Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang (The Beauty Blogger) Ep 16 Eng Sub | English Subtitle (China Anime)

Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang (The Beauty Blogger) Ep 16 Eng Sub | English Subtitle (China Anime)

Brought to you by Guodong Subs This video is a English subtitles version of this anime.
Please also support the official channel and official comic. Edited at zhī jiàn bù dìng Chuān yǒu yù cì yuè fù liàn xìng yuán ián liún Chuān The love transcends the dimension, makes
every moment precious, once we met Chuān yuè yuè cì yuán cì zhī yuán zhī liàn liàn yǒu yǒu xìng yù xìng yù jiàn jiàn dìng dìng bù fù bù fù liún liún ián ián jiān què shàng shǐ tiān rén chéng qiáo Zòng xiān Zòng Even if the Milky Way lies between us,
one bridge of magpies is our only tie shǐ Zòng tiān shǐ shàng tiān rén shàng rén jiān jiān què qiáo què qiáo chéng xiān chéng xiān Chuān cì yǒu bù zhī fù yuán yuè yù nián xìng liàn jiàn dìng liú Chuān Chuān yuè The love transcends the dimension, makes
every moment precious, once we met yuè cì yuán cì zhī yuán liàn zhī liàn yǒu xìng yǒu xìng yù yù jiàn dìng jiàn dìng bù fù bù fù liú nián liú nián shēng huà huí dié nǎ mèng lí bié pà sǐ nǎ Even if the death finally do us apart,
one butterfly of me on you says hi pà nǎ shēng pà lí shēng sǐ lí sǐ bié bié mèng huí mèng huí huà huà dié dié shā wèi chǎng shàng xiǎng céng Never have I thought, on the battlefield wèi céng wèi xiǎng céng xiǎng shā chǎng shā shàng chǎng shàng sǎo qiān héng mǎ jūn wàn héng the valiant hero never panics sǎo héng qiān sǎo qiān jūn jūn wàn wàn mǎ zhī xiāng zèng gāo wǒ zé mǎ would send me gifts of cosmetics zèng zèng wǒ wǒ gāo zé gāo zé zhī xiāng zhī xiāng qīng wèi céng chí páng xiǎng wèi céng wèi Never have I thought, by that clear pond xiǎng céng xiǎng qīng qīng chí páng chí páng de nà mù jiān yì guāng nà your determined gaze on me jiān nà yì jiān yì de mù de guāng mù xīn cǐ fáng lào wǒ yìn cóng guāng cóng would brand my heart firmly cǐ cóng cǐ lào lào yìn yìn wǒ xīn wǒ fáng xīn fáng luō shēn yǒu chang rén zhuo jǐn yī jiā yǒu Beauties in silk and faille jiā yǒu jiā rén shēn rén shēn zhuo zhuo jǐn yī jǐn luō yī chang luō chang huā duì jìng yuè lüè tiē shū zhèng huáng yún zhèng is adorning themselves before the mirror shū zhèng shū yún yún lüè lüè yuè yuè duì jìng duì jìng tiē huā tiē huā huáng huáng wǒ nǐ mǒ ài zhōng wú suǒ dàn nóng què zhuāng wèi nǐ But you are only fond of me, never care what I put on què nǐ què zhōng zhōng ài ài wǒ wǒ wú suǒ wú suǒ wèi wèi dàn dàn mǒ mǒ nóng nóng zhuāng zhuāng shī huò sù mú fěn yàng qīng dài bù huò even my natural looks without makeup huò bù shī bù shī fěn fěn dài dài qīng sù qīng sù mú yàng mú yàng bù yuán jiàn yuè chuān yǒu zhī xìng nián fù cì liàn liú dìng yù chuān yuè chuān cì The love transcends the dimension, makes
every moment precious, once we met yuè yuán cì zhī yuán zhī liàn liàn yǒu xìng yǒu xìng yù yù jiàn jiàn dìng dìng bù fù bù fù liú liú nián sǐ nǎ dié pà lí huí shēng huà bié mèng nián nǎ Even if the death finally do us apart,
one butterfly of me on you says hi pà nǎ shēng pà lí shēng sǐ lí sǐ bié bié mèng mèng huí huà huí huà dié dié qián jìng qiǎn zhuāng shēn yánsè huàméi xìshuō huò buzhī bà jìng qián jìng The makeup I just put on, makes you tease
