8 thoughts on “SID CAESAR: Newspaper Movie (YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS, Nov 22, 1952)

  1. https://youtu.be/2-WmppX-aGE and (part 2)https://youtu.be/aLVBebXPkpc and (part3) https://youtu.be/LqlqjNpX0rw (Sid's interview with Mike Douglas)

  2. Interesting trivia bit…when Sid is on the phone at his desk near the beginning, one of his answers is "Eisenhower"…noticing the air date was Nov 22, 1952, someone was obviously asking who had won the Presidential Election, which would have been about 2 weeks earlier…the other interesting thing is, some 11 years later to the exact date, JFK would be assassinated in Dallas, Texas (Nov 22,1963)

  3. Isn't this a take-off on that bore movie "great" with Rosalind Russell and Sam Levine – and Cary grant, or whatever? "Front Page?" Won big awards. Big snooze.

  4. Not one of their better skits. A redo of a Pat O’brian movie. Imogene Coca never received the credit she deserved.

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