Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang (The Beauty Blogger) Ep 11 Eng Sub | English Subtitle (China Anime)

Brought to you by Guodong Subs Translator : cuttle , kev_lu First proof : kev_lu Second proof : Kuramura Timer&Effect&Encoder : Yuuki Edited at Chuān yuán ián liún cì zhī liàn yǒu xìng bù fù yù yuè jiàn dìng Chuān The love transcends the dimension, makes every moment precious, once we met Chuān yuè yuè cì yuán cì zhī yuán zhī liàn liàn yǒu yǒu xìng xìng yù yù jiàn jiàn dìng dìng bù fù bù fù liún liún ián ián rén xiān Zòng shàng chéng tiān shǐ qiáo jiān què Zòng Even if the Milky Way lies between us, one bridge of magpies is our only tie shǐ Zòng tiān shǐ shàng tiān rén shàng rén jiān jiān què qiáo què qiáo chéng xiān chéng xiān liú cì Chuān yuán nián fù yù bù xìng jiàn yuè yǒu liàn zhī dìng Chuān The love transcends the dimension, makes every moment precious, once we met yuè Chuān yuè cì yuán cì zhī yuán liàn zhī liàn yǒu xìng yǒu xìng yù yù jiàn dìng jiàn dìng bù fù bù fù liú nián liú nián shēng nǎ sǐ huí dié bié pà mèng lí huà nǎ Even if the death finally do us apart, one butterfly of me on you says hi pà nǎ shēng pà lí shēng sǐ lí sǐ bié bié mèng huí mèng huí huà huà dié dié wèi chǎng xiǎng shā shàng céng Never have I thought, on the battlefield wèi céng wèi xiǎng céng xiǎng shā chǎng shā shàng chǎng shàng héng mǎ wàn qiān jūn sǎo héng the valiant hero never panics sǎo héng qiān sǎo jūn qiān jūn wàn wàn mǎ wǒ zèng gāo zé zhī xiāng mǎ would send me gifts of cosmetics zèng zèng wǒ wǒ gāo zé gāo zé zhī xiāng zhī xiāng páng wèi qīng xiǎng céng chí wèi céng wèi Never have I thought, by that clear pond xiǎng céng xiǎng qīng qīng chí páng chí páng guāng yì mù jiān de nà nà your determined gaze on me jiān nà yì jiān yì de mù de guāng mù fáng xīn wǒ cǐ yìn lào cóng guāng cóng would brand my heart firmly cǐ cóng cǐ lào lào yìn yìn wǒ xīn wǒ fáng xīn fáng jiā luō jǐn rén yī shēn yǒu chang zhuo yǒu Beauties in silk and faille yǒu jiā rén jiā rén shēn shēn zhuo zhuo jǐn yī jǐn luō yī chang luō chang zhèng lüè tiē shū yún yuè jìng huā huáng duì zhèng is adorning themselves before the mirror shū zhèng shū yún yún lüè lüè yuè yuè duì jìng duì tiē jìng huā tiē huā huáng huáng mǒ zhōng wǒ nǐ wú ài zhuāng dàn què wèi suǒ nóng nǐ But you are only fond of me, never care what I put on nǐ què què zhōng zhōng ài ài wǒ wǒ wú suǒ wú suǒ wèi wèi dàn dàn mǒ mǒ nóng nóng zhuāng zhuāng qīng sù bù mú yàng fěn huò shī dài huò even my natural looks without makeup huò bù shī bù shī fěn fěn dài dài qīng sù qīng sù mú yàng mú yàng yù yuán chuān liú yuè fù cì nián zhī jiàn dìng bù liàn yǒu xìng chuān yuè chuān cì The love transcends the dimension, makes every moment precious, once we met yuè yuán cì zhī yuán zhī liàn liàn yǒu xìng yǒu xìng yù yù jiàn jiàn dìng dìng bù fù bù fù liú liú nián dié shēng huà pà sǐ nǎ bié lí mèng huí nián nǎ Even if the death finally do us apart, one butterfly of me on you says hi pà nǎ shēng pà lí shēng sǐ lí sǐ bié bié mèng mèng huí huí huà huà dié dié huàméi zhuāng xìshuō bà qiǎn huò qián shēn yánsè buzhī jìng jìng qián jìng The makeup I just put on, makes you tease me about its colour, every time huàméi qián huàméi zhuāng zhuāng bà xìshuō bà xìshuō buzhī buzhī yánsè yánsè shēn shēn huò qiǎn huò le mián yǔ suì yíng chán yíng xiào yuè jiān qiǎn xiào All the moments we have, The chuckles linger on yǔ xiào yíng yǔ yíng yíng jiān yíng jiān chán chán mián mián le suì le suì yuè yuè All the moments we have, The chuckles linger on yǔ yíng yíng jiān xiào xiào xiào yǔ yíng yǔ yíng yíng jiān yíng jiān chán yuè