Shooting Reported At Capital Gazette Newspaper In Maryland | NBC News

Shooting Reported At Capital Gazette Newspaper In Maryland | NBC News

59 thoughts on “Shooting Reported At Capital Gazette Newspaper In Maryland | NBC News

  1. This is what happens when the president insists on continually calling the press the enemy of the American people.

  2. This is happening because this president is being so hateful and being So divisive… He has not clue how to guide this Nation

  3. Another mass killing in a GUN FREE ZONE. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. How many people need to die before we allow people to protect themselves?

  4. It is time to crackdown on all of these shooters with severe and swift consequences, whether they be terrorists, or domestic nut cases. If the punishment is severe there will be less of this! Our court system must get tougher and not softer! For those trying to blame our president, that is stupid beyond measure!!! It is because of him that we have not had further problems than we already have! He is right on re securing our borders! We must, or we will have more drugs, more terrorists, more crime. As for this incident, once it is clear that indeed he is the shooter and that has been established, then the punishment should include
    torture and then public hanging. I absolutely believe this is part of the way to deal with this.
    There are many things happening in society right now but we must get tougher.

  5. I believe in God and I am a Christian and all…And even I say thoughts and prayers are just not enough anymore, it helps comfort but it does not fix the problem!!! There is a serious problem with guns and an even scarier problem with this world. ♥️

  6. Shooting in Maryland!
    Friend said not unusual people get shot in every country in the world, why blame the US for having too many guns.
    My answer:
    But not anywhere near as often as in the US. Australia has a population of 24 million, 53 shooting deaths 2017. US has a population 300 million 43,000 shooting deaths in 2017. You do the math. Its not just having too many guns, its too many sociopaths with or access to guns. Time to wake up America.

  7. This was apparently an attack on the ”enemy of the people”, according to the president.
    And his hate speech may very well have incited it.
    These are indeed historic times. This is bigger than an ”ordinary” mass shooting.
    This is a violent attack on one of the core pillars of democracy itself.

  8. The mind is the most powerful weapon. The key to this systemic problem is Education. We need to teach how to gain control over ones thoughts, actions and feelings.

  9. How to fell safe when some crazy people live in a country where you can buy a gun out of store like they need that just like any other acessory . The way america sells guns is way too reckless.

  10. President Poroshenko has killed more than 240 children in his country, while the US supports him ….

  11. Standard Fake News is to
    1. Point at the shooters race (only if white)
    2. Attack the gun used and the Constitution (2nd Amendment)
    3. Blame God Emperor Trump (only applicable if first two conditions are met)
    4. Ignore the dozens killed every weekend in democrat gun-controlled cities
    5. Repeat steps 1-5 for one week

  12. Week ago. Semi false flag

  13. Total hoax…again. It's unbelievable how utterly braindead the American people have become, this is such staged nonsense.

  14. "A single shooter shot multiple people at my office, some of whom are dead," he wrote. Davis added: "There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're under your desk and then hear the gunman reload."
    Carry a gun, and get out from under your desk, and shoot him while he is reloading. There, problem solved.

  15. This story goes away just as soon as the Fake News discovers that they can’t exploit the tragedy with the “White Male” angle.

  16. He has personal grudge against the newspaper. This is the most likely why he did.

  17. My heart is broken for all victims/workers/family. We don't know who or why but I do know the the CONSTANT promoting HATE VIOLENCE DOOM GLOOM ANTI-TRUMP twisting EVERY thing he does good into NEGATIVE HATE by MSM. CNN MSNBC, ABC,CBS MAXINE WATERS HAS TO STOP OR BLOODS ON THEIR HANDS! VIOLENCE IS NOT OK.

  18. Super fake news once again. Do your research please. Jerrod W. Ramos had a feud with the Capital Gazette as far back as 2011. The left is jubilant about this shooting as it is beneficial to them. Easy to paint it as a white male randomly killing the poor press due to falling for Trump propaganda. Far from the truth. Besides his name being a big clue, back in 2011 the paper printed a guilty plea on a criminal harrassment charge. He sued for defamation and lost. Not excusing his sick and deranged actions but this isn't what the press would like you to believe. Mean ole wypepo aren't hunting down the journos. For the conspiracy theorists among you, this perfectly distracts from the Rosenstein hearings that day.

  19. Another shooting incident??What's happening in the US? It's getting Normal that every now and that there's shooting incidence…Sad

  20. Latino Newspaper Shooter Jarrod Ramos Targeted Whites and Jews During Shooting Rampage

  21. I live a couple streets away from the scene

    Edit: it honestly hurts to know that the one place I felt the safest in, doesn’t feel safe anymore.

    Edit 2: this is America. It’s sad to say that this is the normal in our country. 😭

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