Simple Bullet Journal Setup – Daily and Weekly Bullet Journal Pages

Simple Bullet Journal Setup – Daily and Weekly Bullet Journal Pages

Hi everyone, today I’m gonna show you my really
simple Bullet Journal setup. If you’re like me, and you’re not very crafty, or don’t like
to spend a lot of time on your Bullet Journal. I just like to keep things really simple,
organised and easy to use and quick! This is my really basic, simple weekly and daily
setup. This is my weekly setup, I do this every Sunday night or Monday morning depending
on what my weekend schedule is like. This is how I have a general overview of my week.
I like seeing everything all in one, including work and personal stuff because I’m self employed.
I need to be on top of everything at once so it all goes on this page. First of all,
I write down the days of the week at the top and the summary of anything I’m doing – I’m
doing a social media takeover this week twice, any social events, days off, things like that.
I like seeing the dates all across the top. I always start on the right hand column, I
put tasks – I’m not one for rulers and fancy drawings so I tend to just follow the dotted
lines and try as neatly as possible to separate everything. I like to categorise my tasks.
So the week before I tend to do a big brain dump of tasks on a piece of paper, and then
I will transfer those tasks onto here. You could also put this in the front or the back
of your Bullet Journal. A brain dump list is something I’ve done before as well. All
of the tasks that I need to get done that week go on here, this is obviously an example
of a few, it usually is a lot longer than this! It’s great to see everything all in
one, and then be able to transfer tasks over to each daily as the week goes on. So I have
all work related ones, my personal stuff. I also wanted to show some other ideas for
your weekly. Sometimes I include my budget, often I include my business sales targets
for the month and what I’m currently on track to earn. Anything finance related is really
easy to track in your weekly, because it’s easier to have an overview of your week and
see how that ties into your monthly budget and targets, and everything like that. It’s
also great to have a next week section, for anything you don’t need to do this week but
you want to remember for next week. That’s really good to have on here. I always plan
my workouts and put them here. I’m constantly referring back to this page when I’m planning
out each individual day, so it’s great to see what workout I’m doing that day, whether
I’m working out at home or at the gym, or having a rest day. You could even put your
meal plan here, if you prep and plan meals for your whole family that’d be really great
to put here as well. This isn’t gonna be for everyone, but will be great if you’re a blogger,
or a social media manager, or use social media at all in your work or business. This is a
great way to track everything and stay organised with all of my content. B stands for blog,
V stands for video. I track as the week goes on, when I’ve written or filmed the content,
taken the photographs, edited it, posted it, shared it on each social media account. This
tick box style is so great you can adapt it to so many different things. It’s nice to
have the check box tracker, it’s really easy to keep track of and glance at throughout
the week. As the week goes on I can cross these and see at a glance where I’m up to
with each thing. Also really love to schedule my Instagram posts in advance, again – workouts,
meals, anything that you want to schedule out by the day I really like putting on this
left hand side, so I can glance at them alongside my tasks. Then I always like to include 2
or 3 goals for the week. That’s my weekly, it’s so simple. Really easy to do, I can write
this all out in 10 minutes, and then another 10-15 minutes to plan everything out, in terms
of the tasks and other things. Now I’ll show you my daily setup. This is what a typical
day looks like for me, in terms of how I visibly schedule everything out. This isn’t for everyone,
it’s quite extreme because I really like to keep track of every hour of the day. I’ve
just scribbled this out as an example of some things that I’d be doing. From the time I
wake up, my morning routine, my workout, everything else, everything is scheduled including breaks.
Smaller tasks, bigger tasks, and I try to leave as much room as possible. I always over
estimate how long a task needs rather than under estimate it. I feel like when I schedule
my day out by the hour, I am a lot more productive, I stay focused, I’m someone who loves structure,
so that’s something I’ve been doing for quite a while and really enjoy. You will see some
of these tasks are tasks I’ve transferred from this weekly page. The good thing about
having that master to do list, you can break it down. I don’t think it’s helpful to just
have one giant to do list, and look at that same to do list everyday, it is overwhelming
and puts me off and freaks me out, and make me even less productive. If I just break everything
down and make sure I can manage my tasks throughout the day, I’m creating a sustainable workflow
and not putting too much on my plate. You might also notice, I always put a little gratitude
log at the top here. I just think this is really nice, a nice little positive boost
to start my morning. I always write down 3 things I’m grateful for before I start my
working day. In terms of staying on top of what tasks I’ve done and haven’t done, I tend
to follow the basic rules of the Bullet Journal system. Obviously, I cross things out when
I’ve done them, if I don’t have time to do something I draw an arrow, so the arrow tells
me I’ve not done it and need to transfer it to another day. When I’m planning my day for
the Tuesday or Wednesday, I can look at any arrows and make sure they’re scheduled into
my day. If I have a really busy week and I’ve written too many things down, I will put a
little arrow to make sure that when I’m planning the next week I include those tasks again.
If I miss something I tend to just leave it blank, so I can see what I’ve missed in contrast
to what’s crossed out. If something is cancelled, I tend to scratch it out. Sometimes as well
I’ll draw a little star to tell myself something is a top priority. Whether it’s urgent, or
needs to be done in that week, or is just something important to me. That star will
tell me it needs to be at the top of my to do list. Subscribe for more productivity and
organisation tips, let me know in a comment any specific Bullet Journal, organisation
or productivity videos you want to see next. I will be happy to share those with you. Thank
you so much for watching and I will see you soon!

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  1. Step up from my ever evolving things to do list on back of a post it! It seems only Vloggers/bloggers use these though x great idea to do one yourself in a diary like this tho – much more flexible and not just about stickers, photos and colouring in – as most of them I've seen are! Thanks for great videos x

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