le suì mián you you chán you chán mián mián le le suì suì yuè yuè The fifth prince?Who is this Adonis? Episode 11 Wait! Why am I familiar with you? You finally came back home. I miss you so much! Let’s go back to the village. Mum will make a chicken soup for you. May I ask your name? I followed the ninth prince’s order to find you. I really admire you. I’ve done such makeup on him, yet you recognized him. No. It’s because I’ve met Miss Si with the ninth prince. Here isn’t the place to talk. Let’s find a safer place. I’ll take you to see the ninth prince. Wait! What’s up? I must wash my face! Hey! It can’t be washed off by water. You need the cleansing oil. You needn’t worry now. We’ve already left the Hu people’s territory. This is our territory. Siyan! Thanks for your concern. Seventh brother, you’re fine, too. Great! You know it’s us, so why don’t you welcome us into the city? Why are you surrounding us? Is it to welcome us? Sorry. There are too many things these days, which I’ve never met. The enemy may know that we’re here and send spies. I won’t let it arise. You’ve progressed. You haven’t met each other for many days, so talk more. Goodbye! We brothers have much time to talk. But I care more about you, guy. What’s wrong with them? Siyan, are you all right? How did I go back to the room? Don’t worry, you were dressed by the maid of the hotel. We didn’t see anything. Your must have seen something. Too embarrassed. Clear up the room, turn off the light! I’m fine. You needn’t worry. Hehe… I have to do makeup. Can you leave… I want to see Siyan doing makeup. Staying with you is my duty. I’ll stay here, too. How can I do makeup with you staring at me like that? WAIT! I suggest using the foundation of this color. You’re so beautiful, only this can fit you. Why do you know her worries? You’re good at makeup? That’s it. Are you a man? -I think so, too. No, no. It has nothing to do with gender. It’s a problem of knowledge and earnestness. This is foundation? This is concealer. Look, Your Highness. The concealer has 3 colors. For our needs, we can mix two of them to change the shade. If you have acne marks or black eyes, use any color to cover them, and the moisture is great. It’s amazing! Your Highness. This is mink hair. Mhm. You know quite a bit. It’s a problem of knowledge and earnestness. How about selecting a lipstick for you? Select one from the three. They can all seckill the men. Kill the men? It’s murderous. I don’t think they are good. When I bought it for her, I thought it must fit her. I think this is good. Siyan isn’t a girl that is delicate. Use this. Please. Don’t open so many of them. Please set me free. I think yours isn’t good. -Do you know it? Finally we return to the capital. Otherwise I’d be annoyed till death by the three men. Hey! Are you a…. You… Brain is good thing, I hope that you can have one. Brain is good thing, I hope that you can have one. Carps in your brian? No, they are catfish. Carps in your brian? No, they are catfish. Brain is good thing, I hope that you can have one. You don’t know the power, mortals. Brain is good thing, I hope that you can have one. Brain is good thing, I hope that you can have one. You don’t know the power, mortals. Brain is good thing, I hope that you can have one. It’s not too late to kneel down now. You don’t know the power, mortals. Brain is good thing, I hope that you can have one. You don’t know the power, mortals. You don’t know the power, mortals. You don’t know the power, mortals. It’s not too late to kneel down now. You don’t know the power, mortals. It’s not