Self Reflection Journal (3 powerful journaling ideas)

Self Reflection Journal (3 powerful journaling ideas)

Scott Swalwell here from Now today, we’re going to be talking about
self-reflection through journaling, and I’ve got some pretty cool ideas that you can use
to uncover your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings, your goals, your desires, what you
want, what you should, what you can improve on, really whatever your heart desires. I’m pretty excited about this one, so buckle
up, and let’s go. For the best videos on mindset, habits and
success, make sure you hit that subscribe channel below, and the notification bell to
get reminded every Wednesday PST, and Thursday for my Australian friends, when I release
a new video. Let’s dive straight into it. The first thing I’ll do is look for the ideal
you, or what is the ideal me? This is how we can do it. What you want to do is grab a piece of paper
or pad or journal. Now you want to divide it into areas, say,
business, career, finances, wealth, family, friends, health, fitness. Now, close your eyes and visualize the ideal
you, but what do you look like? How do you feel, how do you handle yourself,
how do you think? What activities are you doing? Write these things down on each area of your
life, so one by one, and this is now your blueprint for what you want. Okay? Now you just need to set some goals and then
attach some self-discipline to achieve those goals. Second idea is to have actual
quality questions to ask yourself, so having some really quality questions to ask yourself
is vital to actually uncover what you want to achieve, how you feel, how you perceive
things, what you need to learn and what you need to amend. All these things, you need to have some really,
really good questions in place. It could be the difference to uncover what
makes you happy, or were you sad today, what were you grateful for today, what am I neglecting
in my life today. These are the types of questions that you
want to be asking yourself. You want to have a list of really, really
good questions to ask yourself so you can unlock your feelings, your thoughts, and have
your mind freed. Download your thoughts onto paper every day
if you can, and you will see huge changes in your life. Now, there is a stack of really
good quality questions that you can ask yourself. Here’s the list. So, all you have to do is ask yourself those
questions that I just told you, in detail, and that is the magic sauce, my friends. That will change your life forever. Good luck. Hey. Hi, hey. How you going? I put all the questions in a free download
called The Ultimate Self-Reflection Guide, okay. It’s in the description below. Click on the link, or you can head over to
the website, Go to the top right-hand corner, click on
free downloads, and you’ll see Ultimate Self-Reflection Guide in there, jam-packed full of powerful
questions, so get on and click the link. Okay, I got to go. Bye. Final one is brain dump. What you can do is grab a piece of paper and
pen, if you want to go old-school like me, and write out anything. And I mean anything. If you’re sitting there going, and the pen’s
not moving, that’s not you brain-dumping. Just start writing whatever comes to your
mind, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, two to three pages, and just see what
comes of this. This literally, as I said, can be absolutely
anything. I have some of my biggest gems come from this,
biggest improvement ideas or concepts, or how can I improve in my life have come from
this, because once you finish your two to three pages, you can go back through, grab
a highlighter, and then highlight the things that you can take away, or maybe you can learn
from, or maybe you can write about at another time, or maybe it’s an idea or an inspiration,
or maybe there’s an action in there that you can take to improve your life. Whatever it is, I have found some of the best
ideas, the best golden nuggets, the best gems, whatever you want to call them, have come
from this process. So, there you have it. There are some ideas for you to use for your
self-reflection journaling, and I really, really, really, really can tell you that if
you do these things, you will see transformation in your life. You will see improvements in your life, so
take them on board. Even if it’s just one of them, take them on
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47 thoughts on “Self Reflection Journal (3 powerful journaling ideas)

  1. I probably journal 20/30 days in a month. This is a great video and I love that you break your journaling out into categories. What you're grateful for, what's being neglected in your life etc.

  2. Love the idea of keeping a journal. Thanks Scott, awesome tips in this video ❤😊.

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  4. Yaasss!
    I really need to start journaling again! Even when I stop for a couple weeks I notice a huge difference when I start up again and when I reflect back a year later, it’s amazing to see how much I’ve accomplished! 🙌🏻

  5. Love these ideas, especially your blueprint. Gonna do it! I used to journal a lot…need to get back to doing it. Thank you!

  6. Great Tips- I always intend to journal, but never do it :-(.. If it is life Changing, I will try it !

  7. Love the pen and paper approach – I think we all spend so much time looking for quick fixes and apps to "solve" these things for us….even as an excuse for journaling every day. Nice work man!

  8. When is comes to self-development, I journal periodically (a handful of times a year) to set my goals and intentions. Love what you are doing, Scott and your vibe!

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  15. I literally live but journaling! I love keeping myself accountable. Great video. Thanks for sharing

  16. I do a gratitude and goals journal daily. It really helps me focus on the positives throughout my day, and also keeps me laser-focused on what is important to me!

  17. Hey Scott! Love your style. I journal everyday, but there's always more to learn. I've subscribed and will be back. Cheers.

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