me about its colour, every time huàméi qián huàméi zhuāng zhuāng bà xìshuō bà xìshuō buzhī buzhī yánsè yánsè shēn shēn huò huò qiǎn yuè mián chán suì yǔ jiān yíng yíng le xiào qiǎn xiào All the moments we have, The chuckles linger on yǔ xiào yíng yǔ yíng yíng jiān yíng jiān chán chán mián le mián suì le suì yuè yuè All the moments we have, The chuckles linger on yíng yǔ jiān yíng xiào xiào xiào yǔ yíng yǔ yíng yíng jiān yíng jiān suì le mián yuè chán you you chán you chán mián mián le le suì suì yuè yuè Translator : cuttle , kev_lu First proof : kev_lu Second proof : Kuramura Timer&Effect&Encoder : Yuuki Episode 16 A wall of air? A BUG of the game? You’re good at joking. Quming city is beautiful. It looks nice. Is there any place to visit? The most famous scenic spot is the Yunwu hill. If you would like, we can accompany you while you go sightseeing. Okay. I’ll go some other day. Is there any special snack in Quming? There are many. Rice noodles meet, bamboo cake, bamboo rice. As for bamboo rice, does Yun Li love the sweet or salty one? Sweet. Oh my God. He’s really good at prying. I mean the sweet one is more delicious. Your Highness must taste it. You can’t try its original taste outside Quming. Fifth brother. Baba: Daddy. In China, netizens like to call people with wealth and power “Baba”,
such as Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. Fifth Baba (prince)? Baba? Thanks. Where is Yun Li? Your Highness, there must be a misunderstanding. I was explaining to the seventh prince just now. Yun Li isn’t our family member, maybe he is in Zhaoyang… Ah! I’ll ask you again. Where is Yun Li? The fifth prince is really like a bossy CEO. Miss Si, it’s a letter to you from Her Majesty. To me? Is there any water? You’re really troublesome. Kill me. Let me die instantly. Yun Li. I’ve said, “Go back to the capital.” The provisions from the court have arrived. Why do you need to do this? I want to help you. What? Shall I go to the Laundry Bureau at her will? Why does Her Majesty blame me for leaving the palace? What does my mum write? You mother writes… You just do what you like to do happily. Leave it to me. I won’t let you go to the Laundry Bureau. But… No “But”. Buy something you like. I didn’t expect Quming to be so prosperous. Genuine Leather lipstick and Les Merveilleuses blesher. Your Highness, which color is better? Seventh brother, look at you. Look, No.1 to 6 has glitter but others do not. No.2 is lilac which makes girls’ skin look white. No.4, No.6 and No.10 are completely different. But all can make the skin look healthy. Mhm. What do you think about No.5? Um. Dull-red, looks like being beaten. No, this certainly makes the skin look white and healthy, glowing with the ruddy bloom. Fifth prince, accept my worship! Let’s visit Yun Li later. Mhm. Your Highness went out very early. Yun Li wanted to eat Hundun, so I bought one. Yun Li is a happy baby, You like this? I can do it for you, too. What? I’ll become fat! Hush. He fell asleep again. He is too tired these days. I hope Yun Li can be well soon. Fifth brother, I hope to go to the frontier with you. Don’t go. It’s dangerous now, you may lose your life. Is it so dangerous? Last time he was captured, but he was still alive. Why do you mention this? Must you say it in front of me? I went to “He-qin”, too. Hahaha, you become more and more like a couple. Say the issue. This time is not a matter of strategy. It’s a matter of supernatural events. Ah? Go to another place. Mhm. Really? Is there such a wall? Mhm. Is it a bug of the game? Your Highness, have many people died because of it? Ah, all the soldiers who attacked the walk didn’t come back alive. Our arrows can’t go through. But the enemy can shoot us. I’ll go with you. Stop. I’m persuading him not to go, but now even you want to go? I’ll go back to my room and talk to you later. Maybe I can help you. I think the girl in love has already forgotten me. Jack, there might be a bug in the game. It’s normal to have a bug. But this bug has killed many people. It can’t go on like this. Heland Pass Heland Pass Heland Pass This is really a bug. It’s okay to ask the production team to delete it. But it may produce a new logical bug. For instance? If the wall disappears, corpses will fall in to the water and pollute it, causing the plague. If we delete the corpses, other characters