100 thoughts on “Seth Meyers’ Wife Gave Birth in Their Apartment Lobby

  1. Story= a woman gives birth in a hospital hallway. She's crying about the embarrassment of it. To reassure her, she's told "That's nothing to feel bad about. Why, three years ago a woman gave birth on the hospital lawn." She cries more as she replies "I know! That was ME!"

  2. His obvious joy is so sweet and infectious.
    Edit: it got better, heart warming gave way to hilarious 2:47 🤣🤣 hiding a baby in sweatpants?
    6:25 "this isn't what the lobby is for!" Genuinely cackling lol
    7:43 oh my god! 😆 that "favour"

  3. Seth said his wife's grandparents were Holocaust survivors who met in an Austrian hospital,… there's a fair chance they were taken care off by MY grandmother who was a nurse in a hospital in Saltzburg, where she took care of people who were liberated after the holocaust,… and coincidentally met my grandfather who was able to escape being deported to a deathcamp.

  4. This is not a unique story, what makes it unique to me is i don't know anyone else who has gone through this, the UBER driver needs stretched a bit, i love the whole story of a normal day ending in an extraordinary way, this is life, your son was ready to join you in the park, he heard the birds singing and the kids playing, he heard the ice cream truck pull up, it was all set, who wouldn't want to join our crazy party we all call life, you might get sick the morning after and your girlfriend went home with somebody else, never mind though, go down to park on Sunday and great things can come from it.

  5. in the span of 10 minutes you made me laugh, you made me feel grateful, you made me cry, you made me think. after this video i have absolutely a new respect to you , it's so kind to see someone actually pointing out and appreciating kindness.

  6. You’ll have a great story to tell at your sons 21st birthday party. If you want to embarrass him through life just trot out this story….lol

  7. Seth I’m here in England watching this in mid September 2019…..and you’re just such a lovely man…..I was so moved by your story and your reference to your Jewish heritage. God bless you and your wonderful family.

  8. Seth, every day that I'm feeling sad you make me laugh so hard sometimes I pee myself (thanks goodness for Tena Lady). But today you also brought a tear to my eye because of your total appreciation for the miracle of life. Well done old chap, keep up the good work.

  9. I gave birth to one of my daughters, in the bathroom 🥰! (It was a new house, so very clean 😅) The "thing" started like a little backpain, nothing really, went downstairs…puked…and KABOOM 💥…"I have to pee"', I said, and sitting down on the 🚽 I felt A HEAD 😲 (not mine 😂) coming out of…you know 😉😆. Didn't have the time to take off my leggings, just down to the knees 😅. I'm glad she didn't take a dive into the water in the toilet 😛. So yeah, I know babies can arrive very fast& suddenly 😍🥰
    I'm glad my dear mother was there (she was there to see my other ,then 3, children…but she got to be a baby nurse instead that day 👩‍⚕️) because this became a VERY special memory for her…..and me… but 😓 she died last year 😥 so this birth memory is gold!! 🌹🌹RIP Majken 💕

  10. Never thought I'd see Seth Myers serious and emotional, and yet still he managed to make this account funny. Congrats! Belatedly, I suppose. I have no idea when this happened.

  11. I love your show but this was a great chanse to see a more personal side of you.
    Wish you loads of happiness

  12. Been there. once my water broke it was exactly 20 minutes until both my boys arrived. With the second they broke my water, told me I wouldn't have him for about 4 hrs and he left to go to his office a mile away. I told he will be here in 20 minutes. Long story shot the dr ran into the room pushed into held up scrubs , bent over and caught my son. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 good times

  13. This is such a great story and Seth is such a good guy. I mean, funny AF for sure, but you can tell he’s one of the good ones 😊🌟

  14. The moment Seth shows the picture of him looking up, I finally felt like 'Letterman may be gone, but finally I have a great replacement'.
    Honestly, Seth, I wasn't impressed with Weekend Update, but I'm glad to be wrong (as I often am about things like this), it ushered in a great offering of you for late night television.
    Congratulations on it all.

  15. That happened to my aunt, only it was the bathroom. But the conversation with the 911 operator was pretty much how my uncle described it.

  16. How dare you pay out on the uber driver. Are you serious, they make little money unlike you. I hope you do a on screen apology as you did an on screen berating. Ps I am not an uber driver and live in Australia, this comment is because you had a go at someone on national television, that is well their rights to charge you. If it were not you I doubt you your wife and child would have got the attention you did by public services, think about the family that person has to support. In the famous words of Darren Hinch Shame Shame Shame.

  17. Dang Seth I've watched this three times and it makes me cry every time but it's SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing this incredible story.

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  19. big fking deal. julian assange has been imprisoned, tortured and silenced who cares about your ridiculous petty moronic life. why is an asshole like you breeding in the first place. more morons on earth i guess. just what we need more morons crowding the plant.

  20. They should put a little plaque in the lobby to state that this was were Axel was born. . . Grandson of Holocaust survivors. . . Sweet story ! …and so funny the way you provide an account of it all!

  21. He could’ve destroyed that Uber drivers life if he would’ve said his name in the video… Because everyone only has heat for that man or lady

  22. Kid’s a year & a half old now & probably struttin’ around the house like “Yeah, I cause chaos, they’re never gonna forget this one!”

  23. His wife's uterus is fucking efficient.
    Uterus: I'm done cooking this kid.
    One contraction later
    Uterus: Congrats on the baby.

  24. When Seth Meyer's wife is so good at birthing children that it's basically the same for her as accidentally pooping her pants

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