Sesame Street: Recycling Newspaper

Sesame Street: Recycling Newspaper

[MUSIC PLAYING] GIRL: Some things can be used
again to make new things, like my comic book. First, we stack it up, tie it
up, and load it in the wagon. And take it to the
recycling center. [MUSIC PLAYING] GIRL: Then they take it to the
mill and shake it, and soak it, and stir it. Wash it, press it, dry
it, and roll it. And cut it into clean
white pieces of paper, like this one. [MUSIC PLAYING]

26 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Recycling Newspaper

  1. I remember seeing this when I was a kid. I looked all over for one of those recycling signs. I found out later that our paper recycling plant had burned down. 🙁

  2. where i live they pick it up directly at your house, and we have to sort it. Its very simple really, we just use four different garbage cans. You should suggest that in your neighborhood

  3. Oh my goodness! I know I might sound crazy but looking back at these old SS videos makes me wanna cry my little eyes's been almost 20 years since I've seen this clip! I remember the little girl and everything.. I wondered if I would ever see this again.. YAY! *claps hands* I'm happy now! teehee! 😀

  4. Hey, this is my film! Glad to see it posted. The girl and her mom were my upstairs neighbors. The big magazine she is reading was designed for the film by Oliver Sanchez, a great graphic artist, and the music was scored and performed by Frederick Reed. My name is Merril Aldighieri and I did the direction, writing, camerawork, and animation.

  5. Why couldn't they just put their old newspapers in a newspaper bin and put it outside their house like most people do?

  6. @Lkonae are you referring to the HUMANS? If so, yes, apologies to all you Extra-terrestrials, I was obligated to use species native to the planet with the garbage problems.

  7. I remember this film on Sesame Street in the mid 90s. I remember the music and and I like the beginning of the music and the ending of the music 2. I remember back in the fall of 95 I would sing 2 the ending of the music and 2 times I sang "White Rain"!

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