SEO Blogging Tips for Business Tutorial – Small Business SEO Tips

SEO Blogging Tips for Business Tutorial – Small Business SEO Tips

hello everyone this is Janelle from
Buzzhub Media today we’re looking at using SEO to write better on WordPress and also just writing in general with your blog post online
whether that be your social media or other blog postings or other marketing messages so here is the
marketing hot tip when you’re writing for online content it’s important to use keywords especially
what’s known as long tail keywords now long-term keywords or long long tail keyword are what is a
keyword that is a phrase rather than just let’s say like Google or Anthony or
pizza you know those are great but you’re probably not going to rank for
the term pizza or house but you probably will rank for something
like housing for housing such-and-such city or how to
buy a house in such-and-such city in this case we are writing about how to
rank on Google Local Search this post was written by one of our
writers who we are currently training in the process of how to write in SEP so this article is great has an introduction paragraph it has a outroo which is very important also
known as a call to action now and English Class you may have been
taught you need to have a attention-grabbing sentence that’s great
but what they didn’t eat during English classes they need to have an
attention-grabbing sentance but if you’re doing any writing any
thoughts have some keywords sprinkled along in there to make it really fun in
core but I just fun and cool but fun Inc
offer the search engines because wanna search engines are looking at then
you see these keywords: so let’s analyze this first paragraph
ensures good information a location to importing cues for small businesses
great though most people use Google Maps are
great degree Google Local goes even further in our
local business to give in more detail their service so that’s a
great sentenced ’til but right in the beginning we need to have our key words
so this naturally sounds like a place
where I would add a keyword I would add the main keyword here which is a
rank on Google local search so far a pre added our pre reading this
intense towards can go ahead and pasted in there
and the fans and I came up with to add to this article is additionally google provides a
powerful way for businesses to rank on Google local
search which batters your business and right
here is your I am Nikki were right there Google
Local Search so again that’s a really powerful way to
get better on their search engines so another tip that I ad and I make sure everyone on my
writers and other people I advised him to do is to make sure to
always add a keyword or the keyword phrase especially
right before the body I’ve your contact and this being your
body your support paragraph but we want to add it in there sa va
ready at a sentencing here there is an article just landed here
when people search for her and had the business et cetera going out all for all to see now to after that we always wanna add I like attack you work so here we go
here’s what you need to know about how to rein on Google Local Search
that’s very important that you add that in there rank on Google Local Search and notice
how we structure descent into a dramatically made it make sense so we can use the keyword phrase rank on
Google Local Search we don’t wanna throw it in there be
comapny incorrect because SEO is all about reader for usability a
reader-friendly s as well as robot from China switchers
Google search engine so another area doubt we can go ahead
and add to is in the body paragraph an I’ve added the sentence to this article
as a revision at this step it’s better to be simple
there or been over cluster this is where the original article
article had ended to be over had been over cluster right
there where my cursor s but I’ve added to be able to rank on Google Local Search again using the
keyword phrase now one last shot here is making sure
you have a call to action or with the keyword phrase in it and any
associated keywords like just saying Google ok all or ranking on
Google Local wherever you want whatever your keyword is in variations on those
keywords add that and sprinkle it in the outro
this is how you do it so here’s the actual that’s it for now
how to use Google Local Search for your business but is no if we can help you rank your
business so on Google Local Search that’s perfect and thats that’s a great way to end it
and right here leave a comment below on your test I how to rank on Google Local Search for this is
perfect because we’re asking the reader how to rank on Google local search so
again it’s a really great way to have them now only commenting gauge but also have
the search engines find you better by including as many keywords as you can now i general rule of thumb is to not
use more than thirty to forty percent I’ve your keyword to workout ratio and
we’re press will always tell you how many words are in the past in this infant its 464 so you just have
to estimate about anywhere from thirty to forty percent
that’s kinda in your rate in your Ranger try not to go overboard with the key
word in there and keep stuffing him in there because you just me arm you may run into
problems or Google say you’re just type in keywords and you don’t want to do
that does not work anymore he do however wanna make a user-friendly
in a readable for your readers as well as make sense
for Google so that’s it for this little tutorial on a ranking your
articles better with SEO will have more SEO test later in blog post and also on you too in our video page on
the website in the next video will be looking at how
to utilize the Yas SEO plugin which comes standard on all over inbound
marketing side as well as the recommend a plug in my
ass for many years I hope you enjoy that don’t forget to
comment on this video if you’re watching us on YouTube and if you’re watching us
somewhere else give it a thumbs up for a liker go check
it out so yeah position are as of 4 bus how media visit
our site Abbas had media dot com website by marketers for marketers

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     Is one way better (from an SEO perspective)??

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