too late to kneel down now. You don’t know the power, mortals. You don’t know the power, mortals. It’s not too late to kneel down now. It’s not too late to kneel down now. It’s not too late to kneel down now. It’s not too late to kneel down now. It’s not too late to kneel down now. It’s not too late to kneel down now. It’s not too late to kneel down now. You two… -Siyan… -You’re making trouble. Well, stop. State the issue. I’ve analyzed it. Although the seventh brother was captured, he’s a prince and has battle achievements. So he won’t be in big trouble. The ninth brother led the army out of the capital illegally. But father hasn’t asked people to catch him. Moreover, the Noble Consort will help, the trouble isn’t big. So the most dangerous one is you, princess Huayan. I? You ran away during the He-qin. We have to explain to the Hu people. There are only two choices: kill you, or send you back again. So I’ve discussed with my brother and found a place for you. First I and the ninth brother will apologize in the palace. Then I’ll deny the enemy’s words that you were saved by me. I’ll say they knew you weren’t a princess, and shot you. The He-qin group was in chaos, so you disappeared. Will others believe it? No matter if it’s credible or not, we’ll just mislead others. After all, most people think the enemy isn’t credible. Next, how can I return to the palace? After the evidence is laid, we’ll help you return. Well, where will I stay for these days? Fifth brother’s home. The fifth prince? Don’t worry. We have a good relationship with him. But he… Hush! In fact he’s not. He’s just not willing to marry according to the decree. He lets us spread the rumor, so no one wants to marry him. Well, well. Now that I’ve come, I should accept. The brothers gave a good review to the fifth prince. He may not be a bad man. Miss Si, His Highness is waiting for you inside. Is this the fifth prince? How beautiful! Are you Miss Si? Best regards, Your Highness. You can live here, the seventh and ninth brother told me a lot. You must be very important in their hearts. Yunli, serve tea for Miss Si. My God! That skin is so elastic! The eyelashes remind me to fix my makeup. Thank you, young boy. I’ll do it myself. You’re welcome, Miss Si. Just call me Yunli. If you have any problem, ask Yunli to tell me. How wonderful! I’ve lived here for many days. Eat, and sleep. It’s like raising a pig. Where is Jack? Can I summon you in the system from now on? Maybe. Now the system is a bit more stable. That’s great! By the way, Qiguan Yi and Qiguan Bao need your cooperation. What’s up? When Qiguan Yi asked you to disappear, he ignored a problem. You’ve disappeared for a while, even if you can return, others will doubt your virginity. This means you can’t stay in the palace. What?! So we added other arrangements. We said that after you got separated, you were caught by a Hu merchant who was addicted to makeup. He insisted on competing with you. This Hu merchant focused on the makeup, he wasn’t interested in women, so there is no suspicion. The ones who believe it may be crazy or stupid. There are so many strange things in the world. To increase credibility, we’ll let the Hu merchant show up. He’ll compete with you in the busy street. If you win, he’ll send you back. The seventh prince will accept it for you. Seventh prince? He was captured and has trouble now. Why would he help me? I don’t know. He likes to show off? Focus on the competition. Although it’s our people, you can’t behave falsely. And we have to finish it in 10 days and let you return. It will