Six Figure Blogger Review

Six Figure Blogger Review

Hey guys, welcome back to my youtube
channel my name is Natalie and I’m the blogger behind
Today I am going to be sharing with you everything you need to know about the
blogging course Six Figure Blogger. I am going to be sharing with you what I
experienced through the course, how you can decide if it’s right for you, the
pros and cons what I didn’t like about the course, and also a discount code just
for you guys. Let’s get started. So a little bit of background Six Figure Blogger is a course specifically for monetization. So you need to have already
started your blog if you’re going to take this course. It doesn’t do launching
the blog it doesn’t focus on how to grow your blog. It’s a specific strategy for
monetization, so you need to know that ahead of time so you don’t just buy it
and then expect to know how to launch and grow your blog. You won’t get that in
this course. What you will get in the course is a total framework for how to
monetize your blog specifically with affiliate marketing and mostly with
digital products. You’ll also learn a great email strategy, how to create sales
pages that actually sell, and just lots of other you know tips and tricks with
respect to earning an income from your blog. The course is long. It has several
different PowerPoint slides with voiceover over it, so I found that it was
really helpful to listen to it. You know it’d be nice if I could just sit down
and listen to it all the time and look and focus but sometimes I would just
play the recording while I was doing something else. nNow I was skeptical
about Six Figure Blogger at first because I didn’t just want to take
another blogging course that wouldn’t give me any results. So I did my research,
I contacted the creators of the course, I watched their videos on YouTube, I
checked out their blog, and I even took their free opt-in course. And after all
of that I was totally hooked and decided to take it. And what I found out through
all of that stuff was that the creator’s Lauren and Alex actually started a health and wellness blog that completely bombed and they had
to scrap the whole thing and start over. Now when they started over they created
a health and wellness blog just a different one and they did everything
differently and they monetized it. So the Six Figure Blogger teaches you how to
monetize any blog it’s not just another blog about how to make money blogging so what I mean is a lot of times people will say oh it’s just another blogger
who’s making money blogging about how to make money blocking. No that’s not them.
They actually monetized their health and wellness blog and they teach people how
they do that through Create & Go, which is their blog about blogging. But I think
that that really alleviated a lot of concerns that I had with respect to “oh
can I actually apply this to my blog” which is a personal finance blog. The
answer was yes and the same would be true just like health and wellness just
like them or any other blog type that you have. So the strategies that you can
use can be applied to any type of blog which I love about Alex and Lauren. If
you want to see more of this from them if you go to their YouTube channel I’ll
link to it below you can actually watch their videos where they talk about how
they’ve monetized their health and wellness blog specifically. I also think
watching their YouTube channel is a great way for you to know if you’re
going to like them and like learning from them.
I was immediately hooked and knew that their style connected with me because
it’s very conversational so there it was like that instant trust I could relate
to them or similar ages they did it in a short amount of time I really want to
monetize stronger and I just felt like I knew I had something to gain from taking
this course. So I really encourage you to watch their video so you can know if
it’s right for you. So now I want to tell you what the best thing about Six Figure Blogger is that you cannot find in any other course as far as I
know that I’ve taken. You cannot find a step-by-step monetization strategy that
you can implement for your blog in any other course. Now there are lots of
courses that teach you how to launch your blog how to grow your blog how to
you know get more page views from Pinterest or Facebook or accounting like
there’s tons of courses out there that will help you with specific things, but
Six Figure Blogger is specifically for creating a monetization strategy. Now
when I heard this at first I didn’t really know what that meant but after I
took it I was so amazed that I could write out step-by-step what I needed to
do in the future to get my blog to the next level. So, now I want to share with
you what I’m doing to use Six Figure Blogger on my blog. The first thing I
did was I updated all of my email sequences in Convertkit. I’m obsessed
with Convertkit. I would not have an email list without it and like the pros
say the money’s in the list it’s true. You have to have a good email marketing
strategy and I totally redid mine after taking Six Figure Blogger. The cool
thing about that is that my readers have actually replied and noticed and I feel
like there’s more trust with them. The second thing I did was that I changed
how I was promoting affiliate products specifically in content and in emails. So
I had taken Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and the course totally changed
my strategy for affiliate marketing and that course is great just for affiliate
marketing, but Six Figure Blogger also tweaked my affiliate marketing strategy
because it taught me how to focus on creating content around these affiliate
products that I knew my readers would like and also how to do that in email
marketing. So I did make changes to my email marketing strategy at
taking Six Figure Blogger and it has made a world of difference and my
affiliate sales are up which is awesome. The third thing I did after taking
Six Figure Blogger was completely redo my editorial calendar. No longer was I
just writing about whatever I felt like whatever inspired me or whatever I
thought people wanted to know about. Instead in Six Figure Blogger you learn
how to create content that your readers not only like will benefit from reading
but that will encourage them to do something else whether it’s buy a
product sign up for a course sign up for you know an email sequence something
else. So every piece of content is targeted towards something it’s not just
content for the sake of being content and that’s a very simplified version of
one of the modules in Six Figure Blogger. totally redid my editorial
