SEO Blogger | How to Add a Custom Search Description Meta Tag to Each Individual Blog Post – 1

Hey everyone! Hows it going. I am happy to
be back on my YouTube grind. Today I am posting my first video for my new playlist on how
to search optimize a blogger site. I am planning on making six videos to start. In this video, I will show you how to give
your blogger site the option to add a custom search description to an individual post. The search description is the descriptive
line of text that appears under the link on a search engine result page. Start by going to Open the blog you’re working on. Click on Settings. Then click on Search Preferences. Under the heading, Meta tags, click on Edit,
found to the right of Desription. Select Yes, and then click save changes. Now go to the post you wish to give a description. Click the Posts tab. Choose your post, or create a new post. Now click on search description and enter
it. It is important to remember that the description
should stay under 150 characters. Do not spam the description. However do make
sure you have some of your top keywords placed strategically in there. Now click, Done. Click, Update, or Publish. To check if it worked, go to that post’s URL,
and view the source code. Okay great! If you guys have any questions
at all, post them in the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can. This gives other
people in the community a chance to answer you as well. Please Subscribe to my channel,
much Appreciated. I hope to see all of you at my second video
in the series coming this weekend.

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