53 thoughts on “Shakira Tour Blog: Belgrade

  1. Whenever wherever I like youu muuch. "DOBAR DAN" Im from Austria/ (Vienna) and i Listen your Music when i was 15 years 😀 Your Flair is beautiful..

  2. Shakira desde que terminaste con Antonio ,nosotros los argentinos pasamos a un segundo plano, ahora son los españoles tus engreidos 🙁

  3. @lukaspiojo pero llamó "casa" a todos los lugares de latinoamerica :(, es decir , en cada concierto dijo lo mismo, en todos los paises

  4. Wow pero como quieren lo Serbios a nuestra Shaki, vi muchos chicos lindos entre el publico cantando y bailando, que rico que lo disfruten!!!

  5. es lo maximo de nuestro pais colombia te quiero skakira , que Dios te bendiga y te fortalezca esa voz tan maravillosa que tienes …..

  6. Poland loves you, Shakira!
    2:30 – 2:44 – what is this song? I was on Shaki's concert in Lodz and she was singing that but I don't know title of this song.
    I'm sure it isn't Gitana (spa) or Gipsy (eng).

  7. Shakira, tú antes molabas. Ahora no haces más que mierda de música y pasearte haciendo el ridículo con Piqué. No me extraña que nadie vaya a tus conciertos…

  8. I even came from Banja Luka, Bosnia to see Shaki… It was such a great concert :)))

    Shaki is wonderful, sweet, cute, beautiful… I love her!!!
    PS. I love "Gordita" at the begining of blog video 😀

  9. Deffinitly one of the best concerts of this tour…For me one of the besti in my life…I love Shakira, and I hope she will come again, I'm sure…SHAKIRA SERBIA TE AMA!!!

  10. It's Shakira with mi gente!! While I love that she came to the country i'm from and even a smaller German town where I grew up I'm in Canada now…a place that definitely could use a few Sale el Sol Tour shows!!

  11. Shakira, please come again in Serbia in your next tour, because you showed us what is entertainment and we need that to feel again!!! TE QUIERO, NO SABES CUANTO!!! <3

  12. Bilo je prelepo,nezaboravno,sta bi mogla jos da kazem,dodji nam ponovo :).!Ocekujemo te!Pozdrav iz Srbije :)) ♥♥♥ .

  13. Toliko sam zelela da dodje u Srbiju,i da idem na njem koncert, i eto zelja mi se ispunila 😀 .
    Dodji nam ponovo,obavezno! 🙂 :*

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