59 thoughts on “Simple Easy October Bullet Journal

  1. I am so overwhelmed by your drawings, They're so good!!
    PS – I think November should be magical and purple because I think it kind of suits November.

  2. omg your voice is so soothing 😀 i love the way you wrote october in bones~ so spooky!
    i just uploaded my october setup and did a much simpler pumpkins and leaves theme hehe. so excited for fall!!

  3. I like to do yearly pages, such as books or music page. You can jot down all the things you read, listened to, (even for podcasts or audio books) favourite (new) foods you ate, or whatever that suits your needs. I find this really helpful. At the end of the year, you have a summary of things you loved.😍

  4. Grocery list, Meal prep and chores chart if your not good at planning on the spot or get behind on house work easily.
    Also, when writing in your ledger, round up to the nearest dollar that way it looks like you have less then what you do. Rainy day money is what I call it

  5. For November I think aesthetic things (like sunflowers, waves , van gogh , plants and things like this ^^) will be perfect ♡♡♡ I WILL LOVE IT ♡

  6. So cute! Make November Dia de Muertos themed 🥰💀⚰️ I'd love to see more mid month videos. Like tips on the design of the graphics; I thought the wave mood tracker was awesome

  7. So festivals coming up!! I would recommend you to add a festive page and make it kinda like scrapbook with all those lovely rituals… Like for Christmas, there will be donation, making puddings, carol singing and all…

  8. For Podcasts, I am extremely into Cult Liter by Spencer Henry, Something Scary by Studio71, Be. Scared by Studio71, and Parcast Presents (Summer of 1969 and Halloween) by Parcast Network! I live for all things spooky and scary 🙂

  9. What happened to the other girl? She's way more interesting… Hitomi, you're kinda boring. Constructive criticism. Take it or leave it. But please, dont be so monotone

  10. Podcast: my favorite murder, the murder squad, daily beans, muller she wrote, quarter share -nathan lowell, 1st degree, serial, to live and die in L.A., knitpicks,

  11. One thing I added to me second book was in the very beginning, I have a Bills page. I have it set up with the bill, how much it is, it is on auto pay or not, the date it is due, and then the month. I could have spaced it differently because I only got 7 months on it. I have boxes that I highlight as I pay the bill.

    I also have a Student Loan debt payoff chart on a separate page. It's really nice seeing it get filled up every month. This is something you could change if you have a credit card you want to pay off or mortgage.

    Because I don't have much of an adult life, instead of having a day planner set up, each day I write down the quote given to me by the Co-Star App. This month I'm only writing them in Orange and Black.

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