be the end of the Spring Festival in reality. The Spring Festival? Do we need to conceal something from the production team? Yes. The AI being out of control should be concealed. Otherwise… Otherwise? The data of Qiguan Yi and Qiguan Bao may be deleted. Seventh brother, you’re not honest. I finally know the Hu merchant will compete with Siyan. We should overcome it together, right? Oh, now you’ve let Siyan know you’ve arranged it. You were even caned for her. Do you want her to worry about you? If I let Siyan know that I was caned, then I will be dishonest. But I don’t plan to let her know. Pooh! But you have showed off. You’ve accepted it for her. Everyone knows you’re close. Show off? I accepted it, then mother asked to cane me 40 times. Had you done it, she would have caned you until you were disabled. You won’t tell Siyan that you were caned? Am I a shameless person? I won’t tell her this, and I want to let her know, I was captured not only because of finding makeup for her. Really? If I fail to do it, I’ll call you elder brother. Humph! Your Highness, have you heard? You mean the competition between the princess and the Hu merchant? Everyone in the capital knows about it. So I want you to buy something for me. These things are important. Could you ask a skilled maid to buy them? If there is a mistake, I might not be able to return to the palace. I’ll go with Yunli in person. Their colors are similar and hard to distinguish. The maid Lanzhi near you has a lot of purple rouge. How about asking her? Can you distinguish these purple rouge? Mhm. Meeting such a man in the game, am I very lucky? Is this lipstick better, or the former one? This is better. I like the former one better, but this one fits your dress. And this one makes you look brighter. It fits the heavy coat well in winter. Great, Your Highness! Did you know? The two are the same in the seventh prince’s eyes. I asked the ninth prince which one was better. The seventh prince said seriously that I didn’t change the color, and said I was tricking the ninth prince. The seventh brother? Maybe he’s a bit blind. Are you stupid? The seventh prince likes you, you also agree he’s blind. Are you belittling yourself? It’s hot these days, let me trim you. Siyan must win. Siyan must win. Don’t cry, or it will be exposed. But can you do makeup? Don’t forget I’m the omnipotent NPC of the highest level. Oh my God! This is the real “showing-off”. Behind a man, there is another man. The seventh brother will be angry. Haha! No, no. Come, go to the seventh brother’s home. Send a message to him. I can’t watch the scene alone. Yes. Everybody, the competitors will do makeup for the two girls. After they finish, we’ll let the audience vote. What’s wrong with you? You look bad. Sorry. Last night I was nervous, I didn’t sleep well. We are on the same side, I shouldn’t win too easily, but why did you assign such a hard task to me? What did you say? Your Highness, that Hu person attends the competition. You can’t, Your Highness. I must kill him. New Game Continue CG Imagery Hidden Plot Do you always think you can wash your makeup off by water? What’s the matter? How to wash off your makeup