will notice it. It will become another supernatural event in their mind. According to the butterfly effect, anything can happen. Then what shall we do? Solve it in a player’s way. You can be an adviser to them. I can apply for extra rewards for you. This task can kill me. SK facial treatment essence has been recorded in the rewards. It’s over 1,000 wen a bottle, but not worth losing my life. You won’t die. I’ll save the data for you at the frontier. It’s not only a bottle. You’ve never used up your cosmetics. No, I won’t. There are many corpses and flies. Balance water and oil, wipe off closed comedones,
keep your skin in the best condition. Give your face a new life, make it firm and stretchy. Countless makeup bloggers buy it unlimited
times, long-term use has excellent effects. There is no other disadvantage except the price. You’re wrong, sensitive skin types can’t use it. But you aren’t the sensitive skin type. Deal. I have a brilliant idea. I’ll come out and help you. Come out? I, the most handsome man in the cosmetic empire, the omnipotent NPC and Hu merchant Jack, comes back again. A wall of air? It’s a piece of cake. First we find a way to clear up the corpses. When the two sides start fighting, we delete the wall. Then they can’t discover it. How shall we do it in detail? You tell them something like this… Good morning, everybody. Good morning, everybody. -Good morning. Why has he come? I wrote a letter to him and told him about the wall. Miss Si, did you sleep in the same room last night? No, it’s not like what you think. He arrived in the morning. We just talked for a while. I see. The seventh prince and the Hu merchant, which one do you like? Don’t talk nonsense! I won’t. No matter which one you like, I’m on your side. After all, we were friends in the Laundry Bureau. Stop chatting. Let’s go to the Heland Pass. Siyan, I want to tell you, several days before… You’re in danger now. Look at the Hu people. He went into Siyan’s room directly without telling anyone. Their relationship is clearly unusual. Which side are you on? I’ll help you. We are brothers. Look. Seventh brother bought it. He was embarrassed to give it to you. I saw it. So now I’ve taken it to you. Trendy color? It’s not the taste of the seventh prince. I’ll ride the horse for you. I haven’t sat well. Giddyap! I just wanted to tease you, but you became angry. I’m a bit sympathetic to the Hu merchant. Remember which side you are on. You’re on my side, I’m on the seventh brother’s side. YoYoYo, how can the Hu people lose easily? My horse won’t lose to yours. You’re the most beautiful cloud. Hard to speak out my love. Although he rides the horse casually, look at his speed. He keeps constant speed with his strength. The seventh brother can’t get away from him. The man is unfathomable. Wait. There is something wrong. Oh no, that is… -The group of the imperial envoy. Why has the imperial envoy come? I think there is something wrong. We can only wait and see. The ninth brother is in the camp. The ninth brother is not reassuring. The wind was strange, too. Giddyap! Hey, my wine spilled out! Can’t the rider watch out for it? You really keep close to us. The decree of His Majesty. Fifth and seventh brother, you have saved Yun Li? The seventh prince left the palace without permission, and incited the commander to leave the camp. Cane him 50 times. You can’t hit him. He has been hit twice this month. The fifth prince couldn’t capture Heland Pass and left the camp. You should be dismissed, but you had achievements, so capture Heland Pass in 3 days, or the punishment will be combined. Hey, Mr Wang, you didn’t say something like this two days ago. Why do you change your words? My God! Shut up! Fifth prince, will you accept the decree? Come, arrest the seventh prince. Siyan, when can we meet again? I’m bored with the characters created by data. Come and play with me! Si
