Should I Host My Blog on a Subdomain, Sub folder, or Separate Website?

Should I Host My Blog on a Subdomain, Sub folder, or Separate Website?

Now in our last episode,
we explored the question to blog or not to blog? Now I understand that for small business, it might seem daunting to blog on a regular basis.
But to be honest with you, I think that the advantages of blogging are much greater than
not blogging at all. So please check out the last episode on the reasons why you might
want to consider blogging for business. Now if you do decide to add a blog to your business
website, then a question that might arise is, “where should you put your blog?” Should you put your blog on a sub-domain, a sub-folder, or on another website all together, like, “name of the company” and have it hosted on a free blogging
platform like Blogger or WordPress. So here is my recommendation to you. If you decide to start a business blog, always put it on a sub-folder. And a sub-folder is basically
“your company”.com/blog. And here’s why. Basically when you put your blog on a sub-folder, that
allows for every blog post to add pages that are associated with your primary domain, which
basically increases the number of pages your website has, which has the ability to attract
more traffic, more search engine traffic, as well as attract more links, directly…
That are attributed directly to your website. That is the benefit of having your blog on
a sub-folder. A good rule of thumb is to understand that the bigger your website is, the more
powerful it is, especially over time. Now, if you decide to put your blog on a sub-domain, which is basically blog.”your company”.com, what happens is search engines like Google tend to treat sub-domains like separate websites all together. On one side, on one hand, the
search engines understand that the sub-domain is related to your main domain, on the other
hand it treats it as if it were its own domain. So what that means for you is that every additional
page that you add to your blog, it’s not going to be attributed to your main site. It’s going
to be attributed to your sub-domain. And then another issue that that brings up
is that if you attract links to your blog posts, those links and the authority and value
of those backlinks are going to be attributed to your sub-domain, and also not your main
site. Now where this might be a problem is, your main site is probably listing your products.
And so, the end goal is you want to increase your traffic, and increase your ranking for
your product and service pages. Well, if you have your blog on a sub-domain, you are not
going to be achieving that goal, because all those links are going to your new blog posts
which are being treated as a separate domain. So your main business website is not gaining authority over time. Now a lot of people might want to put their
blog on a free, hosted platform like Blogger or WordPress. And the reasoning behind that
is, well, these networks already have a lot of traffic, and maybe I can get more traffic
to my blog, by having my blog be in Well, that certainly might be a factor. However,
one of the things to consider is, again, the more pages you add to your free
blog, the more pages is generating, and the more links it’s attracting as well.
So all the links that you are getting for creating all this content related to your
industry that showcases your expertise, your industry knowledge, information about your
different types of products and services, all of that is going to It’s
not, you’re not attracting backlinks to your primary domain. So you’re creating a whole
lot of content for somebody else’s benefit. So thanks a lot for joining us today on how
to build a kick-ass website. If you’d like to receive more information about how to build
a great website visit Thanks a lot and have a great day. Bye!

7 thoughts on “Should I Host My Blog on a Subdomain, Sub folder, or Separate Website?

  1. Great video. I have a sub-domain (WordPress) for my business page. Thinking of creating a sub-folder within my business page. You convinced me!!  Should i therefore delete the WordPress domain or should i continue posting on it? Will double content help or hurt my page? Thank you

  2. Very impressive information, you capture what I was looking for in sub-domain understanding  in about 5min.  Keep up the good work!

  3. Great video and informative. would like to ask for your help. I have ecommerce website (windows private) i cant install wordpress blog. I was thinking if i get a new domain to my website pointing – would this help.? thank you for any advice

  4. Thank you for sharing this! What if you close your shop, what happens to your blog then? Would you just make another domain for your blog?

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