correctly Dip cotton pads in cleansing water or cream. Wipe on face. Remember to be gentle so you don’t tear your skin. Wipe eye makeup and lipstick with special cleansing water. And use q-tips to wipe the corners. You can massage your face in a circular motion with cleanser. It’s recommended to use amino acid cleanser for sensitive areas. If you have a professional facial cleansing brush, it can be more convenient. Mhm. NO NO NO. You’d better not use the towel. You can use facial tissues to wipe off water. Towels are so rough that it may harm the tender skin. Next, we start doing simple skin care. Supplement the skin moisture and nutrition in time. Everyday, we can use hydrating masks to “add oil” to the skin. After that we can use whitening masks in summer. Don’t forget to wash the face after doing this. When we finish the cleaning, do some simple skin care. Use Toner, lotion and face master now. They will have better effects. All of them are suited for boys.–Mhm. But remember to choose Men Expert! qiū zhī lái yáng zhē gōng qiáng zhū wǎ qù yìng chūn shí zhōng lóu jìng bì Seasons flowing inside those walls, Sunlight floating on ornet castles. chūn qù chūn qiū qù qiū lái shí lái shí gōng qiáng gōng qiáng zhī zhōng zhī zhōng zhū zhū lóu lóu bì wǎ bì jìng wǎ yìng jìng zhē yìng zhē yáng yáng Such a beauty, combing for whom, Primping just for whose coming. guī jìng omó shū rén dào zhuāng miá duì shéi děng jiā lái wéi shù fǎ děng dào děng jiā dào rén jiā rén wéi shéi wéi shù shéi shù fǎ fǎ guī lái guī duì lái jìng duì jìng miá miá omó shū omó shū zhuāng zhuāng yòu de xǐng rán jì yī shì fēng yáng jiǎo zuǐ wǎn qīng mèng huǎng lǐ lái liáng Am I dreaming while simling in the morning Wide awake, while breezing, night is falling. huǎng rán huǎng mèng rán mèng lǐ lǐ zuǐ jiǎo zuǐ qīng jiǎo qīng yáng xǐng yáng lái xǐng yòu lái shì yòu shì yī jì yī de jì de wǎn fēng wǎn liáng fēng liáng wàng huí huà rú nǐ méi yǎn Looking back, your features, a painting. huí wàng huí nǐ wàng nǐ méi yǎn méi yǎn rú rú huà kǒu xiōng kè fā yìn yī chà zài zhè nà jiān tàng Wait a sec, right this sec, you make my chest burning. chà huà nà chà jiān nà jiān zhè yī zhè kè yī yìn kè zài yìn xiōng zài kǒu xiōng kǒu fā tàng fā tàng páng jùn nǐ chén wěn de liǎn lǎng Your calming, dashing face. nǐ chén nǐ wěn chén jùn wěn jùn lǎng de lǎng liǎn de páng liǎn shàng jì láo cáng zhēn bèi xīn zài wǒ is carved on the tip of my heart. páng bèi wǒ bèi láo wǒ láo jì zhēn jì zhēn cáng zài cáng zài xīn xīn shàng shàng yǒu nǐ rú shēn páng zài péi guǒ If you are by my side as always, rú guǒ rú yǒu guǒ nǐ yǒu nǐ péi zài péi shēn zài shēn páng My foundation will last forever. jiǔ biàn zhǎng fěn dǐ dōu chí dù páng fěn dǐ fěn chí dǐ jiǔ chí dù jiǔ dù dōu dōu biàn biàn zhǎng zhǎng guāng Your gentle gaze mù róu wēn de nǐ nǐ nǐ wēn róu wēn róu de mù de mù guāng is a limited lipstick set. kǒu tào hóng liàng shì zhuāng xiàn guāng shì xiàn shì xiàn liàng kǒu liàng kǒu hóng hóng tào zhuāng tào xīn tiào Heart beating. dòng zhuāng xīn xīn tiào dòng tiào dòng Can’t help to make you nǐ zhù jiāng bù rěn rěn bù rěn bù zhù zhù jiāng nǐ jiāng be forever mine. nǐ cáng zhuān shōu shǔ zhuān zhuān shǔ shōu shǔ shōu cáng cáng Magic on my fingertips jiān mó fǎ de zhǐ zhǐ zhǐ jiān jiān de de mó fǎ mó makes my skin as rime. diǎn rú zhuāng shuāng zhī fū fǎ zhuāng zhuāng diǎn diǎn fū fū zhī rú zhī shuāng rú shuāng nǐ chuān ài xū xiàn guāng shí de shí yòng zhēn guò May this true love ryme through reality’s time. yòng yòng zhēn zhēn ài ài chuān chuān guò xū guò xū nǐ nǐ xiàn xiàn shí shí de de shí shí nǐ qiān bù quán yuàn guāng zhe wǒ shì de shǒu wàng My whole wish is to hold your hand. guāng shǒu shǒu qiān qiān zhe zhe nǐ shì nǐ shì wǒ wǒ de quán de quán bù yuàn bù yuàn wàng wàng In the boundary of cosmos zài shí jiè xiàn kōng zài zài shí shí kōng kōng jiè xiàn jiè Such a Shing makeup zhuāng yī shèng chǎng xiàn yī chǎng yī shèng chǎng shèng zhuāng zhuāng

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