Should My Shop Run On Etsy? | Business and Blogging With

Should My Shop Run On Etsy? | Business and Blogging With

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Jessica here, from and this is my first video segment
about business and blogging. So I haven’t really come up with a good name for this
segment, so if you have any ideas just put ’em in the comments and I gotta come up with something fun. But today I’m gonna be
talking about a question that I get asked a lot and I actually see asked a lot, and that
is whether you should be running your shop on your own domain on your own website, or if you should be hosting it on Etsy. Now, I’m a big fan of Etsy,
I shop on Etsy all the time I support small businesses
in Etsy all over the place, but um, honestly, I’m
gonna, I’m gonna puts the kabosh on you selling on Etsy today. And quite frankly it’s
because I’m not here to make Etsy money, I’m here
to help you make more money. Now, the argument made for
Etsy is that they will say and others will say, if
you have your shop on Etsy, you are getting access
to Etsy’s customer base. And that is the truth,
but there are so many shops and so many
handmade products on Etsy that you really are a drop in the bucket. Now, that wouldn’t be a bad
thing if you had more control over your marketing strategy within Etsy. If you could somehow push
more customers to your shop within the Etsy platform,
then being the little guy wouldn’t really matter
because you would be able to have the control to
do the things to bring the customers to your store. Unfortunately, Etsy doesn’t give you all that many tools, you have tagging, you have some tips on
writing a good description, um, tips on photos, and they
have a promoted listings um, section, where you
can pay for some visitors to your shop. And that’s pretty much it,
and I’m sorry but that’s pretty weak sauce for such a big platform. With that being said,
that means you pretty much don’t have much control over who comes to your shop, within the Etsy platform. And, to piggyback off
of that, you don’t have all that many tools to
get your Etsy shop to rank in Google either. Now, Google does index Etsy
stores and Etsy products, so, if you search in
Google for a shop that you know is on Etsy, it’s gonna show up, and their products are gonna show up too. The thing about Google though, is that they’re in this for the
searcher’s experience. They wanna provide listings that are the most helpful to the searcher. They don’t really care
about the store owner or the site owner. I mean, they kinda do
but they really don’t. They care about the searcher, they want the searcher to
the one hundred percent, best experience that they can have when they search within Google. So what Google does is
they look for listings that provide the most
helpful, um, media rich experience for the searcher as possible. They wanna list places
that have a lot of links directed towards them. They wanna list places
that have a lot of content, have a lot of pictures,
video, um, that have been shared a lot on social media. They wanna bring people
to the best place possible when they are searching
for a particular listing. And product pages suck
at listing in Google. Unfortunately, Etsy only
gives you product pages. I mean, ninety-nine percent product pages. You have your product
pages, you have your um, your shop page, and then you have a couple policy pages that you get
to put some content in. So your Etsy shop is
just completely absent of the necessary content to get your shop to rank in Google. So, if you’re on Etsy, you’re gonna have a hard time ranking within Etsy, um, on their search platform, you’re gonna have a hard
time ranking in Google for your particular keywords,
for your particular products. And not to mention that
Etsy has some pretty hefty processing fees on
top of all the other mess that I already talked about. Now, alternatively, if you are working on your own website, you
have all of the control in the world over the content you produce and your marketing strategy. By having your content and
your shop in the same place, you are giving yourself the opportunity to rank in places, and pull in new people through your content to your shop. And you do that through
Google listings, social media, um, collaboration with
other small businesses. All of these things are really difficult to do within Etsy. And all of these things are absolutely necessary if you want a long-term gain for your business. The shop really should
be the, the smallest part of your website. You need all these other nets, pulling people in with your content. And you can’t do that if you
aren’t given content pages, which Etsy really doesn’t let you have. Now I know this has been a complete total Debbie Downer on Etsy, and
a ton of you run on Etsy, I’m not saying that you’ve
been foolish to run on Etsy, but I am telling you a
better way to streamline customer acquisition,
and that is gonna be by having your shop on your website. So to sum it up, if
you are just a hobbyist and you are just trying to sell enough to um, feed your habit of sewing, or crafting, or whatever
it is that you hand make, Etsy’s a great place for you to be. It’s free, all they
want is a processing fee in exchange for their platform, and that is totally worth it if you’re not running a business that you intend to really scale over time. But if you’re in business
to have a business, a long-term, growing business, that’s healthy and functioning,
has a beating heart, then please take it off of Etsy, put the time and money in
to getting your own site, and in future videos I’m gonna go over how you’re gonna use that site to build your audience outside
of your immediate reach. So thank you for joining me, and I hope to see you guys next time. (upbeat music)

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  1. Thanks for this video. I hope to lean away from Etsy someday, but for now my Etsy shop is for a side hobby from my current lifestyle and I think it's definitely great for that as you've mentioned 🙂 In the meantime it's helping me learn about some of the basics of business without needing to invest too much time, money, or effort! It's a wonderful starting point for sure

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