Simple Bullet Journal Setup 2018

Simple Bullet Journal Setup 2018

– All right, everyone,
let’s talk bullet journals. So I started using the
bullet journal system last year for the first time and was surprised to
find how much I loved it. I’m usually quite of app person, like I don’t enjoy writing by hand ’cause I have terribly messy handwriting. But yeah, I was surprised to find how much I connected with the bullet journal system and how much it allowed
me to get things done. So obviously throughout
the course of using it for my first year, I
figured out what I liked best and what worked for me, because that’s the beauty of the bullet journal system, is that you can adapt it to fit whatever you wanna use it for. So I use mine mostly for work. It’s definitely purely for
organizational purposes. This is not gonna be one of
those beautiful bullet journal videos with lots of stickers
and colors and stuff. So yeah, hopefully you’re
interested in seeing a bullet journal that’s super functional and set up to help me achieve
a lot of things in 2018. ♪ All I do is adore you all of the time ♪ (upbeat music) – First I guess let’s talk
about the notebook itself. So last year I used the
official bullet journal. This is a Lookterm, Lecterm,
I don’t know I screwed up saying that in my bullet journal
video I did last year too. But you know the one, it’s this guy. It’s got dotted pages
and it’s got page numbers as well and it’s got
like the bullet journal instructions throughout too. This year though I’m using
something a little bit different. I was given a Baron Fig,
I think this one’s called the Confidant hardcover notebook at our Convert Kit company
retreat as like a little gift last time back in August. So I saved up, thought I would use it for my bullet journal this year. It’s got dotted pages as well
which is really beautiful. This one doesn’t have page numbers, but I don’t think that’s going to be much of a problem for me because
last year I didn’t end up using the index part of
bullet journal anyway. So I think it will be fine. And I will hand number pages myself if it turns out that I need it. So yeah, it’s this beautiful
gray hardcover notebook. It’s like a linen texture
which is really nice. And on the inside the pages are like just really nice paper to write on as well. And it comes with this yellow
ribbon for marking your place. So I thought I’d take
you through the setup process as I start off
this 2018 bullet journal. And transfer over some things
that I did like from 2017 and also try some new things as well. Before we get too far further, hopefully by now you already have
sort of an understanding of what the bullet journal system is. But I’ll leave a link
down below to a video by the person who created it
that explains it really well. It’s basically an analog
system for arranging your life essentially and because it’s analog it’s not like a pre printed book you get. It’s not an app. It means that it can be
really personal to you and work for however you want it to work. So with that said, let’s
get into taking a look at the setup of my 2018 bullet journal. I really liked the way that
I had my future log set out last year so I’ve just done
the same thing, to be honest. I have the calendar on one side, and then space on the
right hand side to put any key dates and things. So that’s what I’m gonna
go in here and set up. Basically I’m just dividing
the page into thirds and then drawing my little
calendar at the side. A little tip for this as
well if you wanna set it up is to have the calendar
app open on your computer so that you can copy
the dates in like where they fall in the structure. This is where some
personalization comes in right at the start for mine. I draw a circle around the date if it’s a public holiday like a bank holiday. I’m gonna have the day off work. And then I draw a square around the date if it’s a day I’m taking vacation. Because that way I can just
go through and count them up and know exactly how many
vacation days I’ve taken, and therefore how many I have left. Also because I’m not always on vacation when I’m away from home, I
do a lot of travel for work. I do a lot of remote work when I travel. So yeah, I like to draw a solid line underneath the dates
that I’m gonna be away. In the space to the side
is where I write like key things happening so it’s trips. It’s also if I have a concert, I’ll write the date that that’s happening. You know, anything in
particular I might need to keep in mind when I’m
scheduling other stuff is what this future log is for for me. And sometimes I will also write down ideas in here for things I
want to work on in that month if it’s something I feel I
should put off for later. So yeah, that’s how that works. Next in my bullet journal I
have a couple of custom spreads. I did a bunch of custom spreads
at the start of last year, which you can see them all in
my 2017 bullet journal video. But I ended up not really using
any of them, to be honest. I had things like tracking finances, tracking my like
statistics of online stuff, I don’t know I didn’t
find it very useful for me but I got some new ideas for things that I might wanna try out this year. And just like last year, if it doesn’t work out that’s okay too. So this first one I’ve got is
a spread about 2018 travel. I’m often booking a lot of trips at once and so I just wanted
one place where I could come and like check on the
status of each trip essentially. So in here I’ve got the first
three trips of my year laid out, that’s California, Spain
and then I’m going to Japan. So as you can see,
California is all organized. But I’ve still got some stuff to organize for the other ones. I like this because I
think it’s gonna give me a good overview of what
I still have to plan. Next up, something I
ended up doing a bunch in my 2017 bullet journal was just taking over a whole page to plan out a project. So like this one for example for planning my patrian launch. I really liked having
these spaces to make like a to do list of everything that
I think I might need to do. So at the start of this journal as well I’m gonna leave a page
for working on my font and a page for working on my website. And then I think some extra ones as well for any other big projects
