singing a journal entry

singing a journal entry

*clears throat* it’s the morning once again feel the floating dew on my skin and the town is sleepin’ the clock keeps missing the hour when i leave it’s the morning again and the showers drip on our heads and the grass is green once again and the birds are chirpin’ the flowers slurpin’ and i think that i found my head here’s a shower again comes the evening pounds on my chest from running around the hedge and the skateboard’s rollin’ the laughter showin’ as our bodies heal and mend comes the evening once again see the purple fill up the sky crickets chirpin’ all through the night and the dog is sniffin’ the pool is glistenin’ moonlight is bent in its way seepin’ darkness again the brightest darkness i’ve ever met it’a a mind oasis a place that’s safe and it’s become home in my head it’s the morning once again i wish to thank you my oldest friend

100 thoughts on “singing a journal entry

  1. wow, just wow. i'm blown away with how beautiful you sound and how aesthetically pleasing this video is. i think i might be in love.

  2. conan please cover intertwined by dodie. i know u like dodie. I love dodie. if u cover it it would be awesum. argh

  3. said I'd come here if I had a panic attack… well here I am :')
    wasn't really a panic attack, just had a rough evening and oh wow look I'm crying
    this is so soothing

  4. i listened to this in the dark and in bed. Not at all expecting it this video to be so beautiful, I found myself "semi-asleep" and half awake and my lord did that feel good. I could hear my heart beating but as well as fridge buzzing off in the kitchen. Conan dude, I don't know what you did but I'm so thankful for this song… so peaceful.

  5. how'd you get the border 🤔
    also i hate self promo but if you want to hear a cover of frank ocean on the piano I have one on my channel

    alright thanks


    (sorry for the promo 🤕)

  6. by far my favorite singing video he has have done. I REALLY want to do a cover of this song but there is no instruments in it and I'm not good at harmonizing but I'll try cause I love this so much ❤.

  7. This is so relaxing like he is almost putting me to sleep and I have this warm feeling like when I listen to asmr

  8. Conan harmonize coughs, laugh, sneeze and farts! LITERALLY I ALREADY KNOW YOU ARE TALENTED! ( I am over here wondering why I am alive with literal no talent….)

  9. i was watching your singing videos again because they really calm me down and I've been listening to this song a lot especially and I finally figured what it reminds me of it reminds me of the color song by Maggie rogers lol u prolly won't see this

  10. this song sounds like sommething a mother used to sing to her child before he sleeps one the candeles light in a farm house , and now her son is gone and she's old and she still lives in the same house and she sommetimes sings it when she gets naostalgic and remimbers her son ,
    ik im weird , this image allways appear in my head when i hear this song , so i thot i'd share it

  11. I had no idea how pretty your voice is awhhhh I literally melted .

    like I suffer from anxiety disorder and it's v hard for me to b at peace but this seriously puts me at ease :')

  12. 🌻I come back to watch this every so often because it’s so good. I love you and your content Conan!!❤️✨

  13. No matter how hyper,sad,mad,anxious you always make me feel at peace and calm and you help me so much on a daily basis, you’ve taught me so much and you’re an ideal role model and idol never stop being you cone, you are wonderful ✨❤️

  14. Oml the nostalgia I just realized at this time he still lived in Texas and I still lived in va and I remember just laying in my dads living room w my stepsister as we layed cucumbers on our eyes while this played in the background and I was fangurling so hard ugh it was the hour this came out tearrrrs

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