Yan bì zhōng zhī lóu yìng wǎ gōng qù jìng lái zhē qiū zhū shí chūn qiáng Seasons flowing inside those walls, Sunlight floating on ornet castles. yáng chūn qù chūn qù qiū qiū lái shí lái shí gōng qiáng gōng qiáng zhī zhōng zhī zhōng zhū zhū lóu lóu bì wǎ bì jìng wǎ yìng jìng zhē yìng yáng zhē yáng Such a beauty, combing for whom, Primping just for whose coming. shéi dào jìng duì fǎ shù lái wéi jiā miá děng guī zhuāng rén omó shū děng dào děng jiā dào rén jiā rén wéi wéi shéi shù shéi shù fǎ fǎ guī guī lái duì lái jìng duì jìng miá miá omó shū omó shū zhuāng zhuāng de qīng wǎn Am I dreaming while simling in the morning Wide awake, while breezing, night is falling. huǎng shì lái lǐ rán yī mèng fēng jiǎo yáng jì liáng zuǐ yòu xǐng huǎng rán huǎng mèng rán mèng lǐ lǐ zuǐ jiǎo zuǐ qīng jiǎo yáng qīng xǐng yáng lái xǐng yòu lái shì yòu shì yī jì yī de jì wǎn de wǎn fēng liáng fēng liáng huà rú yǎn huí nǐ méi wàng Looking back, your features, a painting. huí wàng huí nǐ wàng nǐ méi yǎn méi rú yǎn rú huà zhè jiān xiōng kè zài kǒu nà chà yī fā yìn tàng Wait a sec, right this sec, you make my chest burning. huà chà nà chà jiān nà zhè jiān yī zhè kè yī yìn kè zài yìn xiōng zài kǒu xiōng fā kǒu fā tàng tàng Your calming, dashing face. de chén jùn nǐ liǎn lǎng páng wěn nǐ chén nǐ wěn chén jùn wěn jùn lǎng de lǎng liǎn de liǎn páng is carved on the tip of my heart. shàng zài cáng jì wǒ xīn zhēn láo bèi páng bèi wǒ bèi láo wǒ láo jì zhēn jì cáng zhēn cáng zài xīn zài shàng xīn shàng shēn guǒ If you are by my side as always, zài yǒu péi rú nǐ páng rú guǒ rú yǒu guǒ nǐ yǒu nǐ péi péi zài shēn zài páng shēn My foundation will last forever. dù biàn dōu chí jiǔ zhǎng dǐ fěn páng fěn dǐ fěn chí dǐ jiǔ chí dù jiǔ dōu dù biàn dōu biàn zhǎng Your gentle gaze zhǎng de róu wēn nǐ guāng mù nǐ nǐ wēn róu wēn róu de mù de mù guāng is a limited lipstick set. xiàn kǒu liàng tào shì zhuāng hóng guāng shì xiàn shì liàng xiàn kǒu liàng kǒu hóng hóng tào zhuāng Heart beating. tào tiào dòng xīn zhuāng xīn tiào xīn dòng tiào Can’t help to make you dòng zhù rěn bù nǐ jiāng rěn bù rěn zhù bù jiāng zhù nǐ jiāng be forever mine. nǐ cáng shǔ zhuān shōu zhuān zhuān shǔ shōu shǔ shōu cáng cáng Magic on my fingertips jiān zhǐ de mó fǎ zhǐ zhǐ jiān jiān de de mó fǎ mó makes my skin as rime. shuāng diǎn fū zhī rú zhuāng fǎ zhuāng zhuāng diǎn diǎn fū zhī fū rú zhī rú shuāng shuāng May this true love ryme through reality’s time. de xū shí shí xiàn guāng guò nǐ ài zhēn yòng chuān yòng yòng zhēn zhēn ài ài chuān chuān guò xū guò xū nǐ nǐ xiàn shí xiàn shí de de shí shí bù wǒ de wàng quán shǒu guāng My whole wish is to hold your hand. nǐ yuàn zhe qiān shì shǒu guāng shǒu qiān qiān zhe zhe nǐ shì nǐ shì wǒ wǒ de quán de quán bù yuàn bù yuàn wàng wàng In the boundary of cosmos xiàn jiè shí kōng zài zài zài shí shí kōng kōng jiè xiàn jiè Such a Shing makeup yī shèng zhuāng chǎng xiàn yī yī chǎng chǎng shèng shèng zhuāng zhuāng

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  1. 14:24 omggg Jack😂😂😂is he rapping? Lolz and was that holler at the end haha..also that poor bird be like what in the world

  2. Well I thinking when do them change the subject cause I DON'T TO SEE THAT STUPID GURL IN THIS VIDEO sorry but I think you guys know who it is

  3. yun li is a useless crybaby while the fifth prince is too impulsive 😑 the typical shoujo mc's I despise lol thank goodness they aren't the mc's

  4. sorry. .. you might hate me for this butt… i dont like the character of the 7th prince! hes to possessive in a way that kinda annoying and sometimes being dumb!

  5. I fell off my bed wen Jack started using the Korean teenage accent 😍😘🤣. I understood how the bird felt

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