Shocking Identity Of Blogging Prostitute Revealed

Shocking Identity Of Blogging Prostitute Revealed

years there’s been this anonymous
prostitute who blocks by the name of belle de jour when alright there have
been books written about her there’ve been movies made about her uh… and she’s always been synonymous
woman who’s talked about her sexual rendezvous so you know she’s like a legend she’s a
prostitute legend stepped up i like this but is that like a good thing when
you’re a legend among prostitutes i mean this one sounds amazing shipped enright if they write books
about her and make a movie about her she has to be fascinating in when we are no
guarantees a wife you both so fast she’s fascinating because she just revealed
her identity but she was that same before these
people knew that she was you know someone who
is not run-of-the-mill riding who she was assigned and so they did dated i
don’t know if they knew she was a scientist over i think they just under a fascinating
because she was so uh… i guess candid with their experience as
a big issues a professional of some sort right selam she’s finally revealed herself her
name is broke magnet mag ninety main anti magnetic okay don t uh… anyway she is actually a
researcher at the university of bristol as she was getting her ph d she was a
prostitute to make money to pay for her degree right cell you know a lot of people have this
misconception that n we’ve talked about this before this misconception the prostitutes are
always these you know poor uneducated women that are out of
choice who have no choice but this woman had a choice haitians educated she is
educated she’s intelligent and that’s why i find earnings and the
people who were she works with at the university of purcell state out first of all that facial say
that it’s the not our businesses that are passed et cetera so that’s cool
which is amazing yet that’s that’s up action apply the
story that i couldn’t believe because you know in any other i dot
situation to be like needs to be a prostitute sorry sorry forgiven in this case they like hello
you do it so met my favorite part of the story
with the people that she works with uh… professors of seta auto so it
might well if i was quite slowly pouring out schools will to explore pin you know that’s a really are really i wondered any of them will but i in
guarantee they’re all thank you so was that they can do it we can you imagine if you find out what
are your colleagues was a poor whatever your gonna officer i will look
for you this is not relevant to formally who kept rerouting had discussed hooper i’ve discussed and i find it
amazing ok farrakhan a gossip a little bit off yahoo truck is spare parts it to you right yellow but it was a good guy you know i call it turns out that john
was a protestant like email jiggling yet must manage it was in a way billy was a
big deal but i do it for guys today institutions
attractive obviously attractive grow up work picture what a story will offer mister and or get out the sheet the fishes
parts that you just like a miserable but uh… if i if you would think you
would not do that of course if you look at the point which
is working as a lawyer i mean there’s no reason why she did it
is so she could pay for your p_h_d_ no i understand it fit good buckle up across it did i wouldn’t do it but i see a lot of
guys would be time to do i like how can i just a ford fantastically you see i don’t know if you get what i’m
saying it’s because they know her insurance and like the idea i think for
a guy to walk down the street and there’s a hooker dictator two and three of you obviously a lot of guys for or under
whatever the prices sure a lot i guess by the killing that’s why those gross
find work but they don’t find it like super appealing they find it appealing itzel attractive
woman that they already know total benefits attractive woman at the
already now and some of the already work for there’s a certain level of respect
between them it’s not about to go up to the woman an
offer money for sex it’s it’s a different ido but if they could eliminated i think it but i don’t think
i would actually have the balls to do something dot disrespectful in a work
environment at least one of them is good okay lex luther perry theater so uh… anyway
uh… battered for brilliantly brilliant
himself bottle with a quick make this happen
well but afterwards yeah uh… liquefied over my dead man and it’s about the cause i’m just trying to stay here for a
little busy at solar cells on ask you something so here at your company
single-day and we have some of the amount we have some female intern
working for us for several months are not even for a
couple years just operatives other intern voted to repeal i’m not going to
do it at that this place under a lot to my we’d look
at your place of work that’s right known wrong this cuz i isle of a care about this
question and i wanted him to go wrong and i’m the boss so i would not wanna have echoed by mid knowing would want
for since both sides that on bagger job i don’t care about bike
when we’ll jump webmaster you know that uh… how do you think
that your legal job market but that doesn’t help because you
despise that job there needs to be like a happy medium
like a job that you need to use you really need that job the neighboring drought uh… anyways are someplace award you
would this is not that is not that still remains a job that you need to tell you
that i got it market on the ballot wendy that television i work for my eyes his job
are really a lot and really liked it a satisfied in run the place et cetera go activity at second like what you do not
pretend i didn’t know i don’t know i i i think about them put myself in the
alright so you’re lambi alright there’s uh… attractive female there louisiana power position thought that he should approve it are c it is to their people with lots of high positions appear amy
dot jaya like that job at that adams i was thinking about it sounds
like or you can just go by one of them now i know that there’s no question in a
you know i don’t know i a lot of other you’re really angry okay bottle of batman cordoned off so this is not you don’t know she’s
actually gonna take it like all that’s different plant that’s all you know i
would miss alter like that i think she’s done with it and i wouldn’t go up for no inside and
they had to sit there and i thought you find that she’s active unedited yeah
well you don’t know whether or not she zack if you have no idea library
medicare as issue baker were right okay none of that it prosecute why
wouldn’t she act but i’m talking about she used to be a prostitute you found
out about her pass no i don’t i think something i grew okay because they were in a professional
environment she’s moved on with their life and then to come back and person
which is always going to be a prostitute now astro i don’t know that they’re doing t_v_
committee did about him and i am now now now you got about that are not no because no well okay acceptable ishi’s inactive prostitute and she’s looking for a client you’re
helping out how does this drought that’s what i’m
trying to do that’s what i do i hope this is our i’m a bad today rose walks of life show at the entourage starcom

