Shopify Blog Tutorial – Easy Blog Posts

Shopify Blog Tutorial – Easy Blog Posts

hey it’s Hoz here and today I’m going to show you how to publish a blog post on your Shopify store if you have a Shopify store and you want to know how to use the blog how to get blogging then this is the video for you. Of course this is a great way for any online store to promote itself you can blog about your offers you definitely should be blogging about your products and you can also blog about special promotions and coupons and so on. Okay so I’m in my own Shopify store this is my demo store all you’re gonna do on your dashboard is go to the online store icon here on your left hand navigation menu and that will load this page. Now this is the themes page and if you look here on your left hand side it’s simply the first page that’s on this session that’s why that page loaded. You want to click on the second one which is blog posts and that will actually take you to the blog. Now I haven’t created any blog posts and that’s why you’re seeing this page so let’s click on the create a blog post button. Now here is a super simple set up this is a straightforward text editor that has all the things that you should be used to in a text editor these are all formatting tools such as bold italic underline and also a bulleted list and numbered lists as well as indents and alignment; you also have the ability to create links and add tables add images and add videos. Okay so let’s create a blog post I’m going to call this my first blog post so that’s the title let me fix that there and this is the body so this is my first blog post and what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna copy and just paste this a few times because you don’t want to be watching me type here like this so I’m just gonna do this like this okay so now we have a little bit of content so this we can pretend is the first blog post. Now I’m gonna select let’s say this sentence and I’m gonna bold that one of course you know how these things work already I’m just going through some of the tools here I’m gonna select and italise that bit and I’ll just show you one thing that I haven’t actually mentioned and this is the ability to create different headlines so let’s call this the headline I’m going to highlight that text and here on the formatting I’m going to select headline one and another thing that you can do that I didn’t actually mention is that you can actually change the color of your text which can come in pretty handy when you want to highlight something that’s really important. Now when it comes to adding an image just make sure that your cursor is flashing wherever you want the image to go and then you just click the insert image icon and this will give you a number of options. To add your image you can upload a file from your computer if you have an image that you want to use you can also choose any of your product images or you can go to URL and type in the URL where the image actually resides so what I’m gonna do in this case is I’m gonna actually choose one of my product images and what I’m going to do here is I’m actually going to make that quite small 160 by 160 let’s do that one. You’ll see here that you have a menu where you can actually control the size of your image and that’s really handy so once you have your image selected and you have the size that you want you click on insert image and there it is. Now you’ll notice that the text is actually below the image and it doesn’t look very appealing so what you can do is click on the image again and then click on the image icon because that’s going to enable you to edit different attributes of the image so if I click on that you have the ability to add spacing to the top bottom left and right you also have an alignment feature so you can align your image and you have an option here to wrap text around the image which is what we want to do in this case so I’m going to click on and then I’m going to click on edit image and you can see here that now the text is wrapped around the image and that gets you a nice-looking blog post. Okay so we are ready to publish this blog post all you have to do here is go to the top right hand corner where you see this visibility box and you want to set the blog post to visible and then you simply click Save at the top of your screen and that blog post is now published. Now let me just tell you that you can actually set the specific publishing date so you can click on this link here and you have a calendar and this is really handy if you create a lot of blog posts and you want to schedule them to be automatically published let’s say for example one month ahead and that way you don’t have to keep logging into your dashboard to publish that post and all you do there is you create all the blog posts and you click Save when you’re done and just in case I confuse to you there let me just go back one step: you can create as many blog posts as you want and keep them hidden and then just save them and that will keep them as drafts and you might want to do that if you’re writing a long blog post or if you simply haven’t finished writing the blog post let’s say that you start and then you have to do something else well you save the blog post it doesn’t go live it’s just there and then the next time you log into your store you can go back to your blog posts area and click on the blog post and continue writing so that’s where you would use that hidden feature it stops them from going live and it enables you to build a library if you like of draft posts now once you have that draft post completed let’s say that you log back in you edit the post you continue writing and you finish it you have two options you can publish it right there and then in which case you just select the visible and then we click on save or you can select the publish date in this case you would still keep the visible option because you want that posed to be visible when you publish it what all you do here is you click on the calendar and you set the date and the time when you want that blog post to go live. Okay so let’s set that back to visible and click on save and what I want to do now is I’m going to actually view the post if you click on View here right underneath your title this will take you to the page where your blog post is actually published so you can see how easy this is now back in your dashboard if you go back to the left-hand navigation menu and on the online store you go back to blog posts what you’ll see let’s click on a live page what you’ll see at this point is a list of all your blog posts I’ve already published one as you just seen so we have one there if you wanted to edit this post all you would do or any post all you do is you click on the title and that takes you back inside the blog post in edit mode and all you do here is you make the changes that you want let’s let’s just do that actually okay so I’m just gonna type a few words I tell you those are not words those are just random characters but when you do that when you make any changes to your content then the Save button and the discard buttons will appear at the top of your screen so all you do here is you make the edits that you want and then you click Save and you’re good to go so that’s how you publish a blog post on your Shopify store. It’s straightforward it’s well worth doing and you should be doing this to promote your products anyway and on that note click the link below this video and that will take you to another video which is actually a power tip on something that I’ve been doing for a long time with my own online stores and it helps you promote your products very easily and it saves you a lot of time doing so so check out that tip but before you do while you’re here if you enjoyed this video please subscribe to the channel and that way you can keep up-to-date with all these videos and all these tips take it easy and I shall catch you in the next video

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  1. This is the greatest way to get organic traffic to your site. Thank you. Is this a free theme though or one of the paid ones?

  2. Hey, Great Video however can you tell me why only one of my blogs are visible in the top menu on the main page even though I have written 3 ?? Cheers… Tracey

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