that I wanna take on this year. But for now, those are the main two. And eventually later I’ll go in and fill these out with some to do lists. All right, next up something
that I didn’t do last year, and that I see a lot of
people do in bullet journals, but I just never really felt like it was right for me, is a habit tracker. People use these to mark the days when they do a certain thing. There are two main habits
that I want to build this year or like get better at. And so I’m gonna try out a habit tracker and see if it works for me. So to make a habit tracker
I’m basically just drawing a block for all of the days of the month. And then I can just mark across whenever I actually do the thing on that day, hopefully it makes sense. And this one here is
gonna be used for tracking the days that I go out on my skateboard. I’m really trying to learn to skateboard. I know, I’m 28 and I’m probably
too old to be doing this. But hey, it’s fun and
it’s a thing that I’ve always wanted to do and I just
decided why not, you know. And so yeah, I’ve been
out a couple of days already this month which feel good to see. And hopefully seeing this in here is just gonna make me
excited to go out more and like remind me that it’s a
thing that I should be doing. So that’s it for the
special spreads for me. Next up is getting into one of the months. So this is how I set up January. I really like how I did my
like month spreads last year so I’m gonna keep it up for now. Basically I just have all
the dates down one side and on the other side I plan out like what I’m doing in each week. So yeah, having the dates
and the days down the side here I can write key
things that are happening. It’s mostly the things that are marked on the calendar in the future log, So trips when I’m leaving, when I’m coming back, and concerts, things like that, vacation days. On this side as you can see at the top I have this month focus block. That’s because every month I try and pick one thing that I’m gonna
really try and make the focus and try and get more done with it. That was a really confusing explanation, but I have a podcast
all about this if that sounds interesting to you,
I’ll link that down below. The focus of January is my year planning. Hence, setting up the bullet journal. Even though I’m doing it
halfway through the month, so I’m kinda late but whatever. Underneath this I go into my weeks. So in these blocks is where I write main things that I know I
need to get done this week. So it’s not the day to day, it’s not like you know the little things. It’s the main things that
I know I need to achieve and that I know I need to fit
in at some point in that week. And then we get into day by day. So I just decided to
fill in what I did today as I was setting this
up so I could show you. So, again, I really liked
what I did last year, I just wrote the date at the top, drew a haphazard square around
it, and then wrote two lists. On one side I have my work tasks, that’s on the left hand side. And then on the right
hand side I have all my tasks for my side projects. I love having these things
both in the same bullet journal but keeping it separate
being in separate lists. Something new I am
trying this year though, is I wanna make sure
that I’m aware of the one single most important thing
that I need to do that day. That’s why at the top here
I’m written film video and then underline it because when I look at my journal
I want to know that that’s the one thing that
I need to make sure I do. And if I don’t get the
rest done, that’s okay. This will probably mostly
apply to my side project stuff because I tend to plan
my work tasks out per week and I like I know what’s
going on with them a little bit more than I do
with my side project stuff. So I think this will come in useful for that though in helping my prioritize. So that is the start of
my 2018 bullet journal. It’s pretty simple, right? And it’s not very pretty. It’s not very neat. I think I am living proof
that you don’t need to have good handwriting to first
of all make a bullet journal and second of all find it useful. Really honestly it doesn’t
matter how beautiful your spreads are the main point
is that they’re functional and that you can use them,
you can understand them and that they help you get things done. If you’re someone who takes
a lot of joy in the craft of like making things beautiful
and if you find that inspires you then by all
means go ahead and do that. But yeah, I just wanted
to share this video and show you that you
don’t have to be super neat and creative to use the
bullet journal system. I think one of the reasons
why I like it so much, especially being someone who is definitely I would consider a digital person, as I said this the only
thing that I really write down is in my bullet journal. But I think it’s because
in all the apps that I use you’ve got all of your tasks, right. So I’ve got all the ideas for projects. I’ve got like all of my work tasks and things my workmates have added and things that they need
to do are all in there. It can get cluttered really easily, and so what I really
like about this is just seeing everyday what I need to do. I tend to fill it out the night before, so I will actually go
and fill out January 17 after I film this video and write down yet what those tasks need to be. But it’s just so nice to
just see two little lists of the few things that I
need to get done that day. It makes achieving thing much
less overwhelming for me. I think seeing those things on their own rather than in the context
of all the other projects and all of the other things I need to do that I haven’t quite tackled yet. If you did find this video interesting, then please make sure you
give it two thumbs up. I’d really appreciate that. And leave a comment down below telling me your thoughts on bullet journals. Are you a convert, are
you a little bit unsure have you tried it, did
it not work for you. I’d love to hear about it and hear about any particular special
spreads that you have perhaps that maybe I might
be interested in trying out. So yeah, let me know that
down below in the comments. I hope you have a good day and I will see you in my next video, bye. ♪ I’d like to love you love you ♪ ♪ I’d like to love you love you ♪

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