100 thoughts on “Shocking Identity Of Blogging Prostitute Revealed

  1. For everyone in the comments who are like "I would never do that!" Shut up. Just because you wouldn't do it doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to.

  2. she never seems to understand the Male point of view! lol. she needs to open her mind a lil more. lol.

  3. Ir's illegal because society deems it so. Not everyone sees it as immoral. Homosexuality, cheating and abortion used to be crimes in many countries until there was a change in the way society sees these behaviors and no longer feels that they should be punished. It's just a job in my opinion and in every job we sell a part of ourselves, prostitutes sell sex. Sex is okay, getting paid for work is okay, but when you add the two somehow this is wrong?

  4. I don't agree that people sell a part of them self for every job. Especially not a literal part of there self. A woman selling her body to make money doesn't seem morale to me. And btw, i am completely against abortion, it is just justifying killing a baby.

  5. Well, they are not literally selling a part of their bodies, she is not literally selling away her body. Society sees one night stands as okay but the minute money changes hands, there's a problem.Women are allowed to sell their wombs but not sex? And I don't agree with you on the abortion, not every ejaculation deserves a name. And believe, most of the times, you are doing these children a favor.

  6. What?! How is killing the child doing it a favor?! And i view one night stands as immoral too.. but i understand your point. And technically, she is selling part of her body.

  7. how talented is that? by the time she gets her phd. shes ready to settle down. most women now continues because their broke.

  8. yeah….its a real job…I have nothing against prostitution when it is last solution….but in this case….no way

  9. lol. the choice she made to pay for college is morally and legally questionable, but she graduated college and obtained a doctorate. Far more impressive than the countless kids that drop out of college even though their parents front the majority of the costs.

  10. Love these old days of TYT when Cenk and Ana were happy to spend 5 minutes seriously dicussing hypothetical prostitution scenarios, hahaha.

  11. True, but it's also against the law. So let's not hear your bleeding heart crying about injustice when she goes to jail for it.

  12. Oh, fuck the law. When it comes to personal liberty, everybody everywhere should defend it on the principle of freedom, and that's not a bleeding heart concept you dipshit.

  13. Prostituting isn't fair and should be illegal because men cant really use undesirable basic body unless on female hormones for year at good age hur.

  14. It's not illegal in some countries . And some countries have laws that makes it illegal but in practice the laws are not always enforced .

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  16. You ask her if she has a web site to cue in whether or not she is active. If she says what do you mean by website? You respond, oh nothing.

  17. So 20 seconds to tell us a blogging prostitute revealed her identity, and 7 minutes and 30 seconds to argue wether or not you should ask her for business. Idiots.

  18. lol his face at 4:13 WOW. on another note. honestly, my heart breaks for this woman, whether she has a phd or not. my heart breaks for what she went through.

  19. What she went through? Have you seen secret diary of a call girl? She was in control, she liked sex, people shouldn't be so hung up about the oldest profession

  20. When you get right down to it all he is really saying is having sex with someone you know is more appealing than having sex with a stranger. Nothing about that makes you a bad person.

  21. The woman should better inform herself and do some research as to why Belle Du Jour is so famous. She doesn't seem to have the slightest idea.

  22. The woman should better inform herself and do some research as to why Belle Du Jour is so famous. She doesn't seem to have the slightest idea.

  23. The vast majority of people wouldn't prostitute themselves even if they were going hungry and were about to be kicked out on the street. She did it to pay for a degree? Yup, it takes a special type of person to willingly sell out their most intimate parts to strangers.

