm still living to this day,
    Because of my birth defect, I was forced to grow up early and not enjoy being a child, when the good Lord changed my life, he also allowed me to be a kid once more
    I am now a teddy bear lover, I have over 200 teddy bears and I play, sleep and hug my bears whenever I can, and you know what, I don't have an ounce of humiliation in me, I don't care of what people think of me, a teddy bear saved my life (with God starting it.up) and as a way of saying Thank you to that teddy, who I still have) I became a full time teddy bear collector, I'm proud to be one, I hope u enjoy my story.. πŸ™‚

  46. I have a stuffed animal for my anxiety and ptsd, he smells like strawberries and calms me. I just feel judged by my peers, I’m 14. This made me feel better. Thank youπŸ’•

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