Shooting at Maryland newspaper office

Shooting at Maryland newspaper office

Yeah, unfortunately at this point
I don’t have any information on the suspect.
At this point we believe that it is one suspect but, again,
that’s one of the many things that we have to go through
in our checklist to make sure that that building is secure.
We need to make sure that there is just one suspect,
we need to make sure that there’s no other people
that are suspects or that helped this individual
and we need to make sure that there’s no type of bombs
or anything inside that building. So, all those things we have
to think about to make sure that people are safe inside
that building. So again, our number one priority
is getting people from that building outside safely. I can’t confirm
exactly how many injuries. I do know that we do have injuries
that was first called in. So again, we don’t anticipate
this being some type of a mass, major casualty with hundreds
of injuries but we do have injuries and so we’re doing our very best
to make sure that those people receive care and, you know,
we’re doing our very best to make sure everybody else
is evacuated out of there.

17 thoughts on “Shooting at Maryland newspaper office

  1. How come American shootings get immediate live coverage in the Guardian but Islamist attacks get an opinion piece calling for calm?

  2. This is getting redicioulus why so many shootings why are these people shooting up these places schools, newspaper offices, youtube headquarters what have those people done to deserve that something has to be done

  3. i think some of these things seem staged or a False flag. If anyone was killed, that is terrible. But i dont see the names or pictures of the victims. I don't see any blood. All we have is the TV telling us what happened. Who knows what happened.

  4. the police spokesman is wearing too much makeup. this feels like a drill. so much media , firetrucks , helicopters cameras , people walking calmly , and now Pelosi is already screaming gun control. something big is about to go down , this feels like a diversion .
    and yet nobody knows anything ??? and don' say the situation is fluid ,that's a dead giveaway for a CIA operation.

  5. FALSE FLAG TER FUQ. To push back against Trumps anti mainstream media thetoric. They will try blame Trump for this. And distract from ongoing criminal investigations in America

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