calendar after taking this course. The fourth and final way that I’m using
Six Figure Blogger in my life is to create digital products so this is
honestly the meat of the course and I think that it’s going to increase my
income exponentially but it takes time so I have a goal of creating three
products I think they’re all going to be ebooks. I am working on one right now. One of them might end up being a course or I might just do three ebooks and then
build courses after that but this is the meat of the course and how you’re really
going to monetize your blog from taking Six Figure Blogger. Then you can take
that product that you create and put it into your content your email marketing
your social media everything that you do to reach your readers will be centered
around topics that promote that product. The best thing I loved about Six Figure Blogger was that after taking the course I knew exactly what I needed to
do to monetize my blog. Now actually making that happen in my schedule while working full-time is probably going to take longer than
someone who has more time but the good news is that I’ve been blogging for
three years while maintaining a full-time job, and I know I can continue
to do this over time even if it takes longer. Before taking the course I did
not have a specific strategy for monetizing and I just was kind of hoping
and praying that the affiliate sales would come in greater than they were and
now I’m much more confident about how to move forward and make money blogging. So I also want you to know some of the downsides about Six Figure Blogger so
you can decide if it’s right for you. Again it’s not for launching a blog, it’s
not for growing a blog, you need to have your blog set up. So, I think as long as
you have your blog set up like that it’s it’s launched and you’re writing content
you can take Six Figure Blogger. You don’t have to have a certain amount of
followers or growth to take it but you do have to already have your blog set up.
One of the actual downsides in this course and I actually find it in all
courses is that I would love it if the creators had some sort of like folder
ahead of time like a zip file that I could just download all of the
worksheets from. So I am very organized and I like to have a folder with all of
my worksheets and the lessons saved so I went through the whole course and did
that ahead of time before even taking the course which is kind of like more
front work on my end but that could just be a personal thing because I haven’t
seen a course yet to include that zip file ahead of time. The other thing that
I will say is that it is a long course and you need to go through the whole
thing once before you do anything and Alex and Lauren say this in the
beginning of the course but you really need to take it to heart and not just
try to do stuff throughout because there’s so much information that you
need that comes kind of at the end to implement stuff at the beginning. For
example, if they have the email marketing strategies at the bottom but the
affiliate strategies somewhere at the top, you can’t really
implement all of that affiliate stuff until you go through and understand how
to do it through the email marketing so it’s going to take time and you need to
go through it more than once I would say. Another downside of the course is that
the Facebook group isn’t hugely active you can leave comments and and ask
questions but it’s just not as active as some of the other Facebook groups that
I’m involved in. Finally I would say that this course is only going to be worth
the money if you actually put it into action so it will be a huge waste of
your time and your money if you buy this course and then do nothing so only take
it if you have a plan to put what you learn in it into action in a short
amount of time at least just start it and then keep going but if you say oh
I’ll take it now but I can’t really work on it for six months don’t take it
you’re gonna forget it you’re it’s not gonna be worth it other stuff happens in
life. Take it when you can actually start implementing the strategies. I would say
that if you are not making enough money from your blog right now or any money at
all but you have it up and your goal is to make money blogging then this is the
course for you. If your goal is to just have a hobby blog that you really focus
on yourself and it’s all about you do not take this course. This course is for
people who specifically want to make money blogging. And if you’re not making
as much as you want to make already then there will be something that you will
learn in here that you can take to use on your blog to take it to the next
level. The final thing that I want to share with you about Six Figure Blogger
is that I have a coupon code for you. I will leave it in the show notes below
and it is BACON15OFF. If you use that code
you can get 15% off the course it’s just for my readers so thank you Alex and
Lauren for hooking me up with that but I really really hope that if you do
purchase the course you use the code so you get a deal. I will link to the course
with my affiliate link below. It’s very easy for me to promote this course and
use an affiliate link because I love it so that’s just not even a problem for me
and if you have any questions about it I would encourage you to leave a note in
the comments below contact me on my blog or you know reach
out to Alex and Lauren or watch their videos a lot of those questions that you
have will be answered. But for what you’re paying and what you’re getting I
cannot recommend a better course for monetizing your blog. So that’s it for
today, I hope you go out there and find ways to make money blogging and take the
leap with Six Figure Blogger. I was so impressed with it and really pleasantly
surprised so much so that I wanted to create this video for you. So that’s it
for this week I will see you next week. Bye bye!

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  1. How did you know what you’re going to be blogging about? My boyfriend and I want to start a blog about our journey to paying off my massive student loan debt in 5 years. But we’re not finance experts. Also, whatever tips we have we actually learned from other YouTubers and bloggers. Wouldn’t that be copying content? Also, I want to be able to eventually turn this into a lifestyle blog because I am turning 38 and do I pay off loans first then start having babies? I’ve been unable to conceive naturally, so I know that starting a family will further put us in debt. But I know I’m not the only one struggling with these issues. So, how do we get started? Where do we start?

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