  24. In Waikiki all the hookers are clean and most are hot. In Tijuana there's a percentage of them who are also clean and hot and most of them can be had for under fifty dollars, about a quarter of the price in Hawaii. Those are the only locales about which I have knowledge.

  25. Most men are gigolos anyway ? If a man said most women are whores would that be acceptable ? Who IS this woman that she has such a negative attitude towards men ? If you're an honorable man you learn to like the woman and get to know her long before you ever have sex with her. Can a woman be a sexist pig ? I think so. This woman is one IMHO.

  26. Is prostitution legal in the USA? In the UK I think its pretty hard to be associated with it legally, even though I don't believe its technically illegal (to to all intents and purposes it is). 

  27. This is so out of the ordinary. 99.9% of prostitutes are being pushed into it very young by pimps or traffickers. Most become dependent on drugs if not from the beginning it eventually leads to drugs in their attempt to cope and self medicate. I hear constantly how this is a victimless crime and that simply is not true. Most strippers prostitutes and porn stars will tell you while their in it that its their choice and they love sex blah blah. The moment they have another option with outside….

  28. …. Support they run for the hills and talk all about how damaging it is. In the same way you cant sell your kidneys or right arm to someone willing to pay for it you shouldnt be allowed to sell your body. No one would wake up one day and say I think I'll sell my kidney because I really want a new car or rent is due. No they would only do it in dire circumstances where they feel they have no other options. Its the same with sex and your body. Most women that werent trafficked or forced into….

  29. …. It have similar stories of sexual and or physical abuse in childhood. Are there some women that choose to be prostitutes and cope with it better than most? Yes but that is not common or the majority. I hear arguments about how stripping and escorting or porn put them through college and its BS. I know a lot of college grads and not one of them paid for school through the sex industry. These lies are perpetuated by men making huge profits off the destruction of women. It really is sick…..

  30. …. And these women shouldnt be treated like criminals. They should be rescued and be given help to recover from the drugs brainwashing and loss of self worth. Im not a Christian trying to force my biblical morality onto you. These are the col hard facts of this life. I challenge you to have a serious talk with some of these women in a safe environment and the wall starts to crack really fast. Women are not to be sold!! If I wanted to sell myself as a slave it wouldnt be allowed so why even…

  31. I am principally in favour of prostitution, everybody should have a choice. But in practice, lots of women are in prostitution against their will. This group is more important than the few women who do it because they like it. Who cares some women enjoy it? If others are forced to do it that is a really good reason to ban it. However prostitution will always exist so banning it will make it worse. That's why I ultimately believe it should be legalized, so that it can be regulated and the women get to have employee rights.

  32. Cenk just totally contradicted himself he went from saying yea I'd ask how much I'm sure that's what all her professors/peers are thinkings. To "I'd only ask if it was clear she was active I wouldn't assume because she was once a Prostituite she always will be" You implied exactly that, which was that if you knew this girl you'd attempt to solicit sex from her. He's more than entitled to his own opinion, all I ask is he be honest about what he initially said/meant when he's being recorded. They would tear anyone else a new one for saying that.

  33. I hate this man, why do think because she was prostitute in the past she is a whore. He disgusts me.

  34. proven scientific fact that women are more highly sexed then men. don't project your shame onto us, you love the dick, can't get enough, and it's all you think about. WHORES!

  35. Prostitutes…which is a term that is insulting. Female providers should be respected AS women. And they aren't because of outrage, religion and an outdated sense of morality. There's NO huge feminist movement for them as sex workers, is there ? Where's the feminist & liberal outrage ? And there should be. Many of these women have children, grandchildren, are educated & couldn't find a high paying job because of the glass ceiling. And a lot of them are not drugged out & pimped out " whores ", though that's how " polite " society sees them.

  36. so according to ana's standards it's ok and amazing if I pay for my college tuition by selling drugs and being a pimp.

  37. Reminds me of a movie in which a former prostitute is coercively recruited to work with the police on a case. One scene features a high-ranking cop leering at her and she simply replies, "You couldn't afford me."

  38. it seems to me that Americans are completely obsessed with prostitution. I live in a city where prostitution is legal and I encounter hookers occasionally when I happen to be in certain parts of the city. Some of the prostitutes are quite attractive, but I am usually not tempted by their offers. Also, I don't think that high level prostitutes, i.e., escorts like Belle de Jour, can be compared to the women working on the streets. Very different working conditions, very different customers, I would assume.

  39. Not even one picture, just these two assholes running at the mouth, ugh, that's why I hate their channel!

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